News: Racing resumes in Guernsey

The road season resumes on Guernsey after they record no new cases of Covid since April, with Seb Tremlett fastest in the 10 mile time trial, Karina Bowie fastest woman whilst Trinity Racing’s Sam Culverwell recorded the third fastest time with 21.39 on a road bike.

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News: Racing resumes in Guernsey

Seb Tremlett. Photo:

As they haven’t had any new cases of Covid in Guernsey since April, and there are no known cases in the Bailiwick currently, the island moved to Phase 4 of their lockdown exit strategy last weekend which included the resumption of non-contact sports. We therefore resumed our road season with a 10 mile TT on our Cobo course which runs down the West coast of the island from Cobo Bay to the turn at Rocquaine and back the finish at Albecq.

The current course record is 19:55 held jointly by Seb Tremlett & James McLaughlin.

The field was split into two heats to satisfy maximum gathering size rules, with one on the Saturday morning and the other at the same time on Sunday. Weather conditions were pretty similar both days, warm and sunny with a gentle to moderate Easterly meaning a tailwind off the start line and block headwind on the way back round the final bay to the finish.

Fastest on Saturday was Seb Tremlett with a very creditable 20:02 given the foot down start, just outside his own course record. Marc Cox posted Sunday’s best time and the second fastest of the weekend with 20:23, whilst Trinity Racing’s Sam Culverwell recorded the third fastest time with 21.39 on a road bike.

Karina Bowie was top female with 23:54, fractionally missing her own course record of 23:53. Among the the HSBC/Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop Academy riders, top male was Thierry Le Cheminant with 23:12 and Kylie Vaudin was fastest junior female with 25:59.

It’s been an amazing team effort between the Club and the Guernsey Sports Commission to restart racing on the island this weekend, with Club President Mark Smith putting in the hours to ensure everything ran smoothly and in accordance with our local lockdown exit framework. It felt a little strange not having a minute man to chase down given that fastest riders went off first at two-minute intervals, but it was just a pleasure to be out in the sunshine racing again.

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1 Seb Tremlett Guernsey Velo Club 20:02.4 Senior 23 – 39 Male
2 Marc Cox Guernsey Velo Club 20:23.2 Senior 23 – 39 Male
3 Sam Culverwell Trinity Racing 21:39.8 Espoir 18-23 Male
4 Tony Bleasdale Guernsey Velo Club 21:39.9 Veteran 40+ Male
5 Matt Osborn Guernsey Velo Club 21:42.1 Senior 23 – 39 Male
6 Steve Dawes Guernsey Velo Club 21:47.2 Senior 23 – 39 Male
7 Nathan Gosling Guernsey Velo Club 21:53.5 Senior 23 – 39 Male
8 Jack English Guernsey Velo Club 22:25.0 Senior 23 – 39 Male
9 James Roe Guernsey Velo Club 22:44.5 Senior 23 – 39 Male
10 Kyle Nelson Guernsey Velo Club 22:53.8 Senior 23 – 39 Male
11 Neil Ridley Guernsey Velo Club 22:59.3 Grand Veteran 50+ Male
12 Thierry Le Cheminant Guernsey Velo Club 23:12.3 Under 16 Male
13 Alex Margison Guernsey Velo Club 23:12.4 Veteran 40+ Male
14 Paul Jackson Guernsey Velo Club 23:12.5 Grand Veteran 50+ Male
15 Mark Smith Guernsey Velo Club 23:37.9 Veteran 40+ Male
16 Richard Saunders Guernsey Velo Club 23:38.5 Grand Veteran 50+ Male
17 Charles Lowe Guernsey Velo Club 23:38.9 Senior 23 – 39 Male
18 Gregory Robert Guernsey Velo Club 23:46.6 Super Veteran 60+ Male
19 Jack Hoskins Guernsey Velo Club 23:47.0 Espoir 18-23 Male
20 Karina Bowie Guernsey Velo Club 23:54.7 Veteran 40+ Female
21 Jack Reed CC Plancoët 23:55.0 Junior 16-17 Male
22 Dan O’Hara Guernsey Velo Club 23:56.6 Veteran 40+ Male
23 Andy Gibson Guernsey Velo Club 24:20.9 Veteran 40+ Male
24 Nick Ravenscroft Guernsey Velo Club 24:21.2 Grand Veteran 50+ Male
25 Sergio Henriques Guernsey Velo Club 24:26.3 Veteran 40+ Male
26 Dani Hanley Guernsey Velo Club 24:31.6 Senior 23 – 39 Female
27 Steven Palmer Guernsey Velo Club 24:42.8 Veteran 40+ Male
28 Philip Reid Guernsey Velo Club 24:45.3 Veteran 40+ Male
29 James Duguid Guernsey Velo Club 24:57.4 Grand Veteran 50+ Male
30 Charlie Pimlott Guernsey Velo Club 25:06.5 Veteran 40+ Male
31 Joshua Saunders Guernsey Velo Club 25:14.4 Under 16 Male
32 Bruce Maltwood Guernsey Velo Club 25:16.5 Grand Veteran 50+ Male
33 Chantal Green Guernsey Velo Club 25:22.6 Senior 23 – 39 Female
34 Andrew Godfrey Guernsey Velo Club 25:23.1 Grand Veteran 50+ Male
35 Kylie Vaudin Guernsey Velo Club 25:59.6 Junior 16-17 Female
36 Marina Bleasdale Guernsey Velo Club 26:07.6 Veteran 40+ Female
37 Philip Touzeau Guernsey Velo Club 26:26.9 Senior 23 – 39 Male
38 Ade Vaudin Guernsey Velo Club 26:48.0 Grand Veteran 50+ Male
39 Ed Rocha Guernsey Velo Club 27:19.6 Veteran 40+ Male
40 Helena Duguid Guernsey Velo Club 27:21.5 Under 16 Female
41 Maddie Wilson Guernsey Velo Club 27:24.4 Senior 23 – 39 Female
42 Claire Allen Guernsey Velo Club 27:48.3 Veteran 40+ Female
43 Dianne Tierney Guernsey Velo Club 27:48.5 Veteran 40+ Female
44 Miles Le Prevost Guernsey Velo Club 28:11.0 Under14 Male
45 Alex Ward Guernsey Velo Club 28:35.0 Under 16 Male
46 Dan Clark Guernsey Velo Club 28:46.1 Under 16 Male
47 Andre Carre Guernsey Velo Club 28:46.6 Veteran 40+ Male
48 Chay Kennedy-Cook Guernsey Velo Club 29:40.5 Under14 Male
49 Gary Wallbridge Guernsey Velo Club 30:06.1 Super Veteran 60+ Male
50 Iain Kilpatrick Guernsey Velo Club 30:21.5 Grand Veteran 50+ Male
51 Ollie Duguid Guernsey Velo Club 30:40.9 Under14 Male
52 Kiko Rocha Guernsey Velo Club 33:29.4 Under14 Male
53 Mike De Robillard Guernsey Velo Club 34:11.0 Veteran 40+ Male
thanks to Alex for the above report

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