Report: 2012 Newport Nocturne

Rico Rogers, Penny Rowson and Ed Clancy in winning form in front of the biggest crowd yet at the Newport Nocturne

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For the first time (in recent times), a derny event was held on the roads in Newport and ‘won’ by Ed Clancy, Olympic Gold medallist.

It was widely acknowledged as the biggest crowd yet for the Newport Nocturne as ten thousand plus lined the circuit in Newport (Shropshire) to watch some top class bike racing. The night finished with a nail biting end to the mens race and a win for Rico Rogers (Node 4/Giordana) from the last victor at Newport, Ian Wilkinson (Endura Racing).

Wilkinson and Bernie Sulzberger (Raleigh-GAC) had been out front for most of the race and coming into the final lap had seven seconds but the peloton pulled them back as Kiwi Crit champion Mike Northey made a big effort for his teammate Rico Rogers and dropped him off at the final corner. The Kiwi then sprinted up to and past the break with Wilkinson doing a great job to hold on for second with Marcin Bialoblocki in third making it a 1-3 for the local team, Node 4-Giordana).

Jo Tindly (Sprints winner), Hannah Walker (2nd), Penny Rowson and Hayley Edwards (3rd), podium for the first ever Women’s Newport Nocturne.

In the Women’s race, Pennny Rowson (Matrix Fitness/Prendas) went for a long one on the last lap and crossed the line a few seconds ahead of teammate Hannah Walker who completed a 1-2 for the Matrix Fitness/Prendas team with local Hayley Edwards a delighted third.

In between the two races was a Derny demonstration event with Olympic Gold medallist Ed Clancy (Rapha Condor Sharp) winning the ‘race’ from Matt Cronshaw (Node 4 Giordana).

Top 3 in the mens race, Ian Wilkinson, Rico Rogers and Marcin Bialoblocki

Post Race Reactions

Women’s race
Penny Rowson (Matrix Fitness/Prendas): “The crowd were amazing and the race was so aggressive from the start with attack after attack. I kept waiting thinking I have the legs, I just need to do one big effort and I attacked on the cobbled climb (final lap) and I didn’t expect to have such a big gap.”

“I kept it going and risked it and the crowd just kept me going and it was amazing. I have been consistent all year, been there or thereabouts with second or thirds but to get a win is fantastic. I just want to give something back to my sponsors especially and it’s great to do it at such a big event.”

“The circuit had a bit of everything and is quite big as well and it was amazing that the crowd covers the whole circuit.”

Hannah Walker: “This is one of my best results on the road. I have won like National series road race but to finish second in a high profile crit, the first women’s Newport Nocturne in front of what must be ten thousand people here, it was even more than the Smithfield Nocturne. It is an amazing event and a fab course.”

“I really love the cobbles, they really spiced it up and allowed riders to try different things. Penny attacked on them on the last lap and I can’t believe we got a 1-2! Amazing. I saw Penny go away on the cobbles and I saw she got a huge gap so I sat on the wheels in second place and then followed the wheels.”

The crowds were out for the whole event including the first race of the evening for Women.

“Then Jessie Walker (Matrix Fitness/Prendas) came alongside me just before the final bend and said ‘come on Han’ and I jumped on her wheel and nearly had a coming together with Charlene Joiner but we held it and she powered it down the home straight and I could see people coming round so I had to get on Jessie’s wheel and then get on the person who was coming around us and then I really sprinted. It was a perfect course for me.”

Jessie Walker (Matrix Fitness/Prendas): “It was a really good race and the crowds were amazing and it was a lot faster than I thought it was going to be. It was one line most of the race and the finish was perfect. I saw Penny go and I thought, “I’m ready, if Penny gets brought back, I’m going but she was that strong, she stayed away and then I was there at the finish but didn’t have my sprinter legs…”

Charlene Joiner at the front of the peloton with two to go.

Hayley Edwards “I have just come back from America training which paid off. For the last bit there I was holding on and the legs were burning. I was just really chuffed to get across that line third. It was a fantastic race, the crowd were amazing and it was so nice to come home (Shrewsbury) from America and race in front of a home crowd.”

Penny Rowson wins her biggest race to date ahead of a celebrating teammate Hannah Walker

Ed Clancy (Rapha Condor Sharp): The Gold medallist in London said after his win “This was my first race back since the Games and since then there have been a few parties with the boys and a little bit of training. Not a lot, I’ve just been soaking it up, meeting and greeting sponsors and enjoying other things in life.”

