Report: Brooks Cycles Track League

The latest round of the Brooks Cycles Track League took place on Thursday 30th August 2012 at the Lyme Valley Stadium.

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Despite early showers the league was run off in dry conditions. Due to the success of the league in developing youth and junior riders to National level the attendance was down on usual weeks with 18 riders riding in Manchester.

The night started with the Freewheelers League with a record turnout of 33 riders taking part. There was some great racing across all three age groups with the top points scorers in each group being as follows;

Group 1 Brandon McMillan Lyme RC 7 Points

Group 2 Holly Mulroy Congleton CC 7 Points

Group 3 Oliver Pennell Lyme RC 8 Points

The remaining youth riders competed well across their 4 races with Aleshia Mellor, Eastlands Velo taking the opening 2 1/2 lap handicap. Joe Swinnerton, Lyme RC won the devil, scratch and was a member of the winning Team Sprint Team.

The A class Sprint events was down on numbers however there were two photo finishes in the match sprints with very little between teammates Phil Houlton and Steve Cronshaw, Brooks Cycles. Phil top scored in this league with 13 points lifting him high up the league to 3rd place overall.

The A Class Endurance League saw James Notley, Planet X win the devil and the 5 mile scartch events. Other wins went to Adrian Adgar, Balanced Performance in the 8 lap scratch. The B class events were well supported with Robert Standring, V Sprint Racing winning the 8 lap scratch, devil and the 5 mile scratch.

Freewheelers Results


Race 1
1st James Brayford Lyme RC
2nd Ben Meir
3rd Sam Hall Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Jake Meir
2nd Brandon McMillan Lyme RC
3rd Louis Evans

Race 3
1st Brandon McMillan
2nd Bradley Heath
3rd Ben Meir

Race 4
1st Sadie Jones NewcastleRC 2001
2nd Bradley Heath
3rd Brandon McMillan

Group 2

Race 1
1st Holly Mulroy Congleton CC
2nd Aaron Mansell Lyme RC
3rd Imogen Dimbleby

Race 2
1st Harry Horn
2nd Seren Redmond
3rd Harry Brayford Lyme RC

Race 3
1st Natasha Sandbach
2nd Kai Buckley
3rd Seren Redmond

Race 4
1st Holly Mulroy
2nd Aaron Mansell
3rd Harry Brayford

Group 3

Race 1
1st Evie Davis Lyme RC
2nd Oliver Peers
3rd Ellie Dimbleby

Race 2
1st Alex Leece
2nd Jacob Davies
3rd Izaac Chilton-Jones

Race 3
1st Gracie Walker Lyme RC
2nd Thea Redmond
3rd Oliver Pennell

Race 4
1st Oliver Leece
2nd Olly Davis
3rd Alfie Davies

Race 5
1st Oliver Pennell
2nd Gracie Walker
3rd Ruby Baldwin

Race 6
1st Alfie Davies
2nd Oliver Leece
3rd Olly Davis

Race 7
1st Oliver Pennell
2nd Thea Redmond
3rd Gracie Walker


Youth Block Handicap
1st Aleshia Mellor Eastlands Velo
2nd James Duncalf Lyme RC
3rd Sam Hall Lyme RC

Neil Potter 500m Handicap League
1st Phil Houlton Brooks Cycles
2nd Steve Cronshaw Brooks Cycles
3rd Dave Smith Stafford RC

A Class Endurance League 8 Lap
1st Adrian Adgar Balanced Performance
2nd Bernard Swinnerton Lyme RC
3rd James Notley Planet X

B Class 8 Scratch
1st Robert Standring V Sprint Racing
2nd Alex Webb Lyme RC
3rd George Edwards Lyme RC

Youth Devil
1st Joe Swinnerton Lyme RC
2nd Liam Zwetschnikow Lyme RC
3rd James Duncalf

Youth Team Sprint
1st Sam Hall
Bradley Hill Lyme RC
James Duncalf
Joe Swinnerton

Sprint Match A
1st Phil Houlton
2nd Steve Cronshaw
3rd Adrian Adgar

A & B Team Sprint
1st Rick Notley
George Edwards
Robert Standring
Bernard Swinnerton
Steve Hall Lyme RC
Scott Walklate Lyme RC
Matt Duncalf Crewe Clarion

Sprint match B
1st Phil Houlton
2nd Steve Cronshaw
3rd Dave Smith

A Class Devil
1st James Notley
2nd Bernard Swinnerton
3rd Adrian Adgar

B Class Devil
1st Robert Standring
2nd Alex Webb
3rd George Edwards

Youth Handicap Scratch
1st Joe Swinnerton
2nd Liam Zwetschnikow
3rd Aleshia Mellor

5 Mile Scratch
1st James Notley
2nd Adrian Adgar
3rd Bernard Swinnerton


B Class
1st Robert Standring
2nd George Edwards
3rd Adrian Adgar


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