Results – EKRC Kames Youth Crits


Johnathon Hilbourne and Fiona Thomson winners at the EKRC Kames Youth Crits in Ayrshire (Scotland) on Saturday

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

Results – EKRC Kames Youth Crits

Provisional Results

Youth E Boys
1 Finlay barr Youth E Boys
2 Campbell Lay Youth E Boys
3 Cole McCann Youth E Boys
4 Joe Barnes Youth E Boys
5 Colin Johnston Youth E Boys
6 Sam Hoey Youth E Boys
7 Harris Holmes Youth E Boys
8 Kyle Whiteford Youth E Boys
9 Aidan Ryder Youth E Boys
10 Zach Barbour Youth E Boys
11 Cayden Davidson
12 Arran Kinniburgh Youth E Boys

Youth E Girls
1 Nina Padmanabhan
2 Rosie Laing Youth E Girls
3 Samantha Pratt Youth E Girls
4 Eilish Gaffney Youth E Girls

Youth D Boys
1 Lewis Ryder
2 Oliver Kelly Youth D Boys
4 Jake Speed Youth D Boys
5 Rhys Edwards Youth D Boys
6 Innes Macdonald Youth D Boys
8 Alex Reed Youth D Boys
9 Struan Shaw Youth D Boys
10 Sam Barbour Youth D Boys
11 Neal McShane Youth D Boys
12 Fraser Anderson Youth D Boys
13 Mark Milligan Youth D Boys
14 Oisin Williamson Youth D Boys
15 Adam Murray Youth D Boys
16 James Kiehlman Youth D Boys

Youth D Girls
1 Isla McCutcheon Youth D Girls
2 Daisy Taylor Youth D Girls
3 Corrie Gilroy Youth D Girls
4 Lacey Holmes Youth D Girls
5 Sarah Aitken Youth D Girls
6 Ines Morrice Youth D Girls
7 Ella Dickie Youth D Girls
8 Fiona Currie

Youth C Boys
1 Archie Ellen
2 Kristofer Bryce Youth C Boys
3 Alfie Atterton Youth C Boys
4 Finn McHenry Youth C Boys
5 Ben McMullen Youth C Boys
6 Joseph Mcintosh Youth C Boys
7 Cormac McConville Youth C Boys
8 Patrick Barnes Youth C Boys
9 Jamie Thomson Youth C Boys
10 Corey Whiteford Youth C Boys
11 Jack McManus Youth C Boys
12 Fraser Thomson Youth C Boys
13 Harvey Kay Youth C Boys
14 Calum Morrison Youth C Boys
15 Fraser Elsby Youth C Boys
16 Colin Arthur Youth C Boys
17 Keir Gaffney Youth C Boys
18 Oscar Dickie Youth C Boys
19 James Ross Youth C Boys
20 Andrew Ross Youth C Boys
21 Ruairi Mulholland Youth C Boys  … (… continued after advert)


Youth C Girls
1 Imani Pereira-James
2 Eilidh Shaw Youth C Girls
3 Anna Reid Youth C Girls
4 Morven Yeoman Youth C Girls
5 Kiera Chan Youth C Girls
6 Isla Gilroy Youth C Girls
7 Fiona Hay Youth C Girls
8 Beatrix Kiehlmann Youth C Girls
9 Una Morrice Youth C Girls

Youth B Boys
1 Aaron King
2 Hamish MacLaren Youth B Boys
3 Callum Reid Youth B Boys
4 Alexander Gibb Youth B Boys
5 Kyle McInnes Youth B Boys
6 Mackenzie Stewart Youth B Boys
7 Euan Chalmers Youth B Boys
8 Sorley Johnston Youth B Boys
9 Murray Lawson Youth B Boys
10 Keir Roberts Youth B Boys
11 Gregor Robb Youth B Boys
12 Jean-Luc Livingstone Youth B Boys
13 Fraser Thomson Youth B Boys
14 Lewis Steele Youth B Boys
15 Daniel Saunders Youth B Boys
16 Andrew Oxley Youth B Boys
17 Patrick Kiehlmann Youth B Boys

Youth B Girls
1 Eva Young
2 Georgia Ferry Youth B Girls
3 Kirsty Hay Youth B Girls
4 Katherine Macleod Youth B Girls
5 Mia Padmanabhan Youth B Girls
6 Grace McCabe Youth B Girls

Youth A Boys
1 Johnathon Hilbourne
2 Charlie Johnston Youth A Boys
3 Mattie Dobbins Youth A Boys
4 Louis Moore Youth A Boys
5 Oran McConville Youth A Boys
6 Christopher Horden Youth A Boys
7 Logan McLean Youth A Boys
8 Ben Simpson Youth A Boys
9 Adam Hazel Youth A Boys
10 Mark Leadbetter Youth A Boys
11 Edward Stocia Youth A Boys
12 Fraser McDougal Youth A Boys
13 Douglas Arthur Youth A Boys
14 Harry McGarvie Youth A Boys
15 Scot Moffat Youth A Boys
16 Lewis McKay Youth A Boys
17 Will Clark Youth A Boys

Youth A Girls
1 Fiona Thomson
2 Anna Shakley Youth A Girls
3 Alison Bryce Youth A Girls
4 Martha Hillard Youth A Girls
5 Georgia Young Youth A Girls

Junior Women
1 Sarah Bradford Junior Women


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