Report: Welsh CA 25


Luke Davies (Velo Club St Raphael) wins the Welsh CA open 25 mile time trial on the R25/3L on the 5th of May

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On a fair but far from ideal day the worries over the cones on the road vanished with a fully open course available for the riders today. It was fairly chilly at the start as the riders from the Women, Juniors and Men (Overflow) event reported to the Start Timekeeper. It was soon realised that there were no ‘float’ rides available today and hard graft was needed.

The results soon showed who had done their training in 2013 and more significantly who had not! First under the hour ride went to Gareth Jones Clevedon & District with a ‘personal’ of 59:59 – good enough to win the Best Improvement award.

The first Woman under the hour was Alexis Barnes Cardiff Ajax CC in 59:11 and with no performance in the last three seasons to compare to people soon realised that good times were starting to come in. In the Juniors section Will Houghton Hillingdon CC charged in with 56:19 again there was no comparable time in the last three years.

We did not have to wait long until Luke Davies VC St. Raphael flew in with a 53:56 – over a minute slower than his ‘personal’ however but good enough to hold off late charges from Dan Colman Pembrokeshire Velo 53:12. Times for the women were now getting faster, with Hayley Simmonds being rewarded for the long trek from Cambridge with an excellent 56:01 and a ‘personal’ of almost 3 minutes. The time was too good for defending National Women’s BAR Paula Moseley Climb on Bikes RT who could manage a 56:43: a time which tied second place with Gillian Pears Bath CC.

The Men’s event had marginally better conditions but it was soon obvious that it was a day for the strong boys: the first quick time coming from David Williams Fibrax Wrexham RC with a 51:35 a time good enough to win the Team Championship backed up by David Crawley 51:05 and Chris Edmondson 53:41 giving a time of 2:36:21.

There was quite a wait for the first rider ‘under’ with Steve Irwin Kingston Wheelers off no. 80 came in with a 49:36. Andy Wilkinson Port Sunlight making his first visit to the course told me he was not expecting to do anything much but still managed a 48:56.

There were still some good riders out there. Local boy Kieron Davies Bynea CC shaved 11 seconds off his personal to do 49:16 but ended up outside the top three. Was Wilko’s ride good enough to win? Jeff Jones soon gave us the answer with a 48:28. Defending Champion and last man off Rob Pears Bath CC stopped the clock at 49:12 which was good enough for 3rd place.

1 Luke Davies Velo Club St Raphael 0:53:56 Champion Junior 2013
2 Dan Colman Pembrokeshire Velo 0:55:12
3 Daniel Alderton Guernsey Velo Club 0:55:13
4 Nathan Gosling Guernsey Velo Club 0:55:59 Winner Men Overflow
5 Hayley Simmonds 0:56:01 Champion Woman 2013
6 Will Houghton Hillingdon CC 0:56:19
7 Russell White Forza Cycles RT 0:56:25
8 Paula Moseley Climb on Bikes RT 0:56:43 Age Standard WVA (tie)
8 Gillian Pears Bath CC 0:56:43 Age Standard WVA (tie)
10 Alex Haines Hereford & Dist Whs CC 0:56:59
11 David Curtis-Whitfield Avonlea/Treasure RT 0:57:30
12 Andy Cook Chippenham & Dist Whs 0:57:53
13 Suzanne Robinson VC 10 0:57:57
14 Bronwen Ewing Trainsharp Racing Team 0:57:59 Age Standard WVB
15 Steven Skinner Gloucester City CC 0:58:26
16 James Manson Cardiff Triathletes 0:58:46
17 Patrick Lees Cardiff Triathletes 0:58:47
18 Corinna Francis Chelmer CC 0:59:03
19 Karina Bowie GVC Edmond de Rothschild Team 0:59:06
20 Neale Lewis Acme Whs (Rhondda) CC 0:59:11
20 Alexis Barnes Cardiff Ajax CC 0:59:11
22 Stephen Cook Lindsey Roads CC 0:59:22
23 Des Astley Merthyr CC 0:59:25
24 Jill Wilkinson Port Sunlight Whs 0:59:37
25 Gareth Jones Clevedon & District RC 0:59:59 Best Improvement LTS
26 Andrew Curley Beacon Roads CC 1:00:00
27 Kevin Bartlemore Acme Whs (Rhondda) CC 1:00:05
28 Maria Powell Bristol & District Triathletes (BAD TRI) 1:00:06
29 Teresa Goddard Kingston Wheelers CC 1:00:12
30 Clare Ella Born to Bike 1:00:29
31 Claire Lee Chelmer CC 1:00:31
32 Paul Greer EC Cycles 1:00:34
33 Andrew Gibson Gravesend CC 1:01:04
34 Heather Greening Keswick Bikes 1:01:10 Age Standard WVC
35 Colin White Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1:01:18
36 Rebecca Timothy Revo Racing 1:01:22
37 Lee Watts Bynea CC 1:01:27
38 Sarah Lloyd-Stephens Hereford & Dist Whs CC 1:01:27
39 Neil Downes Forza Cycles RT 1:01:30
40 Stephen Ratcliffe Brecon Wheelers 1:01:37
41 Jeff Adams Pontypool RCC 1:02:29
42 Sharon Elaine Clifford Coventry Road Club 1:02:54
43 Andrew Grist Bynea CC 1:03:10
44 Kevin Thomas Pontypool RCC 1:03:14
45 Nic Forbes Bynea CC 1:04:14
46 David Lancaster VC 10 1:04:21
47 Barry Williams Cardiff 100 Milers RCC 1:04:34 Age Standard VH
48 Tom Woodward Avonlea/Treasure RT 1:04:44
48 Larraine White Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1:04:44
50 Sam Powell Bristol & District Triathletes (BAD TRI) 1:04:55
51 Susan Burnett Newport Phoenix CC 1:05:10
52 Peter Wilson Bath CC 1:05:47
53 Ed Hadley Hereford & Dist Whs CC 1:05:57
54 Paul Griffiths Acme Whs (Rhondda) CC 1:06:17
55 Ron Boast Ogmore Valley Whs 1:07:00
56 Jill Bartlett Hounslow and District Wheelers 1:07:05
57 Clive Chappe Ross-On-Wye & Dist CC 1:07:15
58 Fenella Brown Redditch Road & Path CC 1:07:46
59 John Evans Bynea CC 1:10:21
60 Jodie Lloyd Cwmcarn Paragon RC 1:10:50
61 Chris Holmes Chelmer CC 1:11:30
62 Jeff Chambers Bynea CC 1:15:08
63 Sandra Hustin Cardiff Ajax CC 1:15:59
64 Adrian Sullivan Merthyr CC 1:21:18 Including 3:00 Late Start


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