Results – Richmond Park Time Trials 2


Rob Sharland of Paceline RT fastest in the second of the Richmond Park Time Trials on Sunday (July 10th), Mathilde Pauls fastest woman by a single second

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Results – Richmond Park Time Trials 2
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Conditions were dry and pleasant for the second of the year’s Richmond Park Time Trials on 10th July, resulting in a strong turnout. It was already 16 degrees by 6.00am when the first rider was pushed off, with the wind pushing competitors back up the drag towards Richmond Gate.


As ever the event attracted a strong field with both men’s and lady’s road and TT categories well represented in addition to 6 juniors on the start sheet, making for a competitive category.  Ashley Evans of London Dynamo took the top step in the junior’s category with an impressive 28:20 from Joseph Adlam Cooke also of London Dynamo. Eva Callinan occupied the final podium slot with a time of 32:20 completing an all London Dynamo podium.

There was a close finish in the women’s road bike category for Therese Coen of London Phoenix CC. She completed the course in 28:42, just 2 seconds ahead of Helen Ralston of Twickenham CC (28:50) with Tanya Rogozhina representing Regent’s Park Rouleurs, rounding out the top three with a time of 29:06.

Helen McKay (Les Filles Race Team) placed third in the Women’s TT category in 29:05 despite a 3 minute late start, Richmond Park TT regular Maryka Sennema of Paceline RT was second with 26:05, but it was Sigma Sport WRT’s Mathilde Pauls who took the category win by just 1 second! (26:04)


The men’s road bike category went to Tom Percival (Regent’s Park Rouleurs) with a very impressive time of 24:41 just 3 seconds ahead of the Pedal Heaven Excel Academy rider Matthew Clark (24:44). Thomas Whatley of Paceline RT completed the podium in 3rd place, with a time of 25:07.

Last off was the competitive 49 strong Men’s TT category. Rob Sharland of Paceline RT continued his winning ways here, with a 6th victory from 7 entries (22:50) proving too strong for London Dynamo’s own Barnabas Purbrook, coming in 24 seconds back with a time of 23:13.


Andrew Snook of Kingston Wheelers came in a further 27 seconds back with a time of 23:41 and 3rd place. Rob’s ride was just 12 seconds behind the course record set by Michael Hutchinson in the first event Richmond Park event in 2009 – since then a number of new speed bumps have emerged by Pembroke Lodge and by Robin Hood Gate Car Park, which highlights what a good ride Rob put out this morning – his normalised power was 379w for the statisticians amongst you!

Thanks go out to the organisers London Dynamo as well as the generous sponsors Sigma Sport and For Goodness Shakes.



