Result: RGCX V Super Quaich Round 5

Glenn Kinning, Gordon Dickson, Kerry MacPhee, and Maddy Pope winners at round 5 of the RGCX V Super Quaich CX series in Scotland in mild but mucky conditions…

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Result: RGCX V Super Quaich Round 5
(thanks to Mark Young of My Event Timing)

In the Series

Top 3 Males
1- Gary Macdonald – Neviscycles Race Team
2- John Mackenzie – SR Albannach
3- Harry McGarvie – Ayr Burners Cycling QTS

Top 3 Females
1- Roslynn Newman
2- Brenda Callander
3- Helen Gorman – Stirling Bike Club

Race A
1 Glenn Kinning Kinning Cycles Male
2 Jonathan Dennis Kibosh Male
3 Craig Hardie Male
4 Richard McDonald BioRacer ProjectGo Male
5 John MacKenzie SR Albannach Male
6 Gavin McDougall Male
7 Rab Wardell Male
8 Harry McGarvie Ayr Burners Male
9 Gary McCrae LBS / BB Male
10 Murray Swanson Pedal Power RT Male
11 Chris Hinds Rapha CC Male
12 Douglas Cameron Male
13 Niall Shannon SR Albannach Male
14 James Fraser-Moodie Pedal Power RT Male
15 Kerry MacPhee BikeLove-Genesis Female
16 Isla Short Female
17 David Ogden Male
18 Neil Henderson SR Albannach Male
19 Keith Froude Edinburgh RC Male
20 George Freeman West Lothian Clarion Male
21 Douglas Sharp Kinross CC Male
22 James Edwards Ayr Burners Male
23 Graeme Warren Velo Club Moulin Male
24 Ross Wood Ronde CC Male
25 Ian Dunlop Velo Club Moulin Male
26 Roddy Yarr Glasgow Nightingale CC Male
27 Michael Nally Dunfermline CC Male
28 Scott Smith Biggar CC Male
29 Stevie Couper Glasgow United CC Male
30 Malcolm Paterson Glasgow Nightingale CC Male
31 Gordon MacKenzie Velo Club Moulin Male
32 Mark Shilton Male
33 Steve Wyatt Ronde CC Male
34 Owen  Jeffries SR Albannach Male
35 Chris Nicholson Hoddom velo Male
36 Eoghan Maguire SR Albannach Male
37 Fraser Tait Ayr Roads CC Male
38 Paul Anderson Spokes RT Male
39 Ally Anderson Fusion Triathlon Club Male
40 Roddy Fawbert Male
41 Mark Penman RCCK Male
42 Bill Young Pedal Power RT Male
43 Duncan Crawford Dunfermline CC Male
44 Andy Inglis Montvelo CC Male
45 Simon Kenny West Lothian Clarion Male
46 Colin Shearer Velo Club Moulin Male
47 Keir Greatorex Edinburgh RC Male
48 Stephen Crawford Dunfermline CC Male
49 Tam Gordon Male
50 David Ritchie Glasgow Green CC Male
51 Adeline Moreau Good Vibes Only Female
52 Louis Moorehead Ronde CC Male
53 Matthew Smith Velo Club Moulin Male
54 Graham Coubrough SR Albannach Male
55 James Moore Peebles CC Male
56 Jim Davies Male
57 Brian McCutcheon Walkers CC Male
58 David Hordon West Lothian Clarion Male
59 Douglas Glen Montvelo CC Male
60 Raymond McLellan Male
61 Jeremy Toy Dundee Wheelers Male
62 Paul McInally Pedal Power RT Male
63 Edd Shackley Male
64 Steven Jones Male
65 Rosslyn Newman Female Riders RT Female
66 Chris Watson Glasgow Nightingale CC Male
67 Jonathan Herbert VC Glasgow South Male
68 Laura Cunningham Female
69 Helen Gorman Sitrling BC Female
70 Robert Bloor Edinburgh RC Male
71 Ross Johnstone Happy Trails Cross Collective Male
72 Brenda Callander Female
73 Graham Brown Sitrling BC Male
74 Matthias Schwannauer Edinburgh RC Male
75 John Paul Baxter Ayr Burners Male
76 Jaime Nicholson Hoddom velo Female
77 Cameron Gray Royal Albert CC Male
78 Douglas Dorrington Lomond Roads CC Male
79 Craig MacWilliam RCCK Male
