Crit Result: NE Criterium Championships

Hugo Lutz-Atkinson, Lucy Glover & Daniel Cutler winners at the North East Regional Criterium Championships on June 7

Crit Result: NE Criterium Championships
… incorporating the Mark Evans Trophy presented by Manilla Cycling

Men’s North East Regional Championship & Mark Evans Trophy Race
1. Hugo Lutz-Atkinson, EuroCyclingTrips – Yoeleo
2. Harry Tanfield, Saint Piran
3. Ross Turner, Leadout Performance
4. Harvey Stroh, TAAP Kalas
5. Daniel Smith, Leadout Performance
6. Ben Etherington, 360cycling
7. Simon Wilson, Huub WattShop
8. Jack Rees, Moonglu Race Team
9. Elliott Holt, Fietsen Tempo
10. Cillian Lewis, Shibden Apex RT
11. Ryan Parkinson, Muckle Cycle Club
12. Mark Hansom, Leadout Performance
13. Colin Holt, Fietsen Tempo
14. Max Lutz-Atkinson, Ribble Rebellion
15. Sam Kettlewell, Spirit TBW Stuart Hall Cycling
16. Richard Davidson, Muckle Cycle Club
17. Marcin Benisz, Muckle Cycle Club
18. Mateusz Mazik, Muckle Cycle Club
19. Benjamin White, Manilla Cycling
20. Alexander Chalton, Manilla Cycling

Women’s North East Regional Championship Race
1. Lucy Glover, Shibden Apex RT
2. Isabel Mayes, Shibden Apex RT
3. Lauren Watson, Team Boompods
4. Katie Hadnum, Doltcini – Cycle Division

Cat 3/4 Support Race
1. Daniel Cutler, Ribble rechrg Race Team
2. Hitoshi Inoue
3. Gordon Mitchell
4. Ethan Logan-Ross, Ashby Ivanhoe Road Cyclists
5. Simon Robinson, Fietsen Tempo
6. Elliott Holt, Fietsen Tempo
7. Jacob Anderson, Protech Velo
8. Philip Speight, Fietsen Tempo
9. Benjamin White, Manilla Cycling
10. Paul Daly, Manilla Cycling
11. James Elves, Reifen Racing
12. Alexander Chalton, Manilla Cycling
13. Paul Cottrell, Sunderland Clarion CC
14. Patrick Kilcullen, Manilla Cycling
15. Stephen Boxall, Houghton Cycling Club
16. Charlie Thew, Muckle Cycle Club
17. Marc Best, Manilla Cycling
18. Russell Wright, Manilla Cycling
19. Neil Baker
20. Dean Cunningham, Leadout Performance
21. Rohan Rayner-Smith, Cleveland Wheelers CC
22. David Judge,Team Judge Tyrekey
23. Robert Brown, Manilla Cycling
24. Paul Reay
25. David Mottram, Fietsen Tempo
26. Geoff Keighley, Blaydon Cycle Club
27. Jason Shipton, Manilla Cycling
28. Joe Breeze, TS Racing
29. David Jeffery, Manilla Cycling


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