Result: West Midlands CX League 8

Ceris Styler, Simon Wyllie, Darren Atkins & Ben Askey of RST/Cycle Division winners at round 8 of the West Midlands CX League on November 27

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Result: West Midlands CX League 8

Words: Ben Goddard | Photos: David Perry

JUNIOR rider Simon Wyllie (Halesowen A&CC) returned home from racing the Cyclo-Cross World Cup the previous day to win round nine of the Ridley Lazer West Midlands Cyclo-Cross League, while Ceris Styler took the women’s victory.

Wyllie, aged 17, from Worcester, finished 29th in Tabor, Czech Republic on Saturday morning before returning to the UK and winning in a muddy Baggeridge Country Park, near Wolverhampton on Sunday afternoon. Like previous years the wet conditions led to sloppy conditions on the banks of the park which included several sharp climbs and wooded sections.

Wyllie, who also won the second round of the series in firmer conditions, led from the front and broke clear of his rivals on the opening lap. He was initially chased by Max Gibbons and last week’s runner-up Anthony Neave (Stourbridge CC). Gibbons then went in search of Wyllie alone and pulled out a clear gap in second before starting to reel in the youngster on the closing two laps.

After losing time of the opening lap Jonathan Brain (Mid Shropshire Wheelers) pulled his way back up and passed Gibbons in search of the lone youngster. Despite pulling Wyllie back to 13 seconds the teenager held on and Brain finished second while Gibbons settled for third.

Nicholas Popham (ROTOR Race Team) held off the challenge of Philip Glaze (Fishface Cycles RT) to clinch the veteran’s 40-49 race victory. The pair traded blows throughout the race swapping places before, despite breaking his gear level and being restricting to one gear, Popham charged clear on the final lap to clinch the victory by six seconds. Meanwhile, Jason McNulty (Royal Leamington Spa CC) finished third.

Overall winner Wyllie finished well clear in the junior category ahead of Josh Field (Halesowen A&CC) in second and Ryan Greaves (Lichfield City CC) in third.

After finishing second on six occasions in the West Midlands league so far this season Styler took the women’s victory in emphatic style.

On this occasion Styler, from Worcester, rode away from her rivals on the opening lap and built up a lead of almost five minutes by the finish. Natalie Brooks (Paramount CRT) took a clear second place while first veteran Alison Bagnall (ROTOR Race Team) finished in third place overall.

Meanwhile, Molly Lewis (Halesowen A&CC) took the junior category win ahead of Freya Gibbons. Following Bagnall in the veteran women’s category was Jackie Lake (Stourbridge CC) in second while Julia Birch took third. Darren Atkins (Zannata Ride Coventry XGear) clinched his fifth win of the series in the veteran men over-50 age category with another masterful display.

Fast-starting Atkins pulled out an advantage of 27 seconds after the first full lap and then increased his margin into an unassailable one. Behind Stephen Knight (Team Jewson MI Racing) was a lone chaser in second while quickest veteran over-60 Chris Wreghitt (Second Wind) took third overall.

In the youth category Ben Askey (RST/Cycle Division RT) rode away for his third win in a row as he continued to dominate in the muddy conditions. Harry Cockroft (Malvern Cycle Sport) once again chased behind in second while William Ryan (Solihull CC) was also a lone chaser in third.

After suffering a rare defeat last weekend Spencer Corder (ROTOR Race Team) returned to the top spot in the under-14 boy’s race. He was once again chased home by team-mate Lewis Tinsley in second while Max Bufton (Hafren CC) held off the challenge of Alex Hart (Mid Shropshire Whls) to take third.

In the girls’ event under-16 rider Daphne Jones (Mid Shropshire Whls) continued her domination of the series with another victory to add to her collection. Once again the younger under-14 age group riders led the chase behind with Hannah Cockroft (Malvern Cycle Sport) finishing second overall and first in her category ahead of Mari Porton (Redditch Road & Path CC).