80 Karly Millar Rapha CC Female
81 Gemma Penman Glasgow CT Female
82 Andrew Isherwood Peebles CC Male
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Race B
1 Gordon Dickson Male
2 Craig McCulloch Male
3 James Wright SR Albannach Male
4 Seonaidh Charity Ronde CC Male
5 Malcolm Dunlop Velo Club Edinburgh Male
6 Chris Shields Walkers CC Male
7 Douglas Leslie Ronde CC Male
8 John McCracken Loudoun RC Male
9 Andy Brewster West Lothian Clarion Male
10 Maddy Pope Velo Club Moulin Female
11 Joseph Brennan Male
12 Howard Perkins Male
13 Dave Hogg Stirling BC Male
14 Alex McAllister Ayr Roads CC Male
15 James Martin Glenmarnock Wheelers Male
16 David Shields Royal Albert CC Male
17 Robert Silverwood Male
18 Stuart Whitelaw Fruin RC Male
19 Adam Cochrane Male
20 Jamie Corr Male
21 Mark McGivern Glasgow United CC Male
22 David Anderson RCCK Male
23 John Anderson Glasgow RC Male
24 German Rodriguez Edinburgh RC Male
25 Andrew Bothwell Edinburgh RC Male
26 Steve MacLuskie VC Glasgow South Male
27 Barry McCleery Ronde Works Racing Male
28 Ian Anderson Walkers CC Male
29 Ian Cockburn Male
30 Bryan Hutton Two Wheel Army Male
31 Keith Breckenridge Male
32 Paul Davies Ronde Works Racing Male
33 Ian Churcher Male
34 Stephen Hill Male
35 Graham Wilson Royal Albert CC Male
36 Sam Kerr Female
37 Niall Copeland Male
38 Peter Bentley Orkney CC Male
39 Allan Crosbie Haddington CC Male
40 Anthony Robson Ride It Like You Stole It Male
41 Kier Murray Peebles CC Male
42 Chris Thompson West Lothian Clarion Male
43 Rae Captieux SR Albannach Female
44 Frazer Bell Male
45 Paul Freeman West Lothian Clarion Male
46 Lindsay McGarvie Ayr Burners Male
47 Nigel Carrick Berwick Wheelers Male
48 Gordon Christie Arria Wheelers Male
49 Darren Gilchrist Livingston CC Male
50 Sandy Gibbons RCCK Male
51 Peter Dorrington Male
52 Paul Dailly Montvelo CC Male
53 Colin McNiven Male
54 Mark Keegan Biggar CC Male
55 Graham Gillies Male
56 Bryan Tobyn Male
57 Aileen Fisher Ayr Roads CC Female
58 John Lumley Walkers CC Male
59 Joanne Baxter Ayr Burners Female
60 Nigel Brooks Sitrling BC Male
61 Nicola Smith RCCK Female
62 Alan Gilkison Male
63 Stephen Martin Male
64 Gordon Scott West Lothian Clarion Male
65 Vicki Woodburn Montvelo CC Female
66 Neil Clyde Haddington CC Male
67 Alan McCrear Male
68 Alison Kerr Female
69 Andrew McLeod Paisley Velo Male
70 Ewan MacNeilage Ronde CC Male
71 Andrew Martin Sitrling BC Male
72 Thomas McNeish Royal Albert CC Male
73 Isobel Filor Female
74 Davie Robb Walkers CC Male
75 Jane Davies Beacon Wheelers Female
76 Lorna Sloan Female
77 Alex McDonald Livingston CC Male
78 Sharon Lindsay Walkers CC Female
79 Lorna Denny Sitrling BC Female
80 Brian Corr Mukyriderz Male
81 Robert Clements Law Wheelers CC Male
82 Dean Forrest LCC Male
83 Robert Brewer Glasgow Riderz Male
84 James Brewer Glasgow Riderz Male
85 Sarah Barry Female
86 Anna Beck SR Albannach Female
87 Scott McKendrick Fullarton Wheelers Male
88 Aurelien Thouard Paisley Velo Male
89 Deborah Ferns Female
90 Pamela Ball Hoddom Velo Female
91 Campbell Thomson Male
92 Rachel Shannon SR Albannach Female
93 Ellen Copeland Female
94 Chris White SVTTA Male
95 Madelyn Swanson Pedal Power RT Female



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