Report: Womens National Team Series Darley Moor

Win for Lucy Garner at Darley Moor in the Shutt VR Women’s Team Series on Saturday

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Junior World and European Women’s Road Race Champion Lucy Garner won the Women’s Team Series race at Darley Moor on Saturday after being part of a four up break for most of the race. Shortly after the second prime which came 30 minutes into the 75 minute race, the four riders Lucy Garner (Node 4 Giordana), Jo Smith (Max Gear), Karla Boddy (High Wycombe CC) and Jessie Walker (Matrix Fitness/Prendas) escaped but were made to work hard to establish a gap with their lead only a few seconds for two or three laps.

With such strength though in the break, the lead started to grow and they soon had a lead of several minutes and it was clear the winner would come from this group. With Lucy Garner in the break the favourite, several of the riders such as Karla Boddy and Jo Smith tried to get away but everyone was too evenly matched for that and it came down to a sprint. With Karla Boddy leading out the rush to the line, it was no surprise to see one of the fastest sprinters in the world, Lucy Garner, win the race and add yet another victory to a long list of hers.

Lucy Garner leads Jessie Walker, Jo Smith and Karla Boddy

Report from Jon Miles - LUCY SHOWS HER JERSEY

Lucy Garner, Node 4 Giodana won the Darley Moor edition of the Women’s Team Race Series using her well known sprint ahead of the breakaway group after winning the two intermediate sprints as well.

Disappointingly a small field faced the 22 laps of this well know Derby course which left Team Series points in the bin; although overcast it was warm with sunshine later making an appearance. With 2 laps covered Lucy attacked but was brought back then it was the turn of Charlotte Colclough, For Viored RT but again was taken back; Karla Boddy, High Wycombe CC also attacked and was away for 2 laps before she was also reeled in to a bunch that was certainly looking towards a sprint finish.

Sprinting to take the final prime with 10 laps to go Lucy Garner just carried on and seeing the danger three riders got across to her, Karla Boddy, Joanne Smith, Maxgear RT and Jessie Walker Matrix Fitness. This leading group worked very well together gradually increasing the gap back to the bunch until coming into the final bend it was well over a minute. Lucy Garner waiting until the final straight before she unleashed the sprint that has won World and European Championships taking the race, Joanna Smith took 2nd place ahead of Karla Boddy and Jessie Walker.


1. Lucy Garner Node 4 Girodana
2. Joanna Smith Maxgear RT
3. Karla Boddy High Wycombe CC
4. Jessie Walker Matrix Fitness Prendas
5. Grace Garner Node 4 Giodana
6. Charlotte Colclough For Viored RT
7. Lauren Brown Maxgear RT
8. Elizabeth Holden Impsport Team
9. Nicola Soden Maxgear RT
10. Kelly Moore West Midlands Region
11. Caroline Harding VC St Raphael
12. Joanne Blakeley Impsport Team
13. Ruth Taylor Impsport Team
14. Victoria Hood Impsport Team
15. Vanessa Whithold VC St Raphael
16. Jen Milson PSUK
17. Tiffany Kelleway Impsport
18. Lauren Humphries Impsport
19. Tracy Dresch Squadra Donne
20. Louisa Clowes Inverse Cyclaim


1. Impsport Team 282 points
2. Maxgear RT 260 points
3. Node 4 Giordana 240 points
4. High Wycombe CC 115 points
5. Matrix Fitness 100 points
6. VC St Raphael 95 points
7. For Viored RT 80 points
8. West Midlands Region 55 points
9. PSUK 41 points
10 Squadra Donne 35 points
11. Inverse Cyclaim 33 points

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