News: Just A Cycling Minute

Illustrious personalities pitted against each other in Just A Cycling Minute for the NSPCC

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News: Just A Cycling Minute

In a world first, some of cycling’s best known authors and presenters have come together to raise money for the NSPCC by recording Just A Cycling Minute, now available to watch via The Road Book at

In a format familiar to people of a certain age, the show sees contestants given 60 seconds to talk on a subject without hesitation, repetition or deviation. Challenges can be made with points awarded and deducted accordingly and if successful, the challenger takes up the mantle for the remaining time.

Hosted by Ned Boulting with guests David Millar, Laura Winter, Orla Chennaoui and Matt Rendell, the 45-minute show packs in all the key issues from the cycling world. Beginning with jiffy bags before taking in sixteenth century chateaux and Mark Cavendish, there’s even a fleeting mention of Dominic Cummings (but don’t let that put you off, it’s literally once).

Apparently offering no allowances for Zoom buffering or indeed breathing, our host displays blatant favouritism for his mate David Millar. Strong performances are put in by e-sports host Laura Winter and author-come-hesitation-challenger-in-chief Matt Rendell, while journalist and presenter Orla Chennaoui pulls off a remarkable repetition bluff.

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At times searingly analytical and at times, not, the show includes ‘a lot of facts’. Fans of cycling literature will enjoy the final round and also note that only David Millar actually owns any bookshelves.

Just A Cycling Minute has been produced to raise money for the NSPCC, whose work is critical in supporting young people through the current pandemic. We are asking that if viewers enjoy the show, they donate as little as £1 because in total, 5,237 calls were made to the NSPCC Helpline for adults worried about the safety of a child during the first month of lockdown alone.

It costs £4 to answer one of these calls for help to the Childline service and potentially make a life-changing difference – that means if four of our viewers donate at least the suggested £1, together we will help answer that call.

Ned Boulting said “Just A Cycling Minute was immense fun to put together and we hope goes some way to fill the current sporting void. If viewers have enjoyed it, we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for donating whatever you can to the NSPCC, who are providing a life line for children across the UK & Channel Islands during what is one of the most challenging and upsetting periods of their lives.”

Donations to the NSPCC can be made via:

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