RR Result: Yorkshire RR League #2 (Saxton)

Megan Anderson and Max Krasinski winners at round 2 of the Yorkshire Road Race League at Saxton on May 4

RR Result: Yorkshire RR League #2 (Saxton)

1. Megan Anderson, Team Boompods
2. Daisy Barnes, Alba Development Road Team
3. Katherine Handy, Valley Striders CC
4. Flora Johnson, Albarosa Cycling Club
5. Nicola Lynch, Newmarket Cycling &Triathlon Club
6. Emily Middlebrooke, Otley CC
7. Katie Hadnum, Doltcini – Cycle Division
8. Lauren Watson, Team Boompods
9. Sarah Byrne, Tactic UK WRT
10. Sophie Rotheram
11. Rosie Simmons, Brother UK – On Form
12. Gemma Mann, Harrogate Nova CC
13. Lydia Turan,
14. Ruth Dunstan, PDQ Cycle Coaching Property Elite
15. Amy Mourne, Doltcini – Cycle Division
16. Eleina McFadden, Inspire Racing Adaston Scape
17. Jennifer Hitch, ICRT

1. Max Krasinski, Cycling Sheffield
2. Taylor Hill
3. Joe Shillabeer, Shibden-A.Fawcett RT
4. Aidan Wade
5. James Sawyers, trainSharp Development Team
6. Jude Taylor, Team PB Performance
7. Matthew Ellmore, Prologue Racing Team
8. Jenson Buttrick
9. Jimmy Parvin, Prologue Racing Team
10. Reuben Orr, Clancy Briggs
11. Jack Lucas, Shibden-A.Fawcett RT
12. Elliot Fraser, 360cycling
13. Jonny Britton, Moonglu Race Team
14. Charles Harrison, Prologue Racing Team
15. Mark Hansom, Leadout Performance
16. Daniel Saba, Ribble rechrg Race Team
17. Christian Boyes, Scarborough Paragon CC
18. Thomas Fitton, Geared Up RT
19. Benjamin Arey, Clifton CC
20. Kevin Dennison
21. Michael Fowler, Team Ciara Cycling
22. Russell Crowley, Addform – Vive le Velo
23. Liam Slinn, Prologue Racing Team
24. Jacob Leigh, trainSharp Development Team
25. Harry Walshaw
26. Matthew Wood, Harrogate Nova CC
27. Thomas Tarr, Clifton CC
28. Jack Ainscough, Team Lifting Gear Products
29. Jonathan Lane
30. William Harvey, Addform – Vive le Velo
31. Chris Peareth
32. Glen Hale, Trek Sheffield Fox Valley
33. William Allen, Ribble rechrg Race Team
34. Iain Duffield, Venture Racing
35. Matthew Williams, Prologue Racing Team
36. Tobias Edwards, Team Lifting Gear Products
37. Ollie Maynard, St Ives CC
38. Alastair Kay, York Cycleworks
39. Tommy Archer, Velo Bavarian RT
40. Mark Walker, Wold Top The Edge Pactimo
41. James Moss, Saddleback Racing
42. Alasdair Mildred, Ride Revolution Coaching
43. Josef Lachwatsky-House, Venture Racing
44. Samuel Taylor, Sheffield Youth Cycling Club
45. Paul Cottrell, Sunderland Clarion CC
46. Nikolas Hanson, Valley Striders CC
47. Alastair, Power
48. Benjamin, White Manilla Cycling


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