Results: Westerley Spring Crits


Chris Whorrall & Joe Skelton winners in the Westerley Spring Crits on Saturday, April 13 at the Hillingdon Circuit.

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

The E/1/2/3 race was animated by Team IG – Sigma sport in what turned out to be a very wet race. IG- Sigma Sport were in every move that went off the front but nothing was being allowed to stay away.

Finally with 5 laps left to go Chris Whorall, Peter Hawkins (Team IG – Sigma Sport) and Lewis Atkins (Pedal Heaven) got away with 20 secs lead which grew to 30 secs at the finish where Lewis Atkins nearly pulled off the win but a very late push by the Isle of man’s Whorall got the verdict on the photo by just over a tyres width.



1 Chris Whorall Team IG-Sigma Sport
2 Lewis Atkins Pedal Heaven RT
3 Peter Hawkins Team IG-Sigma Sport
4 Jake Hales Team IG-Sigma Sport
5 Matt Jones Team IG-Sigma Sport
6 Ryan Visser Redhill CC
7 Tony Lock Nuun-YB- London RT
8 Alex Peterson AW Cycles
9 Jerzy Kuminski High Wycombe CC
10 George Withers AW Cycles
11 Gavin Ryan London Dynamo
12 James Moss Team IG-Sigma Sport
13 Joe James Velosport
14 George Gori Nuun-YB- London RT
15 Phil Holloway Southend Wheelers
16 Steve Golla High Wycombe CC
17 Stuart Spies London Dynamo
18 James Local London Dynamo
19 Phil Barrett Nuun-YB- London RT
20 Josh Maynard Welwyn Wheelers
21 Graham Crowe Twickenham CC
22 Georgis Crouch VC Meudon
23 Lewis Modan East London Velo
24 Chris Grange LBRCC – Solgar
25 Vostech Blazejovsky Brixton Cycles

3rd / 4th Cat

1 Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands
2 Clive Nicholls BC Private
3 Chris Denman West Drayton MBC/ Beyond
4 Neil Wass TMG Horizon
5 Anthony Morris CC Ashwell
6 Huberney Diaz Pretorius CC
7 James Freeman Dulwich Paragon
8 Vostech Blazejovsky Brixton Cycles
9 David Bird London Phoenix
10 Theo Doncaster CC Ashwell
11 Ewan Tuohy Catford Banks Equipe
12 Richard Jerome Willesden CC
13 Josh Mitchell Biscester Millenium
14 Steve Mahon East London Velo
15 Jeremy Honor Twenty3C
16 Cameron Woolsey CC Ashwell
17 James Di Rice High Wycombe CC
18 Stuart King LBRCC-Solgar
19 Jon Shillingford BC Private
20 Henry Farrell Welwyn Wheelers
21 Andrew Daniels Zappi CC
22 Wilf Sinclair Pearson CC
23 Richard Golding Twenty3C
24 John Woyton Glendene CC
25 Tim Lawns LBRCC-Solgar
26 Tom Beasley East London Velo
27 Simon Barnes London Dynamo
28 Nigel Buris St.Ives
29 Wyndymilla
30 Jonny Revis Cowley Road Condors
31 Matt Halvatzis Addiscombe CC
32 Tim Butt Banbury Star CC
33 Will Houghton Hillingdon CC
34 Rob Cranstone GS Vecchi
35 Tamur Taimir London Dynamo
36 Andrew Harvey Kingston Wheelers
37 John Chapman CC Ashwell
38 Andrew Lowe Team MK
39 Peter Stuart BC Private
40 Russel Danckert CC Ashwell
41 Shane Townsend Westerley CC
42 Tim Childs Westerley CC
43 Rob Thatchmen Sydenham Wheelers
44 Kieran Barber Redhill CC
45 Paul Banner Kingston Wheelers
46 Ian McNally Westerley CC
47 Rory Havis St.Ives
48 Stuart Tillbrook LBRCC-Solgar
49 Michael Skipsey TMG Horizon
50 Akis Kolares London Dynamo
51 ?
52 Ben Harwin St.Ives
53 Steve Vinning East London Velo
54 Will Grieg London Dynamo
55 James Graveuta BC Private
56 Mike Harris Twickenham CC
57 Luke Danckert CC Ashwell



RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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