Results: Cyclopark Circuit Racing (Saturday)


Results of the circuit racing at the Kent Cyclopark on Saturday, March 23rd including the London Women’s Racing League

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Category 3/4
1. Joseph Fry RST Racing Team
2. Jeremy Brougham London Dynamo
3. Andy Berridge Pearson Cycling Club
4. Michael Testori PMR@Toachim House
5. Antonius Wubben
6. Greg Moss Dulwich Paragon CC
7. Christopher Fennell PMR@Toachim House
8. Oliver Jedrej Dulwich Paragon CC
9. Richard Poynter San Fairy Ann CC
10. Tyler Lemmon Medway VC
11. Stephen Tride
12. Roger Todd Club Cyclopark
13. Cliff Steele Brixton Cycles
14. James Hockridge Colchester Rovers CC
15. Jake Mitchell San Fairy Ann CC
16. Thomas Rowing San Fairy Ann CC
17. Kieran Ali VC Meudon
18. Ryan Belshaw Greenwich Tritons
19. Ketan Bakrania Team Darenth
20. Phil Hoffman Abellio – SFA Racing Team
21. Phillip Belshaw Coventry Road Club
22. Chris Busby
23. David Bellinger Medway VC
24. Samuel Brown

1. Billy-Joe Whenman Zannata Cycling Team
2. Matthew Hull Abellio – SFA Racing Team
3. Stephen Adams
4. Owen Ba??lg
5. Jack Finch PMR@Toachim House
6. Philip Murrell Finsbury Park CC
7. Ciaran O’Grady PMR@Toachim House
8. Martin O’Grady PMR@Toachim House

3/4 Women
1. Anna Stedman Charlotteville CC
2. Sherilyn Powell Chelmer CC
3. Cassie McGoldrick PMR@Toachim House

3/4 – London Women’s Racing League
1. Alexie Shaw Les Filles Racing Team
2. Charmaine Brown Pearson Cycling Club
3. Michelle Forster London Phoenix CC
4. Bella Leach London Phoenix CC
5. Nikki Engelbach Les Filles Racing Team
6. Michelle Sellars Goscomb – BSR
7. Tabitha Rendall Club Cyclopark
8. Rachael Cottier London Phoenix CC
9. Rebecca Carter Goscomb – BSR
10. Louise Marsden VC Norwich
11. Jennifer Smart VC Norwich

E/1/2 – London Women’s Racing League
1. Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team


Under 10 Boys
1. Flynn Robinson Thanet RC
2. Lance Childs Thanet RC

Under 10 Girls
1. Isabella Escalera Hillingdon Slipstreamers

Under 8 Boys
1. Maxwell Robinson Thanet RC
2. Eddie Salter Wigmore CC

Under 12 Boys
1. Aaron Freeman Chelmer CC
2. Samuel Clark I-Team Cyclists’ Club
3. Harrison Powell Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
4. Aaron Stone Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
5. Kishan Bakrania Team Darenth
6. Cameron Coxon Wigmore CC

Under 12 Girls
1. Abbie Manley Chapel Tri-Stars Junior Triath…
2. Emily Knight Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club

Under 14 Boys
1. Georg Mew Jensen Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
2. George Finch PMR@Toachim House
3. Oliver Robinson Thanet RC
4. Ben Tulett Hargroves Cycles RT-Specialize…
5. Callum Bulley Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
6. Matthew Shepherd Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club

Under 14 Girls
1. Sophie Holmes Inverse/ Cycling Components RT
2. Isla Rush WyndyMilla
3. Connie Hayes Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club

Under 16 Boys
1. Chris Jackson Strada-Sport
2. Lewis Bulley Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
3. Jake Charlton VC Deal
4. George Dewit Chan ??
5. Timothy Torrie Chelmer CC
6. Mostyn Taylor Crockett Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
7. Harry Paine Glendene CC


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