Report: Win for Bottrill on A5


Saturday afternoon, Matt Bottrill (, won the the A5 Rangers 31 mile hilly time trial on wet roads and strong winds.

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Torrential rain storms hit the area hard but for a few hours, the rain stopped, allowing riders dry condition’s. With high gusts of wind, it was to be a true test of rider and machine!

Riders would complete two laps of an undulating 15.5 mile, circuit, with the true test coming at, Weedon the major climb on the circuit. With a head wind over the climb, it was to be a true test of pace and judgement to set the fastest time.

The fastest time on the board had been set by Scott Walker (Mg Decor RT) in a time of 1.16.11. This was then beaten by Ross Clarke (Team Milton Keynes) 1.15.56 but out on the course and wanting to take the victory was Tejvan Pettinger, (Sri Chinmoy CT) renowned for his hill climbing ability.

Tejvan did an opening lap of 36.20, battering the other two times, but also showing what a hard day it was! Matthew Bottrill, left the starting area 5 minutes later, and was out to make it win number five in the A5 Rangers event. Slamming down on the pedals and adopting his aero position perfected in the Mercedes F1 windtunnel, Bottrill, went through the first time check in a time of 35.16, putting him, a clear minute in front of Pettinger.

The race was well and truly on and the two battled it mile after mile, with Bottrill stopping the clock in a time of 1.10.19, a full 2minutes 15 seconds in front of Pettinger (1.12.34).

Asked about taking his 3rd win of the year, Bottrill Replied “I want to say I was flying and I could hardly feel the pedals, but the truth is I suffered today! It was a bit of a manic rush making the race today, after working this morning. Adding that to a manic week, I was pretty tired going into today’s race, and the numbers coming from the power-metre, were a true indication of this!”

“Had this been a training ride, I would have turned back and gone home! But one of the advantages of riding with, is working with Simon Smart, with his help and advice, I’ve learnt over the year’s how to get the best out of my position and equipment and I put all of it to good use today. I had rubbish power, but could hear his voice in the back of my head, hold that position, your looking good.”

“Add that to knowing your riding the fastest bike frame from Giant, wheels, from Smart Enve and clothing all designed, by Simon, you know your doing things the Smart way,and you can have the confident that you have the fastest position and equipment”.

Result, A5 Rangers 31mile hilly

1 Matthew Bottrill 01:10:19
2 Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy C.T. 01:12:34
3 Ross Clarke T.M.G.Horizon C.T. 01:15:56
4 Scott Walker M.G.Decor Team Carbon bikes 01:16:11
5 Trevor Burke Finchley R.T. 01:17:12
6 Stuart Wilson Bonito Sqaudra Corsa 01:17:53
7 Stuart Wright Planet X 01:19:25
8 Karl Weatherill Hinckley C.R.C. 01:23:04
9 Graham Dolby Baines Racing 01:23:50
10 Tony May T.M.G.Horizon C.T. 01:25:29
11 Jered Allcock Banbury Star C.C. 01:26:46
12 Cath Weiss Baines Racing 01:28:21
13 Martin Millington Stratford C.C. 01:28:33
14 Marcus Whelband Team Milton Keynes 01:30:23
15 Adrian Tayles Rugby R.C.C. 01:30:46
16 Amy Forshaw Hemel Hempstead C. C. 01:31:27
17 Richard Gamble Hinckley C.R.C. 01:31:59
18 Lloyd Walton Stratford C.C. 01:32:20
19 Danny Halpin Addiscombe C.C. 01:39:17
20 Trevor Parrish A5 Rangers C.C. 01:40:16
21 Geoff Booker Oxonian C.C. 01:44:23
22 Anthony Hutton Welland Valley C.C. 02:02:32

15 Mile Time Trial
1 James Perkins Zenith C.C. 00:37:46
2 Geoff Platts M.G.Decor Carbon Bikes 00:37:51
3 Jonathan Male Team Zenith 00:40:46
4 Hugo Hocknell Team sales 00:41:25
5 Peter Wright Rugby R.C.C. 00:41:48
6 Ryan Kenworthy Leisure Lakes 00:43:00
7 Emily Whitmore Echelon Rotor 00:43:59
8 Michiel Vail Rockingham Forest Whrs 00:44:11
9 Stacey Penn Northants Tri Club 00:44:29
10 Steve Dransfield Northants Tri Club 00:46:05
11 Darren Botterill Dynamic Bicycles U/K Rapid 00:46:15
12 Lee Edmonds Welland Valley C.C. 00:48:52
13 Andrew Porter Welwyn Whrs 00:51:12
14 John Hassell Bossard Whrs 00:51:32
15 Kathy Platts M.G.Decor Carbon Bikes 00:51:56


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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