Result: AA Box Road Race

Cameron Mason the winner of the category 2/3/4 AA Box Road Race in Aberdeenshire (Scotland) on Saturday, August 14

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Result: AA Box Road Race

1 Cameron Mason TRINITY Road Racing 3rd
2 Alistair Merry Dundee Thistle RC 2nd
3 James Mccallum META Bike Division 3rd v
4 Alexander MacRae 2nd
5 Jamie Mackenzie META Bike Division 2nd
6 Calum Shackley dooleys cycles 3rd
7 Elijah Kwon The Cycling Academy 2nd J
8 Alexander MacLeod Deeside Thistle CC 3rd J
9 Lee Rosie University of Aberdeen 2nd
10 Conal  Davidson Edinburgh RC 4th J
11 Gregor McArthur Vanelli-Project Go 2nd
12 Alastair McNicol dooleys cycles 2nd
13 Ray Wilson Ryans Bike Surgery-Thomson Homes 3rd v
14 Jed Scott Torvelo 2nd
15 Finn McHenry The Cycling Academy 3rd J
16 Daniel Long Elgin CC 4th v
17 Keir Gaffney Edinburgh RC 3rd J
18 Archie Ellen The Cycling Academy 3rd J
19 Ben Harrison Crimson Orientation Marketing RT 2nd v
20 Pete Matthews Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy 2nd
21 Thomas Gelati Kelpie Racing 2nd
22 Stuart Anderson Wick Wheelers Cycle Club 4th v
23 Brian Duncan Sparta Breda 3rd v
24 Marc Roberts Elgin CC 3rd
25 Mark Madigan Elgin CC 3rd
26 Angus Joshi Edinburgh RC 3rd
27 Alfie Atterton The Cycling Academy 3rd J
28 Chris Main Deeside Thistle CC 3rd
29 Corin Halliday Torvelo Racing 2nd
30 Fergus Robinson HUUB Ribble Performance Academy 3rd J
31 Gavin Dempster Torvelo Racing 2nd
32 Simon Arnot Torvelo Racing 3rd v
33 Martin Reynolds Kelpie Racing 3rd
34 Mark Walker Deeside Thistle CC 3rd v
35 Richard Harris 3rd v
36 Ryan Bunyan Torvelo Racing 3rd
37 Alistair Booth Team Andrew Allan Architecture 3rd
38 Harry Mustard Edinburgh RC 2nd
39 Robert Hamilton dooleys cycles 3rd
40 Nicholas Moir Elgin CC 3rd
41 Kevin Barclay dooleys cycles 2nd
42 Stuart Gordon Deeside Thistle CC 4th
43 Sean Delaney Velocita Coaching Race Team 2nd
44 Douglas Ferguson dooleys cycles 3rd
45 Calum Cormack Deeside Thistle CC 4th v
46 Steven Sharp Ecosse Northboats 4th v

1st Junior: Elijah Kwon
1st Vet: James Mccallum
1st 4th cat: Conal Davidson


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