Report: Lincoln Grand Prix

After being out front in the day’s break, Alex Richardson still had the legs at the end to solo to a stunning victory in the very prestigious Lincoln Grand Prix 2018 ahead of Andy Tennant  and Ali Slater.

Report: Lincoln Grand Prix

Alex Richardson, who started the year with One Pro but because of an eating disorder, left the team and was riding Lincoln on his own, solo’d to a stunning victory, beating the best domestic based riders to win the very prestigious Lincoln GP. He went over a lap on his own, made all the more remarkable because he had been in the early break as well, and held on to win ahead Andy Tennant (Canyon Eisberg) and Ali Slater.

The Race
Lap 1 saw the four time winner of the race Rus Downing lead the still largely intact peloton across the line but over the course of the next eight miles, four riders escaped the peloton; Edmund Bradbury, of JLT Condor, Charlie Tanfield, of Canyon Eisberg, Connor Swift (Madison Genesis) and Team Wiggins’ Tom Pidcock.

Next time round though, Alex Richardson had joined the move. Their lead was never that big but the chase for them must have been having an impact as a selection was made with a fairly large group forming to chase them and behind them, Team Wiggins were team time trialling their way across. Ribble Pro Cycling were also chasing from what was left of the main peloton.

The race was getting very tasty and with the gaps small, lots was happening and soon only three remained at the front, Pidock, Swift and Tanfield with Steve Lampier (Saint Piran) chasing and then came Chorley GP winner Karol Domagalski and George Pym (Madison Genesis).

Just when it looked like a new break was forming, a new one came along and through the finish with three to go came CiCLE Classic winner Gabz Cullaigh and Ali Slater chased by a small group including last years winner Ian Bibby and the Spring Cup leader Jonny McEvoy (Madison Genesis).

But that move failed to stick and with two go, it was Connor Swift (Madison Genesis) on the move again, out front alone with three chasers; Ian Bibby, a team Wiggins rider (Cullaigh?) and McEvoy. It was looking good for Madison Genesis if they caught Swift and made the move stick but alas for them, there were more surprises as the bell lap loomed.

Through the finish came Alex Richardson on his own and it was looking a tall order for him to stay clear for another eight miles with some powerful riders in the small six rider chase group behind (Tennant, Slater, Downey, Pym and Oram) but stay clear he did to win alone, well clear of the next rider, Andy Tennant.

Interview with Alex Richardson

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Full field lined up in bright sunshine in front of the castle and cathedral in Lincoln for 13 laps of the eight mile circuit

End of lap 1 and Russell Downing, a 4 time winner, led through the finish area.

But eight miles later, World and Commonwealth Games Champion Charlie Tanfield of Canyon Eisberg led a breakway including Connor Swift (Madison Genesis), Edmund Bradbury and Tom Pidcock (below).

The five up break led by Charlie Tanfield of Canyon Eisberg

The five leaders continued to lead with Tom Pidcock looking strong

The five though were bring chased by veteran Aussie, Arlen Vartazarian

At the front of the chasers was One Pro and Ian Bibby, last years winner

The chase though was not bringing the five riders back and just as he did at Klondike in 2017, Charlie Tanfield of canyon Eisberg was chasing a climbers prize and leading up Michaelgate

Behind them came a selection, a large group headed by Jacob  Scott and Ian Bibby

Whilst behind the selection, Team Wiggins were team time trialling their way up the climb

Another lap down, and Charlie Tanfield continues to lead up Michaelgate

But a lap later, it was Tom Pidcock on the move as the race was coming together (below)

Three of the original break however, Swift, Tanfield and Pidcock, managed to stay clear for another lap

And another ….

Chased by Steve Lampier of Saint Piran

… and Karol Domagalski and George Pym (Madison Genesis)

But a lot can happen in eight miles and so it was with the three leaders caught and two new ones, Gabz Cullaigh and Ali Slater now on their own out front …

… chased by Ian Bibby and Jonny McEvoy (Madison Genesis)

After another eight miles though it was Connor Swift of Madison Genesis who was back at the front of the race on his own this time

Chased by Ian Bibby with Jonny McEvoy and Gabz Cuilaigh hanging on

That move though came back and it was Alex Richardson who led through at the bell on his own

Behind Richardson came a selection led by Andy Tennat (Canyon Eisberg), Ali Slater, James Oram  and George Pym (Madison Genesis)

That chase group though could not catch Richardson who won the biggest race of his life, the 2018 Lincoln GP

First Under 23 was James Oram

Charlie Tanfield won the climbers prize from Connor Swift and Tom Pidcock

And the top three in the race in 2018 was Ali Slater, Alex Richardson, and Andy Tennant

