News: Otley after funding to Televise Races

The organisers of the Otley Town Centre Races are looking for funding to help them televise this year’s races and reduce the number spectators – signed jersey from Ineos Grenadier rider – Tom Pidcock is part of the prize of giving!

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News: Otley after funding to Televise Races

The website where you can help fund the televising of the Otley races 

The Otley Cycle Races are returning in 2021 with one of the biggest star studded events in its history but thanks to Boris and his decision to not implement the final easing of restrictions, the event is being asked to restrict the number of spectators by televising it. It will certainly be a race worth watching! The Men’s race has quite some strength in depth with many a ‘name’ on the start sheet.

That includes the following Joey Walker (circuit race champion); WorldTour pro Harry Tanfield; Baby Giro sensation (4th) Thomas Gloag; Pink jersey in the Giro Ben Turner; 5th in Tour of Slovenia James Shaw; Isaac Mundy (2nd to Joey Walker in Crit Champs); Sprinter Matt Gibson; FDJ rider Joe Pidcock; Reece Wood & Rob Scott. In the Women’s race, not so many internationals but plenty of quality such as double Lincoln GP winner Rebecca Durrell, Zoe Backstedt (teenage sensation), international rider Leah Dixon and bonifide legend in paracyling Dame Sarah Storey with 40!! World titles to her name.

In a statement on the crowdfunding website, the organisation says “We are desperately keen to make the races happen again because of the devastating effect the pandemic has had on all our young people, cyclists included. We’ve now lost almost two seasons which is likely to have a pretty damaging effect on the career prospects for young bike riders. Making events like this happen create opportunity for them to show themselves and it also demonstrates that there is hope that things will get back to normal for everybody.”

World Star Tom Pidcock donating a signed jersey 

“After being cancelled in 2020 we’ve worked hard with British Cycling, the Police and Otley Town Council to get this event on again this year. At the time of planning, the UK was due to have emerged from all Covid restrictions on the 21st June – nine days before the race is taking place. Because the Government has delayed the lifting of all restrictions we will have to proceed under some restrictions. The main one is that we have to limit the number of spectators to 4000. We know many of you will be disappointed by this as it’s usually one of the highlights of the summer.”

The organisers though don’t want those who may have been there for the street party to miss out and instead, want to bring you the big street party centred on some proper bike racing on TV. “Our plan is to televise the event so that as many people as possible can share in the experience without coming to Otley. Having live pictures of the race means we can also have screens around the race allowing the smaller than usual crowd to spread out more and still see what’s happening with the riders. We think this is the best way to salvage the event whilst at the same time keeping everyone safe”.

At this late hour however, funding to televise the event is needed to hire the cameramen, the motorbikes and the other people and equipment needed.

Which is where they need your help!

“If you’d like to see the races on television, you can help make that happen by donating a few pounds. Maybe by putting in the petrol money you’ll be saving! We think it might be worth say £5 to watch the races on telly, but anything you can give, even if it’s only a small amount, will add up very quickly and will help make this happen” says the organisation.

And, to make it more exciting we’re going to run a raffle alongside the fund raising page. We will select at random one of you who have donated and send you a signed jersey from Ineos Grenadier rider – Tom Pidcock. Tom said to us “Otley is such a great event, it disappoints me that it can’t proceed with the normal amazing crowds but I want to help where I can to help get it telivised”

So, we urge everyone to go to this page and help the race organisers of an event that is many a rider’s season highlight and your reward is being able to watch it live from the saftey and comfort of your own home.




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