Result: Behind The Bikeshed’s Summer Circuits 8

Henry Latimer, Jacob Schnabel, and Joseph Surmon winners at week 8 of the Behind The Bikeshed’s Summer Circuits at Thruxton, on Tuesday (May 25)

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Result: Behind The Bikeshed’s Summer Circuits 8

E/1/2 Only
1 Henry Latimer TAAP Cervelo 2nd
2 Christopher Rothwell 1st
3 Angus Hawkins Spirit Racing Team 1st
4 Matthew Houlberg Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT 2nd
5 George Smith Primera-TeamJobs Elite
6 Nicholas Tyrie Primera-TeamJobs 1st
7 Matthew Dennis Salisbury Road and Mountain CC 2nd
8 Luke Barfoot Primera-TeamJobs 1st
9 Matthew Allsopp Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT. 2nd
10 Jordan Giles Southampton University Road Cl… 2nd
11 Alex Randall Team Tor 2000 Kalas 2nd
12 Thomas Bowering TAAP Cervelo 1st
13 Callum Slade Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC 2nd
14 Frank Kilsby TAAP Cervelo 1st
15 Samuel Wadsley Primera-TeamJobs 3rd
16 Red Walters Black Cyclists Network Elite
17 James Bevan Saint Piran Development 2nd
18 Jack Freeman Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT Elite
19 Simon Laws GS Vecchi 2nd
20 Jake Roe Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT 2nd
21 Robert Lewis Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 2nd
22 Charles Ager Vredestein Basso 2nd
23 Jacob Aries Kuota – GSG 2nd
24 Dave Turton BIKESTRONG-KTM 2nd
25 Kevin Chant Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT. 2nd
26 Matthew Norris Primera-TeamJobs 2nd
27 Liam Cahill Somer Valley CC 2nd
28 Ken Prince Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT 2nd
29 Connah Towers Army Cycling Union 2nd
30 James Brown Team Tor 2000 Kalas 2nd
31 Thomas Quaid Foran CCC 2nd
32 George Beck VCA du Bourget 2nd
33 Maximillian Ashwanden TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling 2nd
34 Julian Lockwood Primera-TeamJobs 2nd
35 Justin Hoy 1st
36 Steven Williams Army Cycling Union 2nd
37 Matthew Downie TAAP Cervelo 1st

3rd Cat Only.
1 Jacob Schnabel FlandersColor Galloo 3rd
2 Jamie Whitcher BmthCycleworks VitecFire FordC… 3rd
3 Jonny Dorward Army Cycling Union 3rd
4 Robert McPherson Saint Piran Development 3rd
5 David Stoyle Bath Cycling Club 3rd
6 Stuart Waite Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT. 3rd
7 Ben Voller Ex Machina 3rd
8 Toby Manning Wessex Road Club 3rd
9 Joseph Kemp Army Cycling Union 3rd
10 Paul Quinn Army Cycling Union 3rd
11 Chris Parker VCGH 3rd
12 Alexander Yeldham VC Meudon 3rd
13 Finlay Walter Team Zoyland Race Academy 3rd
14 Ross Ovens VCGH 3rd
15 Nick Creed Somer Valley CC 3rd
16 Alex Wallace BIKESTRONG-KTM 3rd
17 James Gill 360VRT 3rd
18 James Veal Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT. 3rd
19 Cammie Adams
20 Joshua White G!RO Cycles 3rd
21 Ed Hough DHC (DistrictsofHamwicCyclespo… 3rd
22 Thomas Smith Ex Machina 3rd
23 Andrew Jenner DHRacing 3rd
24 Matthew Davies GS Mossa 3rd
25 Mark Ward Army Cycling Union 3rd
26 Timothy Powell VCGH 3rd
27 Nick Pyman Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 3rd
28 Simon Walters Velo Club Venta 3rd
29 Dean Hendry GS Mossa 3rd
30 Max Francis Salisbury Road and Mountain CC 3rd
31 Neil White Bush Healthcare CRT 3rd
32 Peter Phillips Bath Cycling Club 3rd
33 Ben Watts Army Cycling Union 3rd
34 Jerry Cooper Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT. 3rd
35 Paul Walsingham Reflex Racing 3rd
36 Lee King 3rd
37 Christopher Wilson BmthCycleworks VitecFire FordC… 3rd
38 Gary Sheppard Bath Cycling Club 3rd
39 Luke Monahan BmthCycleworks VitecFire FordC… 3rd
40 Jonathan Hitch Army Cycling Union 3rd
41 Maris Brugis Bristol RC 3rd
42 Jason Painton 3rd

4th Cat Only.
1 Joseph Surmon University of Bristol CC 4th
2 Harrison Hunter Saint Piran Development 4th
3 Craig Condie Bristol South CC 4th
4 Oliver Bates 4th
5 Daniel West GS Mossa 4th
6 Tobias Coates Bath Cycling Club 4th
7 Charles Hill New Forest CC 4th
8 Thomas Caine VC Meudon 4th
9 Jack Tomlinson DHC (DistrictsofHamwicCyclespo… 4th
10 Guy Hines-Dedman 4th
11 Dave Phillips Cotswold Veldrijden 4th
12 Thomas Vassen G!RO Cycles 4th
13 Christopher Sanders Inflite-Dynamic Rides Race Tea… 4th
14 Matthew Taylor Army Cycling Union 4th
15 Henry Fuller Grinta Coaching 4th
16 Craig Smith Sotonia CC 4th
17 Benjamin Gibbs Velo Club Venta 4th
18 Chris Stagg 4th
19 Alec Rich Yeovil CC 4th
20 Simon Williams VCGH 4th
21 Oliver Berney Royal Sutton CC 4th
22 Sean Adams 4th
23 Damon Payne Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 4th
24 Jack Smy Army Cycling Union 4th
25 Elliot Watts Yeovil CC 4th
26 Leon Grabowski 4th
27 Alexander Smith University of Exeter Cycling C… 4th
28 Thomas Parsons Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 4th
29 Barney Rowland Farnborough & Camberley CC N/A
30 Alexander Fortune Army Cycling Union 4th
31 Elliott Holman DHC (DistrictsofHamwicCyclespo… 4th
32 Charlie Bird N/A
33 Keiran Johnston Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 4th
34 Julian White Charlotteville CC 4th
35 Robert Green Liss Cycling Club 4th
36 Luke Machin Spinners and Grinders Cycle Cl… 4th
37 Andrew McIntosh VCGH 4th
38 Hugh Cox VCGH 4th
39 Danny Allan Army Cycling Union 4th
40 Andrew Morgan 4th
41 Pavel Tesar 4th
42 Jonathan Weldon Addiscombe CC N/A
43 Rob Scott 4th


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