Jonny McEvoy of Madison Genesis won the Spring Cup

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1 Alexandar Richardson Private Member 3:54:00
2 Andrew Tennant Canyon Eisberg +16
3 Alistair Slater JLT Condor +24
4 Mark Downey Team Wiggins +28
5 James Oram One Pro Cycling +29
6 Connor Swift Madison Genesis +30
7 Max Stedman Canyon Eisberg +38
8 George Pym Madison Genesis +41
9 Ian Bibby JLT Condor +1:16
10 Gabriel Cullaigh Team Wiggins +1:18
11 Jonathan McEvoy Madison Genesis st
12 Dexter Gardias Canyon Eisberg +1:27
13 Thomas Baylis One Pro Cycling st
14 Callum Ferguson Team KTM UK +1:29
15 Matthew Nowell Canyon Eisberg st
16 James Lowsley-Williams Canyon Eisberg +1:32
17 Steve Lampier Saint Piran +1:33
18 Adam Kenway Vitus Pro Cycling +1:36
19 Karol Domagalski One Pro Cycling +1:38
20 Hayden McCormick One Pro Cycling +1:59
21 Thomas Pidcock Team Wiggins +3:09
22 Stephen Bradbury Morvelo Basso RT +3:26
23 Arlen Vartazarian HJL +3:38
24 Isaac Mundy Madison Genesis +3:51
25 Robert Scott Team Wiggins +3:58
26 Marcin Bialoblocki Steele Davis Via Roma RT +4:03
27 Szymon Tracz One Pro Cycling +4:08
28 Lawrence Carpenter Ribble Cycling +4:19
29 Alex Luhrs Ribble Cycling +4:39
30 James Tillett Wales Racing Academy +4:42
31 Michael Mottram Morvelo Basso RT +4:44
32 Louis Szymanski Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffie +4:47
33 Samuel Tillett Wales Racing Academy +4:49
34 Damien Shaw Holdsworth Pro Racing +4:53
35 Ryan Fenwick Wheelbase Castelli MGD st
36 Russell Downing Holdsworth Pro Racing +4:56
37 Daniel Coombe Wales Racing Academy st
38 William Harper Saint Piran +4:59
39 Alex Orrell-Turner Wheelbase Castelli MGD +5:02
40 Charlie Tanfield Canyon Eisberg +5:04
41 Matthew Clarke Wheelbase Castelli MGD st
42 Andrew Turner Team KTM UK +5:07
43 George Atkins Madison Genesis +5:12
44 James Gullen JLT Condor +5:15
45 Oliver Wood JLT Condor st
46 James Jenkins Richardsons-Trek RT st
47 Jake Alderman Saint Piran st
48 Owen Line Wales Racing Academy st
49 Harrison Jones Vitus Pro Cycling +5:20
50 Frederik Scheske Team Tor 2000 KALAS +5:23
51 Josh Housley TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT st
52 Fraser Rounds Team KTM UK +5:25
53 Joshua Hunt Vitus Pro Cycling +5:28
54 Gruffudd Lewis Ribble Cycling +5:33
55 Julian Varley Team KTM UK +5:36
56 George Wood Richardsons-Trek RT st
57 Marcus Burnett Spirit Tifosi Racing Team +5:39
58 Leon Mazzone Holdsworth Pro Racing st
59 Cameron Jeffers Saint Piran st
60 Harry Yates Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffie st
61 Lindsay Watson Cycling Ulster st
62 Fraser Martin Saint Piran +5:43
63 Joseph Clark Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffie st
64 George Fowler Wheelbase Castelli MGD st
65 Matt Hallam Crimson Performance Race Team st
66 Conor McCann Cycling Ulster +5:46
67 Rupert Graham Spirit Tifosi Racing Team st
68 Neil Phillips Kibosh +5:48
69 William Scott Flamme Rouge Cycling Team st
70 Darnell Moore Cycling Ulster st
71 Taylor Gunman Madison Genesis st
72 Campbell Stewart Team Wiggins st
73 Matthew Teggart Team Wiggins +5:50
74 Joe Evans Saint Piran +5:52
75 Tom Mazzone Holdsworth Pro Racing st
76 Peter Cocker Richardsons-Trek RT +5:54
77 Jordan Reed Team KTM UK st
78 Kieran Hotson Kingsnorth International Whlrs st
79 James Fouche Team Wiggins st
80 Marc Potts Cycling Ulster +5:58
81 Alex Fanshawe Saint Piran st
82 William Corbett Ribble Cycling +6:04
83 Liam Walsh VC St Raphael st
84 Ben Joughin Pro Vision Race Team st
85 John Archibald Ribble Cycling +6:07
86 Angus Claxton Wheelbase Castelli MGD st
87 James Jober TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT +6:09
88 Elliot Harrison Leisure Lakes Bikes +6:10
89 Marc Heaney Cycling Ulster +6:14
90 Jake Hales Spirit Tifosi Racing Team +6:18
91 Peter Kibble Wales Racing Academy +6:21
92 William Roberts Wales Racing Academy +6:22
93 David Lines Wheelbase Castelli MGD +6:24
94 Julio Alberto Amores Palacios Vitus Pro Cycling +6:36
95 Jack Pullar Canyon Eisberg +6:37
96 Samuel Williams Saint Piran +6:39
97 Jonathan Mould JLT Condor st
98 Alex Paton Canyon Eisberg +6:40
99 Oliver Maxwell Richardsons-Trek RT +6:45
100 Christopher Dredge Spirit Tifosi Racing Team +10:01

The Brian Cossavella Michaelgate Trophy
1 Charlie Tanfield Canyon Eisberg 17
2 Connor Swift Madison Genesis 15
3 Thomas Pidcock Team Wiggins 11
4 Alexandar Richardson Private Member 6
5 Connor Swift Madison Genesis 4
6 Andrew Tennant Canyon Eisberg 4
7 Alistair Slater JLT Condor 4
8 Gabriel Cullaigh Team Wiggins 3
9 Russell Downing Holdsworth Pro Racing 3
10 Ian Bibby JLT Condor 3
11 Jonathan McEvoy Madison Genesis 1

Under 23
1 Mark Downey Team Wiggins

Team classification
1 Canyon Eisberg 55
2 Madison Genesis 46
3 JLT Condor 40
4 Team Wiggins 36
5 One Pro Cycling 32
6 Team KTM UK 7
7 Saint Piran 4
8 Vitus Pro Cycling 3



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