Report: Hillingdon Circuit Races


It was a day of bunch sprints at Hillingdon in the three race program sponsored by Paul Simon Homes.

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Paul Burgoine writes …. The masters were first off and the host club Finchley RT had good representation with Kevin Elderfield, Costa Pierides and Edgar Medillin, There were many attempts by riders to escape the field but all in vain mainly down to the long straight and headwind.


A lesson to be learned… don’t raise the arm until you are certain of the win! 

As the laps counted down it was apparent that it would come down to a bunch sprint, at first it look as if Ian Cooper (Planet X) had taken the win but unfortunately for Ian he had raised his arms in celebration to early and John Mc Clelland (Prestige V.C) just took the win on the line, Martin Ruepp (Iceni Velo) came in third.

In the 2/3 cat race Ian Cooper(Planet x) was very animated in the early exchanges probably trying to put right his mistake in the Masters race, as in the previous race there were various attempts to escape the group by many of the riders probably the best attempt was by Colin Roshier (Quest) but the race came down to another bunch sprint won quite convincingly by George Gori(sigma Sport) and it was close for second and third with Rob Willcocks(RAFCA) just inching out Jo Skelton(LMNH).

The 4th cat race was quite a subdued affair but all riders looked safe and comfortable around the circuit which is nice to see, surprisingly the numbers were a bit low with only 21 entrants.Again the race came down to a sprint finish won by Richard Golding(Twenty3 C) from Michael Cocmber (J Cycle) and Sam Williamson(Hemel).




1 John McClelland (Prestige VC)
2 Ian Cooper (Planet X RT)
3 Martin Ruepp (Iceni Velo)
4 Michael Skipsey (TMG Horizon CT)
5 Nick Abrahams (BC Private Member)
6 Mike Twelves (Team Jewson)
7 Rupert Beale (Beeline Bikes)
8 David Kingley (Coventry CC)
9 Andy Parr (Moda RT)
10 Nick Esser (Strada Sport)

Category 2/3/4
1 George Gori (Sigma Sport)
2 Rob Willcocks (RAF CA)
3 Joe Skelton (Look Mum No Hands)
4 Josh Mitchell (Bicester Millennium CC)
5 Martin Ruepp (Iceni Velo)
6 Richard Unwin (VC Meudon)
7 Jerry Kuzminski (High Wycombe CC)
8 Jason Ormston (Team Quest)
9 Glen McMenamin (
10 John Donovan (GS Grupetto)

Category 4
1 Richard Golding (
2 Michael Coomber (I-Cycle)
3 Sam Williamson (Hemel Hempstead CC)
4 Josh Healey (I-Team)
5 Matt Ruston (LB-RCC Solgar)
6 Jimmy Honnor (


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