Report: Week 6 of the Imperial Winter Series (New Years day)


Report & full results from week 6 (New Years day) of the 2012/13 Imperial Winter Series 2012/13

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Words by Imperial Racing Team

A perfect Winter’s day greeted the riders for the New Year’s Day races including the addition of the only Women’s race of the series.

The 4th cat race started the day with another good entry of 29 riders, it started very slowly for the first few laps until Giles Porter (London Dynamo) speeded the race up riding at the front, followed by David Beckett his team mate and James McCarthy of Twickenham CC. There followed another lull before the Prime which was won by a hair’s breadth by Scott Shepherd (again of London Dynamo) from Chris Carter (La Fuga-Sigma Sport).

There was slight distraction to the flow of the race with a touch of wheels after the finish line, but fortunately everyone continued unscathed. The race then settled down again with the riders waiting for the finish, Chris Carter judging his effort well for a win from Bob Hobson (VC 10) with Scott Shepherd taking third place. The random prize is awarded to 18th place finisher Jason Snell (Thames Turbo) who will ‘go faster’ courtesy of a WyndyMilla cycle fitting at their Manor Farm Cycle Centre.

The 3rd cat race had a similar entry and the 28 riders stayed together for the first part of the race. However, there were several riders pulling hard on the front, namely James Walsby (Catford CC), C.Batho (Dulwich), Simon Oxenham (VC10) and Alex Tinsley and Graham Crow of Twickenham CC. A slight split occurred when they rode past the womens group, but they came together for the Prime which was taken by Neil Wass (TMG Horizon RT) from Alex Tinsley and Liam Earl (Prestige Velo).

There were several attacks before the end of the race from Mike Jubb (Verulam CC), Neil Wass and Alex Tinsley, and then as in a previous round Cosmo Kedros (WyndyMilla) put in a huge effort and opened a significant gap, but the race was now wise to his move and closed him down before Mike Jubb tried to go alone with 5 km to go, but he was also brought back.

This left Ken Buckley (AW Cycles) to take a worthy first place from Simon Oxenham and Steve Atkinson (Southdowns Bikes), with Neon Velo prime winner Wass in fourth place. The Maxifuel random prize is awarded to 6th place finisher Andy Fowkes (Thames Velo) who receives a Maxifuel rucksack comprising of Viperactive energy fuel, gels and bottles.

The Women’s race assembled with an entry of 26 riders and with a larger, more quality field the pace was strong from the start; with categories from Elite to 4th the attacks inevitably split the field which was soon whittled down to 19 riders. Both Lydia Boylan (unattached) and Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers) were clearly both very strong, continually upping the pace.

Boylan attacked several times before the finish but could not quite manage to free herself from the group; however, she had the strength to win the final sprint comfortably from Kimberley English (Scott contessa Epic) and Clemence Copie of High Wycombe CC. Prizes were presented outside in the sunshine by WyndyMilla’s Cosmo Kedros.

The Elite race was stunning to watch with action for the whole of the 45 km with Michael Williams (Dulwich Paragon) starting the action. A break then formed out of almost nothing with five riders going away but with clear intent to make it stick – new entrant James Locker (V-Sprint), on-form Phil Holloway (Southend Wheelers) and Matt Carden (Team Quest), Arjen Planting (Dulwich Paragon) and a super strong Steve Golla (High Wycombe CC) who really started the move.

The Prime was won by Locker from Planting and Carden. They worked so well together and pulled away from the main group. Tony Gibb and Tom Smith (Felt-Colbournes) tried valiantly to close the gap, but after 8 km of effort sat up and were absorbed back into the main group. It was then left to Gibb to pull the group along for the remainder of the race.

Young Max Stedman made a welcome return to the Winter Series and rode very strongly and positioned himself very wisely near the front and finished in a worthy 13th place. Another who missed the break who was returning to the series again was Rudi Marais (La Fuga-Sigma Sport) who finished like a bullet to lead the remainder in for 6th place.

But it was the breakaway where the action occurred, they stayed together until 3 km from the line when Golla attacked strongly but unfortunately his effort was closed down and they were together again until Doug’s climbs when Locker attacked and moved off the front causing the remaining four to detonate. He rode strongly on the run in to the line to take a magnificent win, with a brilliant second place for Phil Holloway from Planting and Golla with Carden hanging in for 5th place. After last week’s ‘pedestrionics’ it was great to see.