Result on time
1. Rob Sharland Paceline RT 00:22:50 Men TT
2. Barnabas Purbrook London Dynamo 00:23:14 Men TT
3. Andrew Snook Kingston Wheelers 00:23:41 Men TT
4. Carl Ferri Cadence Performance 00:24:01 Men TT
5. Ben Allen Westerley CC 00:24:09 Men TT
6. Henrik Persson Kingston Wheelers CC 00:24:36 Men TT
7. Tom Percival Regent’s Park Rouleurs 00:24:41 Men Road
8. Matthew Clarke Pedal Heaven Academy 00:24:44 Men Road
9. Craig Mclean Nuun Sigma Sport 00:24:44 Men TT
10. Neil Grunshaw KIngston Wheelers CC 00:24:48 Men TT
11. Paul Callinan London Dynamo 00:24:52 Men TT
12. Thomas Whatley Paceline RT 00:25:07 Men Road
13. Gareth Thomas Paceline RT 00:25:11 Men Road
14. Mat Hammond Dulwich Paragon 00:25:23 Men TT
15. Tom Hargreaves Nuun-Sigma Sport-London 00:25:25 Men Road
16. Paul Moore Paceline RT 00:25:27 Men Road
17. George Oehlert London Dynamo 00:25:41 Men Road
18. Peter Stuart Queen’s Tower 00:25:44 Men TT
19. Rob Reid London Dynamo 00:25:46 Men TT
20. Michael Weekes London Dynamo 00:25:54 Men Road
21. Joseph Murray London Dynamo 00:25:54 Men Road
22. Rhys Keepence Dulwich Paragon 00:26:00 Men Road
23. Gavin Arber Regents Park Rouleurs 00:26:04 Men Road
24. Adrian Fernandez 00:26:04 Men TT
25. Jon Puleston-Jones Dulwich Paragon 00:26:04 Men Road
26. Mathilde Pauls Sigma Sport WRT 00:26:04 Lady TT
27. Maryka Sennema Paceline RT 00:26:05 Lady TT
28. Mark Gray London Dynamo 00:26:13 Men TT
29. Alex Hill London Baroudeurs 00:26:17 Men Road
30. John Maskell 00:26:18 Men TT
31. Richard Pearce Solo 00:26:20 Men Road
32. Kenneh Henning London Dynamo 00:26:22 Men TT
33. Sam Stevens One Tri RDS 00:26:41 Men TT
34. Cameron Stronge Kingston Wheelers 00:26:42 Men Road
35. Peter Hair Kingston Wheelers 00:26:42 Men Road
36. Jack Hambleton Clapham Chasers 00:26:44 Men TT
37. Jacob Law-Sales VC Colets 00:26:46 Men Road
38. Samuel Evans Dulwich paragon 00:26:50 Men TT
39. Alfred Fayos Kingston Wheelers 00:26:54 Men TT
40. Sebastian Lea London Dynamo 00:27:02 Men Road
41. Serge Bouschet Dulwich Paragon CC 00:27:02 Men TT
42. John Sellars London Phoenix 00:27:06 Men TT
43. Tom Herbert Kingston Wheelers 00:27:20 Men Road
44. Markus Noe-nordberg Dynamo 00:27:20 Men Road
45. Henry Stewart Clapham Chasers 00:27:21 Men Road
46. Mark Griffiths Paceline RT 00:27:21 Men Road
47. Tristan Ramsay 00:27:21 Men TT
48. David Smith Paceline RT 00:27:23 Men Road
49. Chi Cheung Dulwich Paragon 00:27:24 Men Road
50. Andrew Dougan 00:27:28 Men TT
51. Martin Headon Dulwich Paragon CC 00:27:30 Men TT
52. Rory Davies London Dynamo 00:27:32 Men Road
53. Clive Noel N/A 00:27:37 Men TT
54. Graham O’Regan Paceline RT 00:27:46 Men Road
55. Alex Robbins Dulwich Paragon CC 00:27:58 Men Road
56. Keith Revell London Dynamo 00:28:00 Men TT
57. Paul Howarth Twickenham CC 00:28:05 Men TT
58. Thomas Pfeiffer Dulwich Paragon CC 00:28:09 Men Road
59. Ashley Evans London Dynamo 00:28:10 Junior
60. Matt Atyeo Clapham Chasers 00:28:15 Men Road
61. Christian Kinmont London Dynamo 00:28:17 Men TT
62. Toby Trotman London Dynamo 00:28:19 Men Road
63. Richard Beadle London Dynamo 00:28:19 Men Road
64. Gearoid Quigley Dulwich Paragon 00:28:24 Men Road
65. Liam Reilly LFGSS 00:28:28 Men TT
66. Therese Coen London Phoenix CC 00:28:42 Lady Road
67. Mark Weight 00:28:45 Men Road
68. Steven Leonard Clapham Chasers 00:28:49 Men TT
69. Helen Ralston Twickenham CC 00:28:50 Lady Road
70. Edward Chai London Dynamo 00:28:57 Men TT
71. Tim Pygott London Dynamo 00:29:04 Men Road
72. Helen McKay Les Filles Race Team 00:29:05 Lady TT
73. Tanya Rogozhina Regent’s Park Rouleurs 00:29:06 Lady Road
74. Martin Banfield London Dynamo 00:29:06 Men Road
75. William Tope Clapham Chasers 00:29:07 Men TT
76. Hugh Birchall London Dynamo 00:29:07 Men Road
77. Nick Keat 00:29:13 Men Road
78. Dave/Astrid Spragg Kingston Wheelers 00:29:24 Tandem
79. Adrian Joseph Clapham Chasers 00:29:28 Men Road
80. Fiona Inskip BOBC CC 00:29:49 Lady Road
81. Joseph Thom Kingston Wheelers 00:29:54 Men Road
82. James Watthey London Dynamo 00:29:58 Men TT
83. Ben Shaw Cycling Club Hackney 00:30:02 Men Road
84. Jason Fisher Westerley CC 00:30:04 Men TT
85. Colin Mercer 00:30:37 Men Road
86. Joseph Adlam-Cook London Dynamo 00:30:44 Junior
87. David Clark Clapham Chasers 00:30:47 Men Road
88. Paul Heyrman London Dynamo 00:31:07 Men Road
89. Lillian Choy London Dynamo 00:31:07 Lady Road
90. Dalany Watkins Clapham Chasers 00:31:22 Lady Road
91. Maeve Savage London Dynamo 00:31:33 Lady Road
92. Eva Callinan London Dynamo 00:32:20 Junior
93. Thomas Livingstone London Dynamo 00:32:58 Men Road
94. Zac Carrington London Dynamo Sparks 00:33:18 Junior
95. Charles Jans Kingston wheelers 00:34:18 Men TT
96. Charles Trotman Westerley CX 00:34:51 Men TT
97. Samantha Allbrooke 00:34:55 Lady TT
98. Susan Bunn Wimbledon Windmilers 00:35:15 Lady Road
99. Emily Adlam-Cook London Dynamo 00:36:45 Junior
100. Hayley Fletcher Dulwich Paragon 00:40:25 Lady Road

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