Report: Welland Valley CC Team Series RR

Executing a well thought out team plan, Molly Patch (Fusion Brother Veloperformance), won her first ever road race when she crossed the finishing line of the Welland Valley CC event superbly organised on the Naseby course.

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Report: Welland Valley CC Team Series RR

from Jon Miles

Executing a well thought out team plan, Molly Patch (Fusion Brother Veloperformance), won her first ever road race when she crossed the finishing line of the Welland Valley CC event superbly organised on the Naseby course.

With Ruth Summerford (Fusion Brother Veloperformance) coming 2nd, last years Team Series winners, Team OnForm, saw their lead in this season long competition wiped away after a lack lustre performance so the trophy changed hands and is now with long time supporter Terry Williamson who is team manager of Fusion Brother Veloperformance.

With 14 miles covered, a group of six riders had got away but this was later to be four riders; Alderney Baker (Team Empella Cyclo, Ruth Summerford, Kerry Middleton ( Sigma Sport) and Molly. Entering Great Oxendon, Charmaine Porter (Cycle Team OnForm) and Leah Ball (TW1 Racing) crashed but both got back up.
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The gap very gradually increased until entering the last lap it was up to two minutes with Molly scoring her maiden win to put Fusion RT top of the points table. Molly later said “This race went so much better than we could have hoped for. The idea behind this Team Series race was to get Ruth and myself in a break; we went for a few decoy attacks, Cycle Team on Form had a few digs but nothing held. It was a case of biding our time. On the 2nd lap I decided to have one big attack and if I got caught then I would work for our sprinter Jenny,”

“The break worked really well. We knew our team mates back in the bunch would have it all covered. Then Ruth bridged across so we had a good group. Then with about a lap to go, I went solo, looked around and saw Ruth coming across. We had a great day out. To get 1st and 2nd could not be better, it was a great race on a wicked circuit. Taking the Team Series away from Cycle Team OnForm was in our sights. They have a great team. With the Team Time Trial now cancelled we knew this was the last time we could have a crack at the title”.

1. Molly Patch Fusion RT Veloperfomance
2. Ruth Somerford Fusion RT Veloperformance
3. Francesca Cutts CC London
4. Kerry Middleton Sigma Sport x Theo
5. Alderney Baker Team Empella Cyclo
6. Jessica Finney Cycle Team on Form
7. Mary Wilkinson Ellmore Digital
8. Hannah Larbalestair Boompods EDCO NRG
9. Rebecca Johnson Fusion RT Veloperformance
10. Georgina Bullard Primal Junior
11. Rosamund Bradbury Sigma Sport x Theo
12. April Tracey Team 22
13. Leah Dixon Cycle Team on Form
14. Jessica Carraige Team IOM
15. Anna Marie Hughes Norwood Paragon
16. Emma Bailey CC London
17. Kaitlin Peters Primal Juniors
18. Jennifer Holden Fusion RT Veloperfomance
19. Fiona Redding Fusion RT Veloperfomance
20. Melissa Baker Team Empella Cyclo
21. Tiffany Fletcher Team Empella Cycle
22. Eleanor Davies Team IOM
23. Alexandra Hamilton TW1 Racing
24. Katie Helsby Primal Junior
25. Alicia Speake Cycle Team on Form
26. Michelle Arthurs Brennan Norwood Paragon
27. Lauren Humphreys Boompods EDCO NRG
28. Emily Looker Team IOM
29. Hollie Hoy Primal Junior
30. Charlotte Redding Ellmore Digital
31. Sian Botteley Cycle Team on Form
32. Emily Meakin Fusion RT Veloperformance
33. Claire Hammond TW1 Racing
34. Xam Crees Team Empella Cyclo
35. Helen Ralston Sigma Sports x Theo
36. Jennifer Andrews Twickenham CC
37. Amy Graham Boompods EDCO NRG
38. Gabriella Nordin TW1 Racing
39. Helen Sharp Twickenham CC
40. Ria Mobbs Ellmore Digital
41. Allison Lilley Ellmore Digital
42. Jen Kingwill Twickenham CC
43. Tamala McGee TW1 Racing
44. Kate McCleod Twickenham CC
45. Leah Ball TW1 Racing
46. Sacha Quine Team IOM
47. Victoria Strila TW1 Racing


1 Fusion RT Veloperformace 377 Points
2 Team Empella Cycle 174 Points
3 Sigma Sports x Theo 170 points
4 Cycle Team on Form 167 Points
5 CCLondon 156 Points
6 Primal Juniors 147 Points
7 Boompods EDCO NRG 107 Points
8 TW1 Racing 75 points
9 Norwood Paragon 70 Points
10 Team IOM 73 Points
11 Twickenham CC 51 Points
12 Team 22 49 Points



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