Result: The Whitewebbs CC Summer Road Race

Tim Boole wins the Whitewebbs CC Summer Road Race for 3rd & 4th Category Riders held on the Whitwell Circuit, 15th of July

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1st Tim Boole London Pheonix 4thcat
2nd Mark Hurrell Velo Schils – Interbike 3rd at 20sec
3rd Nick Adkins Aylesbury CC 3rd st
4th James Brown VC Norwich 3rd st
5th Mark Ambury Gregarios Ciclista 3rd st
6th Frank Rawlins North Road CC 3rd st
7th Robert Attreed BC PVT Mem 4th st
8th Damien Foy Eagle RC 3rd st
9th Mark Warren Fenland Clarion 3rd st
10th Nigel Hobday Cambridge CC 3rd st
11th Ben Brown CC Hackney 3rd st
12th Chris Bulley Shaftesbury CC 4th st
13th Jonathan Needham Finchley RT 4th st
14th Steven Sexton North Road CC 4th st
15th Colin Hodges Welwyn Whlrs 4th st
16th James Fairbank CC Hackney 3rd st
17th Neil Fraser Stevenage CC 4th st
18th Osama Assen Finchley RT 3rd st
19th Ben Lewis Finsbury Park CC 3rd st
20th Brad Lamb Glade CC 3rd st
21st Mark Yale Stowmarket &Dist CC 4th J st
22nd Hugh Vivian Finsbury Park CC 3rd st
23rd Grant Smith Crest CC 3rd st
24th Tony Couchman Glade CC 3rd st
25th Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC 3rd st
26th Jez Cox BC PVT Mem 3rd st
27th Paul Holmes Bedfordshire Road CC 3rd st
28th Glen O’Brien CC Luton 3rd st
29th Alain Richie Kyklos Edco RT 4th st
30th Neil Baxter Blumilk .com 3rd st
31st Richard Bloomfield Welwyn Whlrs 4th st
32nd Thomas Crouch High Wycombe CC 3rd
33rd Chris Osment BC PVT Mem 3rd
34th Dennis Antippa Veralum CC 4th
35th Paul Ambrose I Cycle RT 4th
36th Ross Cunliffe Gregarios Club Ciclista 4th
37th Dermot Kealey Finchley RT 3rd
38th Kevin Attreed BC PVT Mem 4th


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