“It has been nice to be out riding my bike again. The event (derny event) started off alright, and I thought this isn’t going to be so bad, an exhibition race, but at the same time you need to communicate with the derny driver and let him know how you are feeling and when to over take and so on”.

Ed Clancy raises a fist as he wins the derny demonstration ‘race’.

“It ended up being quite hard work and with three or four laps to go, we’d slipped back quite a lot and it was hard work fighting back with the stop start in the corners. “ Ed explained he now has a crit (the Super Crit, end of Sept) at the NEC bike show and in terms of racing on the road that is it for 2012. He then said he has some decisions to make on what to do during the winter and said maybe a spot in the team sprint is option on the Track!

… and they’re away in the 2012 Newport Nocturne

Rico Rogers (Node4 Giordana): “This is the second race I have won this year, the first one in the UK and it almost brings me to tears everytime I win one at the moment because it’s been such a hard road this year. It is tough here and you have to battle every single race. This was as an amazing event.”

Ian Wilkinson (Endura Racing). “There was sod all information coming in, we heard we had 15 seconds but it couldn’t have been that. Bernie and I were going great guns and I made the podium and compensation for Bernie that he got the Sprints prize which was nice that we got something out of it.”

“Unfortunately I haven’t made the Tour of Britain squad. Like the last time I won it (Newport), I’d been left out of the Tour of Britain squad and did all right here and the form is good. I did alright in the Baltic Tour (3rd overall) but Rico proved how fast he was. Me and Bernie were dying on our asses out there and he came flying past and it was a good result for Griffo (Boss of Yellow, Phil Griffiths) because it’s a local race and he sponsors it I think.”

Lovely setting for a bike race!

Matt Cronshaw and Steve Lampier on the cobbles just ahead of Ed Clancy

It was expected the winner would come from this two up break led here by Bernie Sulzberger (Raleigh GAC) but Rico Rogers surprised everyone ..

The sprint for second won by Ian Wilkinson. We can’t show you the winner Rico Rogers because  he was freewheeling behind the lead car who should not have been anywhere near the front of the race …

A very happy Node-4 Giordana team, Matt Cronshaw, Mike Northey, Rico Rogers and Pete Williams.

Bernie Sulzberger of Raleigh GAC and his prize for winning the Sprints competition.

Rico was certainly a happy man winning the Newport Nocturne, his first in the UK this year.

Three happy young ladies from the Matrix Fitness Prendas team, winner Penny Rowson, Jessie Walker and Hannah Walker (no relation!

Tracey Dresch of Shutt VR Squadra Donne

Cath Wiggins on her Dolan in the women’s crit


1. Ed Clancy, Rapha Condor Sharp
2. Matt Cronshaw, Node 4 Giordana

Men’s (provisional)
1.Rico Rogers, Node 4 Giordana
2. Ian Wilkinson, Endura Racing
3. Marcin Bialoblocki, Node 4 Giordana
4. Tobyn Horton, Raleigh GAC
5. Ben Grenda, Rapha Condor Sharp
6. Bernie Sulzberger, Raleigh GAC
7. Simon Holt, Raleigh GAC
8. Will Bjergfelt, Cycle Premier Kovert
9. Andy Tennant, Rapha Condor Sharp
10. Steve Lampier, IG Sigma Sport
11. Lluis Mas Bonet, Mallorca
12. Daniel Booth, Hope Factory Racing
13. Paul Oldham, Hope Factory racing
14. Matt Cronshaw, Node 4 Giordana
15. Ben Ives, We love mountains
16. Jonny McEvoy, Endura Racing
17. Mike Northey, Node 4 Giordana
18. Jack Pullar, Wheelbase
19. Dave Clarke, Node 4 Giordana
20. James Sampson, Node 4 Giordana
21. Matt Jones, Corley Cycles
22. Pete Williams, Node 4 Giordana

* Dean Downing (Rapha Condor Sharp) said to be 10th but missed off result.

Women’s Race
1. Penny Rowson, Matrix Fitness Prendas
2. Hannah Walker, Matrix Fitness Prendas
3. Hayley Edwards, Maxgear
4. Lowri Bunn, Abergavenny RC
5. Claire Galloway, Escentual For Viored
6. Jessie Walker, Matrix Fitness Prendas
7. Jo Tondley, VC St Rapheal
8. Louise Borthwick, Edinburgh RC
9. Charlene Joiner, Edinburgh RC
10. Harriett Owen, Node 4 Giordana
11. Elizabeth Holden, Royal London 360 Isle of Man
more to come ..



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