Report: Matt Bottril wins the 100 Championship

Drag2Zero’s Matt Bottrill wins another championship, the 100 mile one with a time of 3.37.13

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Matthew Bottrill ( won the National 100 mile championship on Sunday morning while Rebecca Slack wn the Women’s. After so many near misses over the year’s, Bottrill finally took the top spot on the podium in the 100 mile race in a time of 3.37.13. With medals at 10 mile (silver), 25 miles (bronze) and 50 miles (Silver), Bottrill signed off his National campaign in style.

The championship saw the finest British time trialists gathered in the small town of Tilstock, near Whitchurch, Shropshire to take part in the Men’s British 100 mile championship where riders would complete a number of figure of eight circuits.

The first time check would come at 50 miles and the fastest time had been set by long distance time trial specialist Andrew Bason (Team Pedal Revolution cc) with a 1.48.47 which was then followed by Bottrill’s team mate, Scott Povey with his 1.49.17 and Derek Parkinson’s 1.50.00, both

Then came Bottrill in 1.47.25 to take the lead. Encouraged by the the spectators around the course and with help being given by Peter Lavine and Bottrill’s long time sponsor Martin Garner from MG Decor, Bottrill gave it everything to stop the clock in a time of 3.37.13 for the victory and a knew course record in the process. It was also a great day for the drag2zero team with Derek Parkinson taking 3rd and Scott Povey 6th. This was also enough to give them the team title.

Asked about his winning performance Bottrill replied “I’m Over the moon! I got over 40 National medals to to finally take the gold is a dream come true! I never expected it to come in the 100 championship, so this is a moment I will never forget. Riding a 100 mile time trial is one of the hardest events I ever done.”

“I have been fortunate in my career to have ridden for the Great Britain cycling team in my career in the World Championships and stage races like the Tour-de-Langkawi, but this ranks right up there with them! None of this would have possible with help the help of my family, friends and sponsors.”

“But a really big thank you has to go to Peter Lavine and Martin Garner who help feed me at the race and kept me calm before for the start. They have been to every championship I’ve ridden, and I’m proud to say we did it! Finally, the big advantage I had today was using kinesiology taping, from my sports the masseur Jason Lavine at I-massgae. I used it on my back and legs and was amazed by the improvement in circulation.”


