Result: LVRC Ciclos Uno Summer Series

Former pros Bob Downs and Geoff Wiles 1-2 in the second of the LVRC Ciclos Uno Summer Series at Hog Hill on May 24 in NE London, Antony Wallis winner of the other race.

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Result: LVRC Ciclos Uno Summer Series

E/F/G/H/I Overall Result
1st, Bob Downs. Team JLT / Condor, E
2nd, Geoff Wiles, Abellio / San Fairy Ann CC, G
3rd, Ralph Keeler, St Ives CC, F
4th, Pete Constable, Basildon CC, F
5th, Steve Smith, Redbridge CC, E
6th, Chris Edwards, Kingsnorth International, E
7th, Phil Cooper, Kingsnorth International, F
8th, Phil Stone, Kingsnorth International, F
9th, Mick Lee, Colour Tech RT, E
10th, Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC, G
11th, Richard Fraczek, Essex Roads CC, F
12th, Paul Cackett, The Bike Loft, E

“E” Race Result
1st, Bob Downs. Team JLT / Condor
2nd, Steve Smith, Redbridge CC
3rd, Chris Edwards, Kingsnorth International
4th, Mick Lee, Colour Tech RT
5th, Paul Cackett, The Bike Loft

“F” Race Result
1st, Ralph Keeler, St Ives CC
2nd, Pete Constable, Basildon CC
3rd, Phil Cooper, Kingsnorth International
4th, Phil Stone, Kingsnorth International
5th, Richard Fraczek, Essex Roads CC

“G” Race Result
1st, Geoff Wiles, Abellio / San Fairy Ann CC
2nd, Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC
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1st, Antony Wallis, Ciclos Uno, B
2nd, Olly Kaw, V – Sprint, C
3rd, Charles Kennedy-Scott, CC Hackney, B
4th, Jason Fitchew, Ford CC, C
5th, Spencer Nash, Bike Active, C
6th, Sean Kilroy, Cambridge Vets RT, C
7th, Paul Jolliffe, Bishop’s Stortford, B
8th, Russell Crowe, Abellio / San Fairy Ann CC, D
9th, James Conway, Met Police CC, D
10th, David Farrow, Eagle RC, C
11th, Dan Fentiman, Eagle RC, B
12th, Carlito Rendora, Eagle RC, D
13th, Paul Davies, Schils Interbike, A
14th, Peter Stiff, Southend Wheelers, C
15th, Simon McCanney, CC London, A
16th, Tony Meader, Cambridge Vets RT, D
17th, Edouro Gomes, Bishop’s Stortford, A
18th, Jamie Bishop, Crescent CC, B
19th Jamie Dicks, Met Police CC, B
20th Glenn Grant, Eagle RC, D
21st Russell Tribley, Chelmer CC, D
22nd Pete Shanney, Redbridge CC, D

“A” Race Result
1st, Paul Davies, Schils Interbike
2nd, Simon McCanney, CC London
3rd, Eduardo Gomes, Bishop’s Stortford

“B” Race Result
1st, Antony Wallis, Ciclos Uno
2nd, Charles Kennedy-Scott, CC Hackney
3rd, Paul Jolliffe, Bishop’s Stortford
4th, Dan Fentiman, Eagle RC
5th, Jamie Bishop, Crescent CC
6th, Jamie Dicks, Met Police CC

“C” Race Result
1st, Olly Kaw, V – Sprint
2nd, Jason Fitchew, Ford CC
3rd, Spencer Nash, Bike Active
4th, Sean Kilroy, Cambridge Vets RT
5th, David Farrow, Eagle RC
6th, Peter Stiff, Southend Wheelers

“D” Race Result
1st, Russell Crowe, Abellio / San Fairy Ann CC
2nd, James Conway, Met Police CC
3rd, Carlito Rendora, Eagle RC
4th, Tony Meader, Cambridge Vets RT
5th, Glenn Grant, Eagle RC
6th, Russell Tribley, Chelmer CC
7th, Pete Shanney, Redbridge CC
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