Results: Ciclos Uno Summer Series

Event 4 – Antony Wallis and Colin Mannakee the winners at round 4 of the Ciclos Uno Summer series on June 28 (Redbridge Cycle Centre)

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On a very warm but windy evening, 26 riders took to the start line of the ABCD race. Antony Wallis (LVRC PVT) waited until the third lap before he powered off the front, but this time taking with him David Farrow (Eagle RC) Craig Stevens (Ciclos Uno) Simon Hime (Finchley RT) and Barry Neal (Ciclos Uno).

Barry Neal (Ciclos Uno) sat up after a lap and went back to the bunch, leaving the other four to make the breakaway which increased its lead on the bunch lap by lap until Antony Wallis (LVRC PVT) powered away from his other breakaway companions to finally lap the rest of the race. With ten laps to go Barry Neal (Ciclos Uno) and Martin Meades (Ciclos Uno) and Matt Gallagher (Crest CC) jumped away from the bunch in an attempt to finish clear of the bunch which they did.

With Antony Wallis (LVRC PVT) putting in another solo performance to win, Simon Hime (Finchley RT) out sprinting his other two riders and Martin Meades (Ciclos Uno) out sprinting Barry Neal (Ciclos Uno) for 5th place and although Matt Gallagher (Crest CC) got dropped from his group he still managed to finish ahead of the main bunch as well as Ossie Assen (Finchley RT). The bunch sprint was taken by Nick Faint (Finchley RT).


A-B-C-D Race
1st Antony Wallis LVRC PVT
2nd Simon Hime Finchley RT
3rd David Farrow Eagle RC
4th Craig Steven Ciclos Uno
5th Martin Meades Ciclos Uno
6th Barry Neal Ciclos Uno
7th Matt Gallagher Crest CC
8th Ossie Assen Finchley RT
9th Nick Faint Finchley RT
10th Mark Allen Finchley RT
11th Jim Conway Met Police CC
12th Steve Barnsley GS Vecchi
13th Mick Lee LVRC
14th John Beaufoy Eagle RC
15th Terry Newlands Crest CC C
16th Jeff Warton Interbike RT
17th Savash Anibal LVRC PVT
18th Chris Badell CC Luton
19th Steve Brennan Unity CC
20th Steve Smith Redbridge CC

Category “A”
1st Antony Wallis LVRC PVT
2nd David Farrow Eagle RC
3rd Matt Gallagher Crest CC
4th Ossie Assen Finchley RT
5th Mark Allen Finchley RT
6th Jeff Wharton Interbike RT

Category “B”
1st Simon Hime Finchley RT
2nd Martin Meades Ciclos Uno
3rd Barry Neal Ciclos Uno
4th James Conway Met Police CC
5th Savash Anibal LVRC PVT
6th Chris Badell CC Luton

Category “C”
1st Craig Stevens Ciclos Uno
2nd Nick Faint Finchley RT
3rd John Beaufoy Eagle RT
4th Terry Newland Crest CC
5th Steve Brennan Unity CC

Category “D”
1st Steve Barnsley GS Vecchi
2nd Mick Lee LVRC PVT
3rd Steve Smith Redbridge CC

Primes won by Antony Wallis LVRC PVT and Matt Gallagher Crest CC

E-F-G-H Race

The EFGH race was made hard by the determine efforts of Dave Dickie (Finchley RT) who nearly rode the whole race on the front only to be out sprinted at the finish by Colin Mannakee (Glendene CC) who put in a superb sprint for first place beating Dave Brown (LVRC PVT) and Dave Dickie (Finchley RT) in that order.

1st Colin Mannakee Glendene CC
2nd Dave Brown LVRC PVT
3rd Dave Dickie Finchley RT
4th Pete Constable Interbike RT
5th Roly Crayford San Fairy Ann CC
6th David Kerry Chelmer CC
7th Chris Glithero North Road CC
8th Chaz Wilde Eagle RC

Category “E”
1st Dave Brown LVRC PVT
2nd Dave Dickie Finchley RT
3rd Pete Constable Interbike RT
4th David Kerry Chelmer CC
5th Chris Glithero North Road CC

Category “F”
1st Colin Mannakee Glendene CC

Category “G”
1st Roly Crayford San Fairy Ann CC

Category “H”
1st Chaz Wilde Eagle RC

One prime won by Colin Mannakee (Glendene CC)
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