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E123 Race 6 1/1/13
1st James Locker Team V-Sprint Racing
2nd Phil Holloway southend wheelers
3rd Arjan Planting Dulwich Paragon
4th Steve Golla High Wycombe RT
5th Matt Carden Team Quest
6th Rudie Marais La Fuga/ Sigma Sport
7th Tom Smith Felt-Colbornes RT
8th Vincent Halpern Handsling racing
9th Jo Skelton Look mum no hands!
10th Jerzy Kuzminski London Phoenix
11th Daniel Tamplin Aylesbury CC
12th Stuart Williams Reading CC
13th Max Stedman AW Cycles
14th Matthew Butt Team ASL360
15th Robin Basford Wyndymilla
16th Steven Cottington Cadence RT
17th Joe Fry RST Racing Team
18th Michael Williams Dulwich Paragon CC
19th Martin Garratt London Dynamo
20th Tony Gibb the pack racing
21st Liam Bremer London Phoenix CC

Neon-Velo Prime
1st James Locker Team V-Sprint Racing
2nd Arjan Planting Dulwich Paragon
3rd Matt Carden Team Quest

3rd cat Race 6 1/1/13
1st Ken Buckley AW Cycles
2nd Simon Oxenham VC10
3rd Steve Atkinson Southdowns Bikes CC
4th Neil Wass TMG Horizon RT
5th Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC
6th Charles Batho Dulwich Paragon CC
7th Mike Saunders team corridori
8th Paul Carr Club Chorley Cycles
9th Jake Norman WyndyMilla
10th Andy Fowkes Thames Velo
11th Andrew Stronge unattached
12th Liam Earl Prestige Velo
13th Graham Crow Twickenham cc
14th Nathan Hereward Kingston Wheelers
15th Tyler Lemmon Medway VC
16th Richard Rose Bikelux Progression
17th Brian Hennessey Redhill CC
18th James Walsby Catford CC
19th Gavin Francis London Dynamo
20th Stuart Stow Hounslow & Dist Wheelers
21st Cosmo Kedros WyndyMilla UK Youth
22nd Craig White The Crown Estate
23rd Wayne Thomas G.S. HENLEY
24th Jim Kent London Dynamo
25th Mike Jubb Verulam CC
26th Alexander Donaldson London Dynamo

Neon-Velo Prime
1st Neil Wass TMG Horizon RT
2nd Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC
3rd Liam Earl Prestige Velo

4th Cat Race 6 1/1/13
1st Chris Carter La Fuga – Sigma Sport
2nd Bob Hobson VC10
3rd Scott Shepherd London Dynamo
4th James McCarthy Twickenham CC
5th Ed Everett unattached
6th Stuart Clark unattached
7th Simon Bromley London Dynamo
8th Lee King Rides on air
9th David Beckett London Dynamo
10th Giles Porter London Dynamo
11th Chris Stone Redhill CC
12th Peter Blencowe Imperial College CC
13th Darryl Green Vivelo Bikes – Inverse RT/Cyclaim
14th Jon Shillingford unattached
15th David Morgan Charlotteville CC
16th Tim Childs Westerley CC
17th Frank Proud Westerley CC
18th Jason Snell Thames Turbo
19th David Wong Min London Dynamo
20th George Lancaster unattached
21st Daniel Goldsmith Twickenham CC
22nd Damien Lodge unattached
23rd Paul Martin Dulwich Paragon

Womans Only Race E1234 1/1/13
1st Lydia Boylan uunattached
2nd Kimberley English Scott contessa Epic
3rd Clemence Copie High Wycombe CC
4th Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers
5th Jasmijn Muller Kingston Wheelers
6th Alexie Shaw Les Filles Racing Team
7th Abbie Dentus De ver cycles
8th Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team
9th Susan Freeburn In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT
10th Tanya Griffiths Ipswich BC
11th Monica DaPolenza WyndyMilla
12th Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team
13th Kate Hewett Les Filles Racing Team
14th Melissa Brand Pretorius Bikes
15th Julie Granshaw WyndyMilla
16th Caroline Smith Twickenham CC
17th Jenni Lake Team Corley Cycles
18th Louise Fellingham London Dynamo
19th Lauren Morris unattached
20th Sasha Quarrington Zappi’s Ladies Team
21st Clare Gillott Dulwich paragon CC
22nd Clarice Chung unattached
23rd Michelle Forster London Phoenix CC
24th Jenny Bradley Dulwich paragon CC
25th Victoria Hampson unattached
26th Ulrike von Saldern Dulwich paragon CC

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