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Top teams from around Britain converge on Essex for the 2013 Edition of this long running race on Saturday, March 10. VeloUK is there …

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On a freezing cold day in Essex with sleet and rain, Hugh Wilson was able to see off the challenge of two riders from UK Youth to win the prestigious Jock Wadley memorial.


Hugh Wilson (NFTO beats Ian Wilkinson (UK Youth) to the line to win the Jock Wadley for 2013. Wilkinson had attacked a few miles out but Wilson, after hesitating, brought him back and realised when it was easy to do, that he had the legs to win the bike race. Richard Tanguy (UK Youth) led the sprint out but it was Wilson who jumped first before the 200 metre to go yellow flag and getting the jump was enough to beat many people’s favourite for the race, Ian Wilkinson.


First time through the finish and Ian Wilkinson leads the race in snow and sleet and a race already at full speed.


It took a few laps but finally after three laps, the race split wide open and that was it for all but the closest chasers.


With the break not working and still seven laps to go, Richard Tanguay counters a move by Hugh Wilson and the two riders went clear never to be caught again except by one rider….


Canadian Rob Britton (Raleigh-GAC) sums up the feeling of the peloton. With the break gone, it was race over for all but a few of them who chased all day and it was the perfect excuse for climbing off. That included Olympic champion Ed Clancy who explained how the peloton sat up and if you want to chase, there were not many willing to go with it so in freezing conditions, three quarters of the field climbed off.


Hugh Wilson leads Richard Tanguay with over half the race still to go.


Ian Wilkinson on his long lone chase which saw him bridge a two minute gap to the leaders…


Felix English talks to DS John Herety about whether to carry on in the epic conditions.


Matt Cronshaw of IG Sigma Sport leads the chase for the three leaders.


Richard Tanguay leads the front trio of Hugh Wilson and Ian Wilkinson.


Kristian House at the front of the chasers with Steve Lampier of Node4-Giordana.


A very happy Hugh Wilson celebrates a great ride to win a race with so many of the top teams racing.



Sprint for fourth place won by Pete Williams from Yanto Barker

Hugh Wilson: After getting a rousing reception from those at the finish for his win, Hugh spoke to us and started by saying the legs felt really good today. “I got across to the break and with seven laps to go, hit them at the top there and Richard Tanguy came with me. I didn’t think we were going to stay away to be honest.”

“We got quite a gap and thought maybe we can do this and then Wilko (Ian Wilkinson) got across and things got a bit easier then. With a few laps to go, it looked like we’d sealed the deal and then with half a lap to go, Wilko hit me and I pulled him back before Richard led the sprint out.”

“He wasn’t going too quick as he was cooked and I didn’t think Wilko’s legs were that good because I pulled him back quite quick after he broke away. In the sprint, I had a good kick in me and I got a gap and a managed to keep it to get the win and I’m over the moon.”

“I’m stuck for words really, I can’t believe I beat those two guys.” Asked did the confidence go when faced with two UK Youth riders, Hugh replied “not really. Third I thought would be good but it would be lovely to win it too.” On his good form, he says “I’ve not been ill like I have been in the previous season where I had two months off the bike and then struggled through the following season.”

“I’ve also had two good weeks of training with the team in Majorca and if I’m going to start winning, now’s a good time as I’m getting on a bit!” On the weather, he said his hands did freeze but after escaping the break and getting away, the morale went up and he warmed up as well.

The course was tough Hugh explained, with a lot of wind down the back part of the circuit and he added that he never thought he’d win what with all the other teams that were riding. “The course though suits me as I’m quite good on the flat and I’m okay on the little hills. A lot of people may wonder where we came from but I think we proved today what we’re here to do and I’m really happy that we’ve got a win and put ourselves on the map. I’m over the moon wit this win!”

Ian Wilkinson: “It was a challenging day” said the UK Youth rider. “It was really fast from the off and then a group split off the front and I got in a group of six or seven chasers and we were struggling to catch them. When we did, the group was too big and Richard Tanguy (teammate) was on the attack straight away.”

“Richard and Hugh got away and me and Yanto were back in the group which wasn’t riding. We talked about what we were going to do. We waited until the break had a few minutes and then Yanto and I got away. Matt Cronshaw came with us and he’s flying at the minute and then some one let the wheel ago and I was on my own!”

“It took me two laps to get across to the front and when I got there, there were still four laps to go which felt like forever!”

“At the end, ideally we should have been one-twoing Hugh but we didn’t have the legs full stop. I felt pretty reasonable on the last drag to the finish but he got the jump on me. It had felt windy through the finish so I was waiting for the yellow flag (200 to go) but he went a bit earlier and I got alongside but never managed to make up the ground to get past.”

“I did also have a go on the far side but Richard who had been at the front all day didn’t have legs to go over the top. The team though did well. We came here with five good riders and were in the action all day so it was good to be on the podium.”

Richard Tanguy: Talking about his move which saw him and Hugh Wilson escape the break with over half the race to go, Richard explained “I saw Hugh put in an attack so I went over the top and decided to give it some gas. We were well represented in the break so I thought even if it doesn’t come to anything, we still have some back up.”

“Fortunately we got a gap though and worked well together. I wasn’t aware that Ian was the lone chaser behind us as the commissiare didn’t know who he was but our soigneur Joe Lally shouted at me to wait for Wilko and so I sat up and let him get across.”

“”We lost about thirty or fourty seconds waiting but we quickly got that back with everyone working. During the latter stages though I was suffering and doing shorter not so quite hard turns and getting into a bit of bad way. My hands and feet were freezing and you also know it when you hit the 110k mark when you have been out front for so long!”

Wilko put in a dig in on the last lap and Hugh did well to bring him back because he hesitated but as he chased, I was swinging on his wheel. I’m gutted with the result though but that’s racing. That first 20 or 30k we did what we were meant to do and went out and showed ourselves at the front and had a good go at getting away.”


1 Hugh Wilson NFTO E 03:39:42
2 Ian Wilkinson Team UK Youth E s.t.
3 Richard Tanguy Team UK Youth 1 @5 secs
4 Pete Williams IG Markets-Sigma Sport E @2-05
5 Yanto Barker Team UK Youth E s.t.
6 Mark O’Brien Team Raleigh-GAC 1 @2-10
7 Billy Joe Whenman Zannata CT 1 @2-13
8 Steve Lampier Node 4 – Giordana Racing E @2-14
9 Kristian House Rapha Condor JLT E @2-15
10 Matt Cronshaw IG Markets-Sigma Sport E @3-27
11 Robert Smail Metaltek Knights of Old 1 @3-35
12 Richard Lang Team Raleigh-GAC E @9:45
13 James Jobber Colchester Rovers C.C. 2 @11-11
14 Ewan McDonald NFTO 2 @13-05
15 Samuel Williams NFTO 2 @13-08
16 Dominic Schils To Win-Josan CT E @13-11
17 Robert McCarthy Pedal Heaven RT 1 @15-18
18 Will Stephenson Rapha Condor JLT E @1 lap
19 Edward Laverack Rapha Condor JLT E @1 lap
20 Dante Carpenter Pedal Heaven RT 2 @1 lap
21 Mark Baines Spirit Bikes RT 1 @1 lap
22 Jonathan Mould Team UK Youth 1 @1 lap
23 Nathan Edmonsdson Node 4 – Giordana Racing E @1 lap
24 David Cregan Pedal Heaven RT E @1 lap
25 Perry Bowater MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling Team 1 @1 lap



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