Team News: Fusion RT Strengthens

The Brother UK sponsored women’s Fusion Racing Team has strengthened its squad for 2019 – we quiz manager Terry Williamson

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Team News: Fusion RT Strengthens

A long running team in British Women’s racing is Fusion Racing Team managed by Terry Williamson which will be sponsored by Brother UK in 2019. Terry, who is also in talks with two other possible sponsors, has strengthened the squad to 13 riders.

“Three riders have moved on” says Terry “and we have recruited four others. The squad members who are staying from last year are Emma Lewis, Ruth Stier, Fiona Russell, Jenny Hudson, Molly Patch, Rebecca Johnson, Emily Meakin, Corrine Hall and Claire Steels. They are joined by new riders Rebecca Richardson, Joscelin Lowden, April Tacey and Georgia Bullard”.

The team will not have a bike sponsor so riders will be on their own machines in 2019.

When asked what were the best race(s) for the team in 2018, Terry replied ” Lincoln GP, Tour of the Reservoir, National Champs TT, Naseby Team Series and the RAS. The reason is team work. The team rode all these races as a close knit team apart from the National TT Champs which were superb individual performances for 4th and 5th”.

Looking back at the season, Terry says that the most fun they had was taking part in the charity ride by Brother UK’s Phil Jones and James Golding’s Tour of Britain One Day Ahead ride. “Everyone who took part enjoyed the experience” says Terry.

On what was the toughest race of 2018, Terry says the Women’s Irish RAS. “The RAS is always a tough race but two riders had crashes which led to their retirement leaving us with a team of three to carry on. We still achieved 11th on GC though”.

After strengthening the team for 2019, I asked do they have team leaders and team captains and Terry explained “we don’t have that sort of structure.”

“The team talk amongst themselves during a race and depending on how they feel, they decide between themselves how they approach the race. I do however select those riders for a particular race who I think are best suited to the opposition and the type of course”.

About the roles the riders will play within in the team, Terry added “roles are interchangeable to a certain extent. It depends on the course and how well riders are going. One thing they all know how to do is ride for each other and play off each other’s strengths. There is a huge team spirit”.
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Looking ahead to the races in 2019, and asked if there were one or two races they could get into, what would they be, Terry says “the UCI races Tour of Yorkshire and/or The Tour of Scotland. They would give the team the opportunity to race against the best teams in Europe, a rare privilege for a team like ours”.

First race as a team is likely to be the long running Twickenham CC Team Series race, the Dave Peck Memorial.

Finally, I had to ask about the sponsorship by Brother UK. With them, cycling has a global brand sponsoring it and keeping on the road a number of British teams as well as VeloUK. I know how important their sponsorship is to VeloUK. Quite simply, without their help, I would not be at half the events I do during a season.

“The sponsorship is extremely important” says Terry. “It is very difficult for us to obtain this type of help at this level in any quantity. However the importance of having that and a sponsor who understands what racing is all about and their understanding of our needs is a huge bonus. A sponsor who is also participating for the love of the sport. Could any team wish for better? Such sponsorship is very rare and they are very special.”



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