Result: Spring in the Park 7

Jamie Pullen, Iona Moir, Caelan Miller and Anoushka Minale winners at week 7 of Spring in the Park Youth Races (Friday, 15 June)

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Result: Spring in the Park 7

U16 Boys
1 Jamie Pullen Maison Du Velo-Storck Bikes UK
2 George Pittock Thanet RC
3 Ritchie Selfe Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
4 Leighton Dalley 4T+ Cyclopark
5 Charlie Marshall Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
6 Klaidas Lazickas Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
7 Oliver Wollaston VC Londres
8 Joshua Ballinger Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
9 Joseph Blackmore Team Darenth
10 James Gilmore Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
11 Freddie Mitchell VC Londres
12 Harry Ives Woolwich CC
13 Jacob James Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
14 Stanley Platts VC Londres
15 Luke Hazell Team Darenth
16 Gaurav Meher Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
17 Matthew Brooker VC Londres
18 Jack Hill Thanet RC
19 Zak Seddon Barking & Dagenham CC
20 Jack Lear Bedgebury Forest CC
21 Christian Neal Southborough & District Whls
22 Nate Oldfield 4T+ Cyclopark
23 Damian Dodd Barking & Dagenham CC
24 Tom Butcher Southborough & District Whls
25 Jack Johnson Southborough & District Whls

U16 Girls
1 Iona Moir Welwyn Wheelers CC
2 Tilly Malbon Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Charlotte-Louise McGreevy LIV AWOL
4 Polly Burge Kent Velo Race Team
5 Ellen Inglis Kent Velo Race Team
6 Sannah Zaman Panagua CC
7 Ella Baker 4T+ Cyclopark
8 Melissa Warrilow Barking & Dagenham CC
9 Hannah Morgan Barking & Dagenham CC
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U14 Boys
1 Caelan Miller Welwyn Wheelers CC
2 Noah Hobbs Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
3 Euan Woodliffe Welwyn Wheelers CC
4 Olivier Mangham VC Londres
5 William Smith Verulam –
6 Anthony Morris VC Londres
7 Daniel Lloyd Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
8 Alfie Salmon Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
9 Yani Angelo Djelil Team Darenth
10 Thomas Bardill Cycling Club Hackney
11 Benjamin Tuchner VC Londres
12 Leo Whyton Club Cyclopark
13 Calum Moir Welwyn Wheelers CC
14 Thomas Hutton Thanet RC
15 Edward Bowyer Southborough & District Whls
16 Shrish Bakrania Team Darenth
17 Harry Owen VC Londres
18 Matthew Brown 4T+ Cyclopark
19 Robin Steer Cycling Club Hackney
20 William Munday Club Cyclopark

U14 Girls
1 Anoushka Minale Cycling Club Hackney
2 Amy Harvey Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Leah Warrilow Barking & Dagenham CC
4 Hope Inglis Kent Velo Kids
5 Carys Dodd Barking & Dagenham CC
6 Grace Turner Bigfoot Go-Ride

U12 Boys
1 Henry Hobbs Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
2 Ryan Jackson Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
3 Luke Gibson 4T+ Cyclopark
4 Finlay Donjon Crawley Wheelers
5 Jude McGreevy Team Darenth
6 Calem Gorringe Team Darenth

U12 Girls
1 Carys Lloyd Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
2 Lucy Wollaston VC Londres
3 Skye Willis Panagua CC
4 Tulsi Bakrania Team Darenth
5 Kerys Baker Team Darenth
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U8 Boys
1 Harry Adshead Redhill Raiders
2 Barnaby Smith Team Darenth
3 Harry Plumadore Redhill Raiders
4 Nathan Blake-Morris Team Darenth
5 Thomas Adshead

U8 Girls
1 Betsy Hacker Kent Velo Kids
2 Eva Gibson Club Cyclopark
3 Alice Tulett Thanet RC
4 Azzurra Coppola Team Darenth

U10 Boys
1 Theo Sandell Southborough & District Whls
2 Noah Smith Team Darenth
3 Max Holmes Team Darenth
4 Alexander Campbell Limited Edition Cycling
5 Isaac Rehman Bigfoot Go-Ride
6 Ivo Thwaites Kent Velo Kids
7 Douglas Tulett Thanet RC
8 Thomas Freeman Kent Velo Girls CC
9 Toby Halstead Team Darenth
10 Lucas Gorringe Team Darenth

U10 Girls
1 Lucy Edwards Kent Velo Kids
2 Orla Willis Panagua CC
3 Holly Hazell Team Darenth
4 Lola Arnold Team Darenth


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