1 Matthew Bottrill 03:37:13
2 Andy Bason Team Pedal 03:38:58
3 Derek Parkinson 03:42:45
4 Simon Rushton Phoenix CC (Aintree) 03:42:49
5 Adam Topham High Wycombe CC 03:44:05
6 Scott Povey 03:45:18
7 Steve Berry Team Swift 03:48:24
8 Joel Wainman Team Swift 03:50:10
9 Jon Sturman 03:50:29
10 Jonathan Shubert High Wycombe CC 03:50:43
11 Nik Bowdler Team Pedal 03:51:31
12 Lee Tunnicliffe High Wycombe CC 03:53:01
13 Steve Nutley Sandy Wallace Cycles 03:53:16
14 Gareth Bowyer Rhos-on-Sea CC 03:57:38
15 Gregory Woodford Reading CC 03:58:25
16 Carlos Riise Shetland Wheelers 03:59:59
17 David Griffiths Paramount CRT 04:00:36
18 Stewart Wilson Baines Racing 04:02:23
19 Matt Stell Preston Wheelers 04:02:59
20 Paul Dring Team Echelon-Rotor RT 04:05:04
21 Tommy Murphy Liverpool Century RC 04:08:19
22 Peter Moon Eastbourne Rovers CC 04:08:29
23 David Jones Fibrax Wrexham RC 04:08:57
24 Daniel Thorogood Ystwyth CC 04:09:48
25 David Ellis Mapperley CC 04:12:52
26 Arthur Winstanley Phoenix CC (Aintree) 04:14:54
27 Graham Putnam Border City Wheelers CC 04:15:03
28 Tim Rex North Shropshire Wheelers 04:15:28
29 Jason Rozee Mapperley CC 04:15:42
30 Mark Sanders Mid Devon CC 04:16:39
31 Jim Gresty North Shropshire Wheelers 04:18:49
32 Steve York Wrekinsport CC 04:19:25
33 John Marshall Ferryhill Wheelers 04:20:50
34 Gerry McGarr Gloucester City CC 04:21:30
35 Jonathan Hobby North Hampshire RC 04:21:51
36 John Cocker Wrekinsport CC 04:22:26
37 Mark Reed Tyneside Vagabonds CC 04:24:10
38 David Gostelow Wrekinsport CC 04:24:34
39 Delwyn Jones Wrekinsport CC 04:25:26
40 Andy White City of Chester Tri Club 04:26:01
41 Colin Hayes Liverpool Century RC 04:26:22
42 Jon Marsden Mersey Roads Club 04:27:07
43 Steven Boat Welland Valley CC 04:28:16
44 Andrew Clarke Mid Shropshire Wheelers 04:28:46
45 Neil O’Brien Manchester Tri Club 04:29:47
46 Ian Boam North Shropshire Wheelers 04:30:47
47 Richard Lomas Birmingham Running & Tri Club 04:31:22
48 Colin Lythe Oswestry Paragon CC 04:32:02
49 Matthew Davies Paramount CRT 04:32:52
50 Andrew Barratt Kidsgrove Wheelers 04:33:49
51 Richard Parrotte Shaftesbury CC 04:34:40
52 Simon Higgins Liverpool Century RC 04:34:48
53 John Cornfield Born to Bike 04:35:39
54 Dover Disney Ludlow CC 04:36:02
55 Frank Proud Westerley CC 04:38:03
56 Mike Rigby North Shropshire Wheelers 04:40:21
57 Dave Pemberton Born to Bike 04:41:42
58 George Aldridge Birkenhead NE CC 04:43:03
59 Gary Maoudis Chester RC 04:43:04
60 Neil Coles Oswestry Paragon CC 04:43:38
61 Dave York Mid Shropshire Wheelers 04:46:42
62 Stephen Cross St Helens CRC 04:48:16
63 Shaun O’Keefe Fibrax Wrexham RC 04:48:34
64 Roger Squire Fibrax Wrexham RC 04:51:49
65 Miles Jenkins Chester RC 04:51:58
66 Ned Millington Oswestry Paragon CC 05:03:18
67 Michael Armstrong Liverpool Century RC 05:13:35
68 Peter Hall Kidsgrove Wheelers 05:14:31
69 Geraint Catherall Anfield BC 05:31:06


1. Rebecca Slack London Dynamo 04:13:43
2. Bronwen Ewing PM Racing 04:17:33
3. Paula Moseley Climb on Bikes RT 04:18:04
4. Christine McLean Shetland Wheelers 04:19:53
5. Ruth Bradbrook Bike Science 04:22:42
6. Lynne Taylor Born to Bike 04:23:06
7. Christine Wilcock Port Sunlight Wheelers 04:27:53
8. Helen Eborall Velo Club Rutland 04:33:38
9. Clare Ella Born to Bike 04:35:26
10. Mandy Hibberd North Hampshire RC 04:37:32
11. Hannah MacDonald Liverpool Century RC 04:40:17
12. Tina Reid Twickenham CC 04:44:14
13. Jenny York Mid Shropshire Wheelers 04:49:37
14. Marina Bloom Born to Bike 04:50:02
15. Hannah Sammut Liverpool Century RC 04:52:32
16. Dawn Smith Worcester St Johns CC 04:55:19
17. Helen Tudor Oswestry Paragon CC 05:05:12
18. Deborah Sheridan Warwickshire RC 05:11:39
19. Claire Hebblethwaite Hereford & District Wheelers 05:12:17


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