Startlist: Junior Tour of Wales

Stars of the 2021 European Championships on the startlist for the 2021 Junior Tour of Wales over three days next weekend

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Startlist: Junior Tour of Wales

The race begins on Saturday with a 4.6 mile time trial uphill before something a lot faster on Sunday with a circuit race at Pembrey followed by a road race stage. The long running stage race with an honours list of riders who have gone on to be professional riders, finishes on Monday with a race up the Tumble after a road stage of 59 miles.

RIDERS (Provisional)
1 Ben Askey FJ2 Backstedt Bike Performance RC
2 Mattie Dodd FJ2 Backstedt Bike Performance RC
3 Noah Hobbs FJ2 Backstedt Bike Performance RC
4 Euan Woodliffe FJ2 Backstedt Bike Performance RC
5 Jamie Gostick FJ2 Banjo Cycles – Raceware – Specialized
6 Lewis Holmes FJ3 Beeston Cycling Club
7 Edward Hopkins FJ3 Beeston Cycling Club
8 Lucas Jowett FJ2 Beeston Cycling Club
9 Jack Pearson FJ3 Beeston Cycling Club
10 Immanuel Ndungu J3 Black Cyclists Network
11 Isaac Lawrence FJ3 Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm
12 Jack Ramsbottom J2 Caffi Gruff
13 Dafydd Wright J2 Caffi Gruff
14 Jude Chamberlain FJ2 Central
15 George Gray FJ3 Central
16 Nathan Hardy FJ2 Central
17 William Smith FJ2 Central
18 Jack Brough J1 Cero – Cycle Division Racing Team
19 James Satoor J2 Cero – Cycle Division Racing Team
20 Lucas Towers UC Cero – Cycle Division Racing Team
21 Joseph Wilson FJ3 Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club
22 Alexander MacLeod J2 Deeside Thistle CC
23 Jacob Smith J3 Deeside Thistle CC
24 Alex Galpin FJ3 East Mids
25 Dan Galpin FJ3 East Mids
26 Bryn Richards J2 East Mids
27 Callum Twelves FJ3 East Mids
28 Conal Davidson FJ3 Edinburgh RC
29 Keir Gaffney FJ2 Edinburgh RC
30 Matthew Brown FJ3 Elitecycling Junior Team
31 Finn Dunton FJ3 Elitecycling Junior Team
32 Dylan Humber-Kelly FJ2 Elitecycling Junior Team
33 Josh Charlton J1 Fensham Howes – MAS Design
34 Aidan Lawrence J2 Fensham Howes – MAS Design
35 Finlay Pickering J1 Fensham Howes – MAS Design
36 Max Poole J1 Fensham Howes – MAS Design
37 Jacob Schnabel J2 FlandersColor Galloo
38 Ryan Greaves J2 HUUB Ribble Performance Academy
39 George Radcliffe J3 Identity Racing
40 James Hartley J2 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team
41 James Hawkins J3 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team
42 Taylor Hill J2 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team
43 George Safranauskas J3 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team
44 Brandon Baldacci FJ2 Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
45 Angus Lawrence J2 Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
46 Matthew Lord J2 Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
47 Alfie Salmon FJ2 Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
48 Benjamin Harris J2 Maindy Flyers CC
49 Morgan Leyshon J2 Maindy Flyers CC
50 Gethin Price J2 Maindy Flyers CC
51 Ben Etherington FJ2 Manilla Cycling
52 Harry Jukes J2 Mid Devon CC
53 James Pearcy FJ2 Mid Devon CC
54 Callum Start FJ2 Mid Devon CC
55 James Ashcroft J2 Nopinz Motip Race Team
56 Ross-Joshua Birrell J1 Scotland
57 Daniel Kain J2 Scotland
58 Kieran Riley J2 Scotland
59 Callum Thornley J2 Scotland
60 Lance Childs J2 South East
61 Dylan Hicks FJ2 South East
