News: Trek-Segafredo Milan-Sanremo Press Conference

Quotes from the Trek-Segafredo Milan-Sanremo Press Conference ahead of the big race on Saturday in Italy

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News: Trek-Segafredo Milan-Sanremo Press Conference

Jasper Stuyven, when asked about his ambitions for tomorrow: “Milano-Sanremo is always a battle of exhaustion and the rain predicted for tomorrow won’t make it easier either. For sure I would like to make a good result tomorrow, but at the same time I have to be realistic.

This race doesn’t suit me for the full 100%: I am not super fast but not super slow either, so I am well aware that everything has to fall into place at exactly the right time. I look at this race in a positive way and see it as an extra chance to make a great result in a Monument indeed. A chance that I will take without putting too much pressure on myself by expecting too much.

To be honest, usually I don’t stress too much about positioning during the races, because 9 out of 10 I will be where I want to be and if I am not, that’s probably because I don’t have the legs. But it goes without saying that tomorrow I don’t want to have to ride my own sprint to get in the perfect position to the bottom of the Poggio, one of the big key points where everybody wants to be in the front. I am happy I will be able to count on a great team to bring me in a perfect position to the Poggio”.

“If afterwards, it comes to a sprint, everything will depend on who will make it over the Poggio, especially with the rain. Last year there were not so many guys left either. So, we will have to wait and see who is still there to do a leadout or possibly put me in the perfect wheel to do a sprint.”
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Jasper Stuyven, when asked about his little experience on Milano-Sanremo: “I don’t think it’s a disadvantage that this is only my second participation in Milano-Sanremo. I did it last year, we did a recon earlier this week, so I have the final again fresh in my mind. It might be more difficult to predict how the other teams will race, but in fact that’s something you have to see during the race itself, that’s not a Milano-Sanremo specific thing.”

Jasper Stuyven, when asked about the weather conditions: “In the big races that matter to me, just like tomorrow, I don’t care if it rains or not. It won’t impact me. It’s hard to say how bad the weather will be exactly but if you go to the start with the right mindset, being mentally prepared for bad weather, that will help you a lot and that’s exactly my plan!”
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Fabio Felline, when asked how he thinks about Jasper’s chances for Milano-Sanremo : “With the things Jasper has shown in the past few weeks, for me he is for sure a candidate to be in the front tomorrow. The finish in Sanremo is always very strange, with sometimes a surprise in the sprint. So, in a sprint after 7 hours of racing and after half a race in the rain, like they predict for tomorrow, anything can happen. Maybe Jasper is not the best sprinter, but at the end what you need is the legs, and for me has the good legs to be competitive with the best riders.”

Fabio Felline, when asked about his own chances for tomorrow: “We still have to do the meeting with the team and decide for the tactics, but normally I am a candidate to follow the attacks on the Poggio. But like I said, let’s wait for the meeting tonight and see how the race unfolds tomorrow. We will also have to talk during the race to see how we feel and who has the best legs.”

Fabio Felline, when asked how he, being Italian, feels about La Primavera: “For every Italian rider, Milano-Sanremo is one of the favorite races, but for me it’s like a lottery. The course doesn’t really permit to make a selection, the selection is made by a combination of things that happen during the race and that cannot always be foreseen, and of course, you still need the legs.

However, having the good legs is not a guarantee for a good result and that is obviously very different from the other Monuments, like the Giro di Lombardia for example, that’s a race where you know you can get a good result if you have the legs. Or like Flanders for example, where you have maybe 5 or 6 riders that can play for the victory. But, tomorrow, there will be at least 50 riders that can win. At the same time that’s what makes this race so special.

Like for me, right now, I am still not in the best shape, but I can dream about racing for the victory, whereas if it was Flanders tomorrow, not being in the best shape… forget about it!”





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