1 Ceris STYLER Senior Female
2 Natalie BROOKS Senior Female
3 Alison BAGNALL V50 Female
4 Molly LEWIS Junior Female
5 Jackie LAKE V55 Female
6 Julia BIRCH V45 Female
7 Emma BEXSON V40 Female
8 Pam SAUNDERS V55 Female
9 Freya GIBBONS Junior Female
10 Claire HUGHES V40 Female
11 Rosie HOPKINS V40 Female
12 Helen PLANT V50 Female
13 Helen JAMIESON V40 Female
14 Hannah DAYAN V45 Female
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1 Simon WYLLIE Junior Male
2 Jonathan BRAIN Senior Male
3 Max GIBBONS U23 Male
4 Thomas PAYTON Senior Male
5 Anthony NEAVE Senior Male
6 Robert BURNS Senior Male
7 Dale TAYLOR Senior Male
8 Nick MORRIS Senior Male
9 Gary PRICE Senior Male
10 Alex MCNICOL Senior Male
11 Nicholas POPHAM V45 Male
12 Phillip GLAZE V40 Male
13 Alexander HARPER U23 Male
14 Jason MCNULTY V40 Male
15 Dave SAUNDERS Senior Male
16 Josh FIELD Junior Male
17 Daniel BUTLIN Senior Male
18 Colin MILLER V40 Male
19 John MCALLISTER Senior Male
20 Jonathan WILLIAMS Senior Male
21 Ryan GREAVES Junior Male
22 Jamieson BLAIN U23 Male
23 Ben BEAUCHAMP V40 Male
24 Simon STRETTON V45 Male
25 Oliver HAYWARD Senior Male
26 Andy COLLIS V45 Male
27 Claude BINCHET V40 Male
28 Andy JONES V45 Male
29 Martin BROWN Senior Male
30 Thomas YEATMAN Senior Male
31 David HIRD Junior Male
32 Benjamin CAINE Senior Male
33 Gary HOWARD V45 Male
34 Darryl THOMAS V45 Male
35 Steven WHITE V45 Male
36 Martyn VICKERS V40 Male
37 Chris ROBERTS Senior Male
38 Chris MAPP Senior Male
39 Stuart JONES Senior Male
40 Spencer TAPIA Senior Male
41 William FARMER Junior Male
42 Thomas SMITH Senior Male
43 Gerard SCOTT V45 Male
44 Spencer PARKER V45 Male
45 Iain TINSLEY V45 Male
46 Terry RICHARDSON V45 Male
47 Scott O’NEIL V40 Male
48 Conor JONES Junior Male
49 Richard LOWE V45 Male
50 Darren SHAW V45 Male

VET 50
1 Darren ATKINS V50 Male
2 Stephen KNIGHT V50 Male
3 Chris WREGHITT V60 Male
4 Leon FIELD V50 Male
5 Gareth HIGHLEY V50 Male
6 Kevin PAYTON V55 Male
7 Kyle MARTIN V50 Male
8 Carl BULLINGHAM V50 Male
9 Peter BUSBY V55 Male
10 Nigel JONES V55 Male
11 Andy COLLINS V50 Male
12 Richard LEWIS V50 Male
13 Stephen WHITEHOUSE V50 Male
14 John BUCHAN V50 Male
15 Peter BROMWICH V55 Male
16 Chris WATTS V60 Male
17 Stephen BROATCH V55 Male
18 Kevin PLANT V50 Male
19 Jonathon BISTER V50 Male
20 Kevin HAYWARD V50 Male
21 Stephen CROGGON V55 Male
22 John BYATT V55 Male
23 Brian HANDLEY V50 Male
24 Philip BROMWICH V50 Male
25 Carl Max TAYLOR V50 Male
26 Dave MELLOR V55 Male
27 Mark DEAKIN V50 Male
28 Garry BOLTON V50 Male
29 Philip STOKES V65 Male
30 Robert BURNS V55 Male
31 Andy WEBB V55 Male
32 Robin CORDER V55 Male
33 Philip HITCHMOUGH V50 Male
34 David GREEN V50 Male
35 Charles BROWN V55 Male
36 Gary CORDEN V50 Male
37 Michael WEBB V70 Male
38 Paul FREEMAN V60 Male
39 David SIMMONS V50 Male
40 Paul HANCHER V50 Male
41 Steve CHAPMAN V55 Male
42 Alistair MCADAM V55 Male
43 Keith JONES V50 Male
44 Iain CHAMBERLAIN V50 Male
45 Stephen ELCOCKS V50 Male
46 Stephen PRICE V55 Male
47 John POTTS V50 Male
48 Timothy JONES V50 Male
49 Julian WARD V60 Male
50 Peter WARD V65 Male
51 Nik BETTAM V60 Male
52 Tim GORDON V50 Male
53 Robin WORMAN V55 Male
54 Toby DAVIS V50 Male
55 John HOMER V50 Male
56 Mark LAKE V55 Male
57 Paul LEWIS V50 Male
58 Derek HILL V65 Male
59 John CLAYDON V65 Male
60 Paul GREEN V65 Male
61 SAM BUDD V50M Male
63 Michael HADDON V55 Male
64 Phil BERRY V70 Male
65 Gordon RICHARDS V65

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1 Ben ASKEY U16 Male
2 Harry COCKROFT U16 Male
3 William RYAN U16 Male
4 Sullivan BERRY U16 Male
5 Fred MEREDITH U16 Male
6 Joe BROOKES U16 Male
7 Spencer CORDER U14 Male
8 Oliver TANDY U16 Male
9 Lewis TINSLEY U14 Male
10 Joe HOMER U16 Male
11 Thomas PORTON U16 Male
12 Max BUFTON U14 Male
13 Alex HART U14 Male
14 Tom BROOKES U14 Male
15 Kieron HEUBERGER U16 Male
16 Daphne JONES U16 Female
17 Tom HYDE U14 Male
18 Ryan OLDFIELD U14 Male
19 Tom JACKSON U14 Male
20 William SIMONS U16 Male
21 Luke MANNINGS U14 Male
22 Hannah COCKROFT U14 Female
23 Joshua DARLOW U14 Male
24 Max SAUNDERS U14 Male
25 Samuel STOKER U16 Male
26 Billy LAIGHT U16 Male
27 Mari PORTON U14 Female
28 Noah INMAN U14 Male
29 Samuel GREENWELL U14 Male
30 Andrew GROVES U14 Male
31 Zoe PARKER U14 Female
32 Thomas CARTWRIGHT U16 Male
33 SAM BUDD U14 Male
34 sam BUDD U14 Male
35 George LEWIS U14 Male
36 Harriette TAYLOR U14 Female
37 Kim GREENING U16 Female
38 Charlie COOPER U14 Male
39 DAVID POOLE U14 Mixed
40 Adam POOLE U14 Male
41 Dan HUTCHINSON U16 Male
42 Sofia BRANDON-HIGGS U14 Female