62 Benjamin Tuchner FJ2 South East
63 Cameron Brown J3 Spokes Racing Team
64 Fraser Gault J2 Spokes Racing Team
65 Alexander Gibb J2 Spokes Racing Team
66 Murray Lawson J3 Spokes Racing Team
67 Huw Buck Jones FJ3 Team Backstedt Bike Fit
68 Harry Jordan FJ2 Team Backstedt Bike Fit
69 Fred Meredith FJ2 Team Backstedt Bike Fit
70 John Russell J3 Team Bikestop Tyrekey
71 Jack Fothergill J3 Team Jewson-M.I.Racing
72 Ben Pierce J3 Team Jewson-M.I.Racing
73 Elijah Kwon FJ2 The Cycling Academy
74 Joshua Brown J3 Tofauti Everyone Active
75 Jake Crossley J2 Tofauti Everyone Active
76 Dexter Leeming-Sykes J2 Tofauti Everyone Active
77 Joseph Smith FJ2 Tofauti Everyone Active
78 Hamish Forsyth J3 trainSharp Development team
79 Joshua Golliker FJ2 trainSharp Development team
80 Sam Holwill J2 trainSharp Development team
81 Harry Ives J2 trainSharp Development team
82 Joe Kiely J2 Union Velo-Club Charleville-Mezières
83 Matthew Cooil J3 Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team
84 Tyler Hannay J2 Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team
85 Ralf Holden FJ3 Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team
86 Zachary Walker FJ2 Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team
87 Olivier Mangham FJ2 VC Londres
88 Lukas Nerurkar J2 VC Londres
89 Benjamin Bright J2 Wales
90 Spencer Davies J3 Wales
91 Griff Lewis FJ2 Wales
92 Joshua Tarling FJ1 Wales
93 William Piccin-White FJ3 Wheal Velocity
94 Felix Whetter FJ2 Wheal Velocity
95 Adam Bent J2 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
96 Ben Houlihan J2 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
97 Quentin Cowan J Z Junior Race Team
98 Joshua Giddings J1 Z Junior Race Team
99 Rory Knowles FJ2 Z Junior Race Team
100 Owen Lightfoot J2 Z Junior Race Team
101 Malachy Wicks FJ3 Manilla Cycling
102 Reuben Heal FJ3 Mid Devon CC
103 Benjamin Flatau FJ3 Elitecycling Junior Team
104 Dylan Griffiths J3 Clwb Seiclo Llanymddyfri
105 Finn McHenry FJ3 The Cycling Academy
106 Ethan Richards J3 HUUB Ribble Performance Academy
107 Fergus Robinson J3 HUUB Ribble Performance Academy
108 Joe Thorp J3 HUUB Ribble Performance Academy
109 Jacob Gilkes FJ3 Lichfield City CC
110 Jack Reed FJ3 South
111 Archie Ellen FJ3 The Cycling Academy
112 Max Lutz-Atkinson J3 HUUB Ribble Performance Academy
113 William Dykes J3 North West
114 Jacob James J3 trainSharp Development team
115 Bradley Perkins J3 South
116 Joshua Ballinger J3 trainSharp Development team
117 Carrick Hewing FJ3 HUUB Ribble Performance Academy
118 Finlay Webb FJ3 Exeter Wheelers
119 Oscar Woodward J3 Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
120 Patrick Kilcullen FJ3 Manilla Cycling
121 Benjamin White J3 Manilla Cycling
122 Christopher Hilbert FJ3 Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme
123 Alistair Fletcher J3 South
124 Tom Williams J3 South
125 Alfie Atterton FJ3 The Cycling Academy
126 Daniel Goodwin J3 trainSharp Development team
127 Louie Urquhart-Dixon J3 trainSharp Development team
128 Finlay Holland FJ3 Beeston Cycling Club
129 Fred Shenton-McQueen FJ3 Beeston Cycling Club
130 Jamie Brown FJ3 Backstedt Bike Performance RC
131 Gaurav Meher J3 Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
132 Benjamin Leroy FJ3 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team


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