News: Floren Scrafton Success at Pan American Champs

Floren Scrafton prepared in Britain, rode her National Championships, and then races for Bolivia in Pan American Road Championships “I’m super proud of the depth I went to for Bolivia” she says

News: Floren Scrafton Success at Pan American Champs

A very ambitious Floren Scrafton over came challenges to race well in her National Championships and get selection for Bolivia in the Pam American Games. In the time trial, Floren finished 10th in the Pan American Games Time Trial and in the road race, went deep to race for her teammates.

Floren says on Instagram ( “I loved the road race but it was impossible for a breakaway to form and so I switched to riding for our sprinter in the last stages of the race. I had hoped I’d still have the legs for a good bunch sprint myself but lost contact on the penultimate hill. Too much work early on but it was so exciting being at the front and hugging wheels of pros! I hope people who watched it, at least saw Bolivia up there for 95% of race. I attacked once myself but if I’d had the confidence, I would have gone full out.”

“My main goal was to get in a break & try for a top 10 for Bolivia. Super ambitious when you’re up against pros & teams like USA, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, with experience riding together & flawless strategy. But for the first time in YEARS I’d reached that incredible feeling of “being fit”. That happiness x excitement x pride for exploring your limits in the sport you love whilst representing your country. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to race in my life!”

“I had the beans to be up there but I didn’t know how to use them. “The breakaway” never came due to supreme control by USA & Brazil. My big regret is not having tried to instigate that break myself. The truth is, the idea never even entered my brain. I was too focused on reacting to others’ attacks, thinking I was cleverly saving beans for the final kilometres I’d so desperately wanted to launch myself at”.

“I kept Bolivia at the front for 95% of the race & made sure we had space. I hugged wheels of the identified favourites & felt comfortable moving around. The first 75km/110km I followed Plan A (mission breakaway) before switching to Plan B: riding for our sprinter Ely predicting it would end in a bunch sprint.”

Floren’s first race in the Pan American Championships was the Individual Time Trial where she finished 10th for Bolivia. “It was my first race in my National strip & only my second go at a cycling time trial. I’m super proud of this performance. I paced it way better than at Bolivia’s Nationals two weeks ago and we pulled off a top 10 on an adapted road bike! #vamosss – “how fast can I go on a road bike?”

“Several improvements were made in the two week turnaround we had pre-champs. I gained a better judgement of effort/pace/power by completing specific TT sessions in the hot climate of Santa Cruz followed by a week at high altitude in Cochabamba. I managed to source better aerodynamic (faster) race kit too, a disc wheel & aero helmet from Don Joaquin & Nicolas 🚀

“I was ready to empty the tank for Bolivia but was concerned about how best to ride this time trial. Over 23km we were either ascending or descending; there was not a flat metre demanding constant gear changes and precise effort judgement. Would I be faster if I prioritised #aerodynamics by keeping hands on my aero bar clip-ons and making fewer gear changes? Or, should I prioritise a more fluid and familiar leg cadence to optimise my power output by changing gear accordingly?”

“Discussing with my coach Tom, we decided to prioritise the legs🦵🏽 this was deffo the right move! I broke personal power & speed per distance records & most importantly, got a top 10 for Bolivia 🇧🇴 (the highest placed female Bolivian at these Champs).”

“Muchas gracias to my Bolivian team, providing 1000 beeps of hype from the support car, to everyone else who cheered for me, my kit lenders & to my coach Tom & bike fitter Alec Leslie for all your tips on TT prep, execution & position.”

What’s next for Floren?
“Returning to the UK, I am looking for a TT bike sponsor 👀 so I can specifically train for that discipline (alongside my road racing) & level-up equipment-wise for my next big competitions… there might be a spot at this year’s World Champs for Bolivia in September”! #BolivianOnABike

“I’m super proud of the depth I went to for Bolivia: 80% of my HR max for 3h. 51 x surges above 400 w, 29 above 500 w & 10 above 600 w. Next year I’ll put this to better use! #vamosss 🚴🏽‍♀️🇧🇴”


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