Q&A: Tom Grigson (Bikestrong-KTM)

Question time with Tom Grigson of Bikestrong-KTM who enjoyed being on the big stage at the Tour Series in 2018 and is looking forward to his home race, the Bristol GP in 2019

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Q&A: Tom Grigson (Bikestrong-KTM)

VeloUK: How did you get into the sport of cycling?
Tom: My wife thought it was a good idea for us to do something together after I finished playing rugby. Sorry Laura…

VeloUK: Full time rider, student or working?
Tom: Full time worker, husband and dad. Determined in 2019 to show you don’t need to be a fake pro to get results

VeloUK: Best result for you in 2018?
Tom: Most definitely my 3rd at the European Masters Cup in Mallorca. Came after a super stressful time at work and virtually two weeks off the bike.

VeloUK: Best organised/fun race you did in 2018?
Tom: Tour Series in Redditch. Mega experience and gave out my first autograph. Got round.

VeloUK: Toughest race of 2018?
Tom: Winchester Town Centre crit which doubled as the South Regional Champs. Super technical, for me harder than the Tour Series.

VeloUK: Best moment in a race or funniest moment in a race in 2018?
Tom: Getting announced on the podium for the Tour Series at Aberystwyth and dishing out autographs, then casually chatting with Ed Clancy afterwards. It was a nice reminder that I’m actually just a fan of cycling who’s been lucky enough to get a chance on a bigger stage.
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VeloUK: Do you train alone or have others to help you get through the ride?
Tom: Mostly alone these days.

VeloUK: In the winter, training on the road or indoors?
Tom: Prefer the road but often found at 6am on the turbo

VeloUK: How many hours on the bike can you fit in during an average winter training week?
Tom: 10 is a good week

VeloUK: Is there any off the bike training (running/swimming/gym etc)?
Tom: Bit of gym, the odd walk/hike

VeloUK: Do you train with any gadgets (Heart rate/power) or just go on ‘feel’ of the ride?
Tom: All of the above. Power meter helps me get the most out of my limited training time

VeloUK: Are you eager to race again or happy to wait for the first to come along in 2019?
Tom: Eager yes, but experience says there’s no point flying in January as it’s a long ol’ season!

VeloUK: Are you doing anything different in training this winter than last one?
Tom: Not really, just working more on carrying my form from Mallorca. Used the race in October as a springboard to winter training, seems to be working so far. Hoping to find some sun in spring to get some miles in
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VeloUK: Which races are you looking forward to most in 2019
Tom: Excited by Bristol GP now the out-and-back loop rumpit has resurfaced, as it is my local race

VeloUK: Favourite pre race meal?
Tom: Overnight oats with chocolate protein powder, fruit and cinnamon

VeloUK: Favourite race drink?
Tom: My mix of half pineapple juice, half coconut water tastes good, but most effective for me is Torq’s lemon and lime powder. I use an extra scoop per bottle to avoid cramps

VeloUK: Best one thing you learned about racing in 2018?
Tom: Just chill, read the moves and trust your legs. Spent too long over-thinking it for the most part, my best results came when I relaxed.

VeloUK: Favourite professional to watch on tele (male or female) and favourite race(s) you like to watch and inspire you?
Tom: I’m a big Spring Classics fan, and love watching Roubaix and Flanders, plus all the smaller races. I just love the way one day classics are raced. It’d be a cliche to say I’m a big Geraint Thomas fan, but I am. I’m also a big fan of riders like Jasper Stuyven and Michael Valgren, strong guys who roll the dice in big races.

VeloUK: Your bike for 2019 will be what and what’s the best thing about it?
Tom: We’ve got a secret KTM weapon for this year, which is exciting. I’ve seen some pics and it looks mint.


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