Under 12
1 George COOPER U12 Male
2 Aelwen DAVIES U12 Female
3 Daniel WARD U12 Male
4 Jefferson TEAR-VERWEIJ U12 Male
5 Noah KILLEEN U12 Male
6 Rocco SCHUMACHER U12 Male
7 Noah WHITE U12 Male
8 Teddy TAYLOR U12 Male
9 Murphy HAMILTON U12 Male
10 Xander BRANDON-HIGGS U12 Male
11 Rose LEWIS U12 Female
12 Mazie HARPER U12 Female
13 Joe GREENING U12 Male
14 Elliot TURNER U12 Male
15 Ruben STRINGFELLOW U12 Male
16 Ashley WATTON U12 Male
17 Callum MOSS U12 Male
18 Ella HARRIS U12 Female
19 Joyce ALICE U12 Female
20 Corin BRADLEY U12 Male
21 Daniel CHARTON U12 Male
22 Ben ALLEN U12 Male
23 Toby STOKES U12 Male
24 William HYDE U12 Male
25 Lauren OLDFIELD U12 Female
26 A Other U12 Mixed
27 Dylan PHIPPS U12 Male
28 Lottie STYLER U12 Female
29 Alffi FRANCIS U12 Male
30 Teddy WRIGHT U12 Male
31 Ronan FINLINSON U12 Male
32 Oliver WARD U12 Male
33 Matthew HITCHMOUGH U12 Male
34 Jessica BUFTON U12 Female
35 James SAUNDERS U12 Male
36 Thomas DAVEY U12 Male
37 Joshua VICKERS U12 Male
38 Malcolm BAILEY U12 Male
39 Samuel THOMAS U12 Male
40 Louis MALLETT U12 Male
41 Aoife LYNCH U12 Female
42 A Other U12 Mixed
43 Shona PARK U12 Female
44 Millie MILES U12 F

Under 10
1 Isaac VICKERY U10 Male
2 Louis INMAN U10 Male
3 Kellan HEUBERGER U10 Male
4 Jude WHITE U10 Male
5 Victor MEREDITH U10 Male
6 Sennen BROWN U10 Male
8 James TRIPPIER U10 Male
9 Alex GILMOUR U10 Male
10 Lucas MCCANN U10 Male
11 Ambrose MAPP U10 Male
12 James CAINE U10 Male
13 Tamsin MOSS U10 Female
15 George GREGORY U10 Male
16 Roxanne SCHUMACHER U10 Female
17 William GARNER U10 Male
18 Stephanie HOPKINS U10 Female
19 Philippa GODFREY U10 Female
20 Zach JENKINS U10 Male
21 Shauna HAMILTON U10 Female
22 Jacob SHERIDAN U10 Male
23 Oliver HOWARD U10 Male
24 Katie GROVES U10 Female
25 Tom OXLEY U10 Male
26 Rueben ABBOTTS U10 Male
27 Isobel PARK U10 Female
28 Jayden COOK U10 Male
29 Oliver DUROSE U10 Male
30 Eddy PORTON U10 Male
31 Charlie JAMES U10 Male
32 Evie May STONES U10

Under 8
1 Freddie ROBERTS U8 Male
2 Ben TURNER U8 Male
3 Molly KOSTKA U8 Female
4 Benjamin GILMOUR U8 Male
5 Finn MCCANN U8 Male
6 Eleanor KILLEEN U8 Female
7 Leo POSTANCE U8 Male
8 Jacob LATTIMER U8 Male
9 Reuben FOWLER U8 Male
10 Emmie STYLER U8 Female
11 Sam STYLER U8 Male
12 Finlay BELL U8 Male
13 Charlie PARKES U8 Male
14 Jessica ASKEY U8 Female
15 Henry KEENE U8 Male
16 Ruben GARNER U8 Male
17 Samuel BOAZMAN U8 Male
18 Annie OXLEY U8

Under 6
1 Rory GODFREY U6 Male
2 Rhys MCGUIRE U6 Male
3 Ricardo SCHUMACHER U6 Male
4 Owen BAIRD U6 Male
5 Ben POSTANCE U6 Male
6 Mollie COOK U6 Female
7 Callum MCA U6 Male
8 Fifi KOSTKA U6 Female
9 Miles COURT U6 Male
10 Felicity ICEENE U6 Male
11 Theo LONG U6 Male


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