Two wins for British riders in round 1 of the UCI Track Champions League in Majorca — A victory each for Scotland’s Katie Archibald and Mark Stewart

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Katie Archibald wins Women’s Endurance League Scratch Race
After a steady start for the first four laps with riders taking turns on the front, it was reigning endurance champion Katie Archibald who made the first attack, but it was quickly closed down by the pack. As the race settled down again it became game with every rider waiting to see who would make the first move.

With nine laps to go, Michaela Drummand (NZL) moved into the lead but was unable to break away. Suddenly, with five laps to go it was again Archibald that put the power down, followed closely by fellow Brit Dame Laura Kenny trying a move around the outside. Into the last lap, with heart rates hitting 182bpm and it was Spaniard Tania Calvo (SPA) who attacked Archibald but was unable to take the lead, with Archibald taking the victory.

Katie Archibald said: “I wanted to create a break that could go and then I didn’t want to be part of it so I made that attack and I see Laura and I see Anita and I thought that this isn’t good. That gallop isn’t my strong point so I just put my best foot forward and stay at the front and fight and when Maggie came over we all knew that the winner is going to come at that wheel and I got it.

“It is fantastic to have won. I came in with a very different mentality last year, I was nervous but confident. But this time as I’m less confident I’m learning to be aggressive with it.”

Mark Stewart wins Men’s Endurance League Scratch Race
The fast paced 20-lap Scratch Race saw an early breakaway of a handful of riders elbow-to-elbow in the battle for the lead. With four laps to go it was local superstar Sebastian Mora (SPA) who attacked – to the delight of the home crowd – with Mark Stewart (GBR) in hot pursuit and Michele Scartezzini (ITA) behind.

As the two leaders edged away from the pack, Stewart attacked with one and a half laps left, going next and neck with the popular Spaniard before moving ahead on the last lap. With his heart racing at 188bpm, Stewart just managed to hold on to the lead to take a triumphant first win in the UCI Track Champions League.

Mark Stewart (GBR) said: “Last year Corbin Strong said to me that it’s savage, it’s just full gas from the start and it was. I could sense towards the end that everyone was on their knees. I don’t know why but I actually felt alright so I had a lot of fun out there.

“That was fantastic, I nearly didn’t get so much of a cheer from the crowd because the crowd were cheering for the local rider Sebastian Mora, but I will happily be the villain. I am tired, that was so hard that I am nervous about having to do it again in the Elimination.”

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1. Martha Bayona (Colombia)
2. Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)
3. Lea Friedrich (Germany)
5. Sophie CAPEWELL (GBr)

1. Anita Stenberg (Norway)
2. Jennifer Valente (USA)
3. Lily Williams (USA)

7. Sophie Lewis, Gbr
8. Laura Kenny, Gbr
18. Katie Archibald

1. Katie Archibald (Great Britain)
2. Tania Calvo Barbero (Spain)
3. Jennifer Valente (USA)
8. Sophie Lewis, Gbr
17. Laura Kenny, Gbr

1. Matthew Richardson (Australia)
2. Harrie Lavreysen (Netherlands)
3. Mateusz Rudyk (Poland)

1. Harrie Lavreysen (Netherlands)
2. Stefan Botticher (Germany)
3. Matthew Richardson (Australia)

1. Mathias Guillemette (Canada)
2. Gavin Hoover (USA)
3. Mark Stewart (Great Britain)
4. Will Perrett, Gbr
12. Ollie Wood, Gbr

1. Mark Stewart (Great Britain)
2. Sebastian Mora (Spain)
3. Michele Scartezzini (Italy)
8. Will Perrett, Gbr
10. Ollie Wood, Gbr



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