Photo Album: Peter Young Memorial Road Race


Jake Martin was a deserved winner of the Peter Young Memorial Road Race in Chobham (Surrey) on a cold and wet day.

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Martin, was part of a three rider break that spent most of the race off the front and in the uphill sprint, Martin was able to see off the challenge of Elliott Porter and former winner, Alex Higham.


The race began with small groups forming off the front and the first joined within a lap of going clear before a five man chase group including Wouter Sybrandy (IG Sigma Sport) and Olympic Champion Ed Clancy (Rapha Condor JTL) also bridged the gap. This left a large group of riders of 30 or so in front and it was too big for Jake Martin who attacked twice solo, the second dig seeing three others join him.

As well as Porter and Higham, John Heaton-Armstrong was also part of the move but punctured leaving just the three in the lead. There was at this stage still almost half the race to go and whilst the three minute gap never grew any bigger, and the chase from the remnants of the break was getting quicker and more determined, the trio out front were never in any danger of being caught.

Behind, Wouter Sybrandy (IG Sigma Sport) rode most of the seven laps of the finishing circuit on his own to finish fourth with the rest of the race split all over the place on a day when riders were finishing with no feeling in their hands and unable to talk… it was that cold!

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The riders ready to race as they leave the neutralised section of the race out of Chobham


First time through and Jake Martin leads a break with the chasers not far away.


Simon Henley and Andew Griffiths lead the chasers.


The two groups came together a lap later with a chase group of five gaining ground.


The chase group which included Wouter Sybrandy and Ed Clancy


Jake Martin in the second of his moves off the front.


His move sees three riders come across to form the winning break.


The four leaders lead by Elliott Porter.


What was left of the break was splitting in the chase for the leaders.


And then there were three…


Finishing circuits and Wouter Sybrandy goes solo to chase the three leaders


The chase group is getting bigger with six small laps to go.


Felix English goes clear of the chase group with only a few laps left of the race


A small group forms including English and Peter Hawkins of IG Sigma Sport


Oli Rossi of Bikes giving it full gas to join the chase group


The last few laps saw the heavens open for a wet finish. Pictured is the chase group led by  Edward Clemens.

1. Jake Martin, Kingsnorth International
2. Elliott Porter,Rapha Condor JLT,
3. Alex Higham, Felt Colbournes-Hargroves Cycles
4. Wouter Sybrandy, IG Sigma Sport at 4-00
5. Edward Clemens (Spirit Bikes RT) at 4.30
6.Oliver Rossi, Bikes
7. Peter Hawkins, IG Sigma Sport
8. Andy Betts, Felt Colbournes-Hargroves Cycles
9.Ed Clancy, Rapha Condor JLT,
10. Jamie Caldwell, MG Maxifuel
11. James Moss, IG Sigma Sport
12. Felix English, Rapha Condor JLT
13. Andrew Griffiths, IG Sigma Sport
14. John Heaton Armstrong, Felt Colbournes-Hargroves Cycles
15. Matt Jones, IG Sigma Sport
16. High Carthy, Rapha Condor JLT
17. Simon Henly, Corley Cycles
18. Andy Hargroves, Felt Colbournes-Hargroves Cycles
19. Liam Stones, MG Maxifuel
20. Thomas Marshall, Ride 24/7

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