TT Result: Course record for Bottrill

Matt Bottrill (Drag2Zero) races to another course record at over 31mph in the North Notts Olympic Open 25

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Newly crowned National 100 champion, was once again in dominating form taking victory in the Janet and Brain Woods 25 mile time trial, promoted by North Notts Olympic. Held near Newark in Leicestershire.

With the 100 mile National championship the weekend before, Bottrill finally eased back this week from training to take a few well earned rest day’s! With just three rides in the week, including a 40 mile training ride with team sponsor and aerodynamic specialist Simon Smart, Bottrill came into the race not expecting much.

Once lined up and the first stroke on the pedals were pushed down, the Giant Trininty Advance SL, was once again flying through the air and the noise coming form the Smart Enve 8.9’s with Ultimate ceramic bearings was a good sign that it was going to be a good day!

The first time check came at 12.5 miles which Bottrill went through in a time of 24.18, and an average speed of 30.8mph but with a stronger tail wind Bottrill pushed a little harder to stop the clock in 48.04, a new course record and a winning margin of over 2 minutes. It was an average speed of 31.2mph.

Asked about the ride Bottrill replied ” Yes, that went pretty well and I surprised myself. I’ve been so tired all week and really thought I would have nothing in my legs coming into the race. Before even staring I felt tired, but a Zip-Vit ZV7C Caffeine energy gel soon got the blood pumping and I was ready to go.”

“In terms of power I was a good 25 watts off my best, but that was hardly surprising after last week. But the mid week training ride with Simon Smart was a good reminder of what you can achieve if you get the optimal position and the right equipment. And that’s what I applied in to today’s ride.”

It was not just Bottrill who did a good ride. One of Matt’s sponsor’s and regular training partner, Martin Garner from Mg Decor, clocked a new personal best time of 50.38 to take 4th place on the day.

“That was great seeing Martin achieve this result. He’s put a lot of hard work into training and today it paid of. Before the start I said, your going to do a great ride today, and In order for him to achieve this I loaned him a Enve 6.7 front wheel, which brought an instant smile to his face, and the rest his history, a new personal best by 30secs!!

1 Matthew Bottrill 00:48:05
2 Adam Gascoigne Team Pedal Power 00:50:24
3 Andrew Green Lutterworth CC RT 00:50:29
4 Martin Garner I-Ride RT 00:50:38
5 Daniel Barnett Nth Notts Olympic RC 00:50:52
6 Anthony Nash Scunthorpe Poly CC 00:50:58
7 Ian Dalton Cherry Valley RT 00:51:46
8 Andrew Moore Cherry Valley RT 00:52:02
9 Alan Cooke VC Chesterfield 00:52:12
10 Stewart Smith Stocksbridge CC 00:52:22
11 Jason Rozee Mapperley CC 00:52:24
12 Robert Morris Mansfield RC 00:52:28
13 Jason Young City RC (Hull) 00:52:40
14 Gary Davis Nth Notts Olympic RC 00:52:45
15 David Ellis Mapperley CC 00:53:09
16 Colin Parkinson South Western RC 00:53:13
17 Ross Barton Nth Notts Olympic RC 00:53:18
18 Jason Swann Mapperley CC 00:53:35
19 Shaun Eden Mapperley CC 00:53:57
20 Edward Cox Lutterworth CC RT 00:54:00
21 Michael Wills Hinckley CRC 00:54:05
22 Neil Higgins Preston CC 00:54:17
23 Craig Lamb Alford Wh 00:54:26
24 Mark McCartney Nottingham Clarion CC 00:54:29
25 Richard Boot Beeston CC 00:54:31
26 Thomas Hughes Leicester Tri Club 00:54:46
27 David Boden Mapperley CC 00:54:54
28 Daniel Speed TFN Tri Club 00:55:02
29 Steven Hollowood Kiveton Park CC 00:55:28
30 John Martin South Elmsall SCC 00:55:33
31 Adam Coffey Alford Wh 00:55:48
32 Noel Adams Mercia CC 00:55:50
33 Matt Simons Mercia CC 00:56:03
34 Lee Spurway Mapperley CC 00:56:04
35 Jason Taylor Team Swift 00:56:18
36 Lynne Taylor W Born to Bike 00:56:36
37 John Lancaster Ravensthorpe CC 00:56:43
38 Ian Lazenby Seacroft Wh 00:56:44
39 Tony Baxter Withington Wh 00:56:52
40 Alan Tunnicliffe Clay Cross RT 00:56:53
41 Nick Cooper Alford Wh CC 00:56:58
42 Andrew Ziemacki Rotherham Wh CC 00:57:00
43 John Cornfield Born to Bike 00:57:08
44T Benedict Elliott VC St Raphael 00:57:15
44T Barrie Whitaker Lyme RC 00:57:15
46 Alex Deck W RST-Trigon 00:57:19
47 Mark Symons City RC (Hull) 00:57:34
48 Mark Marsland Trent Valley RC 00:57:40
49 David McDonough Nth Lancs RC 00:57:41
50 Mark Booth Kettering CC 00:57:45
51 Steve Jackson Time RT 00:57:54
52 Dave Pitt Charlotteville CC 00:58:00
53T Lee Evans Mansfield Tri Club 00:58:12
53T Robert Barnard Team Cystic Fibrosis 00:58:12
55 Jo Corbett W Team Swift 00:58:26
56 John Hind Sheffield Phoenix CC 00:58:30
57 David Barber Derby Mercury RC 00:58:39
58T Emma McDermott W Oxonian CC 00:58:47
58T Graham Green MG-Decor 00:58:47
60 Mark Philipson City RC (Hull) 00:59:07
61 Lee Watson Richardsons RT 00:59:20
62 Philip Collier Mapperley CC 00:59:40
63T Andrew Vaughan City RC (Hull) 00:59:57
63T Dave Leonard RAF CC 00:59:57
65 Andy Fretwell Mapperley CC 00:59:59
66 Martin Tate Nth Notts Olympic RC 01:00:09
67T Stephen Walsh Sherwood CC 01:00:11
67T Mark Edwards Thurcroft CC 01:00:11
69 Harry Haseley Nth Lancs RC 01:00:16
70 Chris Hall Lyme RC 01:00:40
71 Theresa Taylor W Preston CC 01:00:56
72 John Needham Alford Wh 01:01:24
73 Mike Williams Team Swift 01:01:38
74 Louise Day W Gabby Day Cyclesport RT 01:01:43
75 George Miles Barnsley RC 01:02:24
76 Anthony Marlow Mercia HBM CC 01:02:28
77 Mandy Jackson W Time RT 01:05:17
78 Mark Burtonshaw Team Swift 01:05:25
79 Bob Brabbins Bishop Stortford CC 01:05:40
80 Tracy Rowlinson W Lyme RC 01:06:33
81 Anthony Hardenberg Witham Wh CC 01:07:49
82 Gill Henshaw W VC Long Eaton 01:07:54
83 Neil Howarth Sheffield Phoenix CC 01:08:53
84 Eddy Kaye Alford Wh CC 01:10:10
85 Cyril Wynne Stretford Wh CC 01:11:21
86 Douglas Shaw Stretford Wh 01:19:01


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