Results/Photos: Pedal Heaven Race 5 at Eelmoor


Andy Hargroves (Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves Cycles) leads a 1-2-3 at round 5 of the Pedal Heaven circuit races at Eelmoor

Photos by Antony Edmonds (More photos here)

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1 Andy Hargroves Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves Cycles
2 Justin Hoy Felt-Colbornes Hargroves Cycles
3 George Harper Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves Cycles
4 Tim Elverson Pedal Heaven RT
5 Ben Sumner Beeline RT
6 David Creeggan Pedal Heaven RT
7 Henry Furniss MG Maxifuel
8 Pete Allan Private
9 Stuart Williams Reading CC
10 Alex Highman Felt-Colbornes Racing Team

1 Ed McParland GT Mucoff Racing
2 Tom Hughes
3 Richard Jenore Willesden CC
4 Graham Austin East St Cycles
5 Tristan Natolie Charcotteville CC
6 Ryan Keynes 1st Gear
7 David Page Wyndymilla
8 Roki Read V C Meudon
9 Dale Bemis VC Meudon
10 Matt Holland

1 Ella Bonta Charlottville E Girls
2 Katie Keiller Charlottville E Girls
3 Detti Cory Charlottville E Girls
4 Electra Morris Charlottville E Girls
5 Leanda Peters VC Meudon E Girls

1 James Brown PPV E Boys
2 Ben Coppola Four 4th E Boys
3 Luca Leefe Charlottville E Boys
4 Stanley Pickup Pedal Heaven RT E Boys
5 Thomas Newall E Boys
6 Joseph Peters Cycleworks E Boys
7 Gee Peter Pedal Heaven RT E Boys
8 William Flatau CCC E Boys
9 Alex Bishop Charlottville E Boys
10 Charlie Hoy Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves E Boys
11 Oliver Jermy E Boys
12 Mattie Stemp Charlottville E Boys
13 Oliver Newall E Boys
14 Lucas Jesse Pedal Heaven RT E Boys

1 Kye Lewis Willbden D Boys
2 Jude beaton Charlotteville D Boys
3 Ben Martinez Pedal Heaven RT D Boys
4 Jake Epps V.C Meudon D Boys
5 Ethan Spiers D Boys
6 Josh Stemp Charlotteville D Boys
7 Oliver Pickup Pedal Heaven RT D Boys

1 Josie Goble Cycle Works D Girls
1 Ellie coooper Charlotteville C Girls
2 Emma Keiller Charlotteville C Girls
3 Kendra Meacok-Fletcher Charlotteville C Girls

1 Sam Clark I Team CC C boys
2 Gabriel Banner HSS C boys
3 Tom Portsmouth Charlotteville C boys
4 Jay Allen PPV C boys
5 Henry Jarrett Charlotteville C boys
6 Sam Bishop Charlotteville C boys
7 Malin Cory Charlotteville C boys
8 Barney Stemp Charlotteville C boys
9 Jamie Series P/M C boys

1 Lorna Bowler Hillingdon SS B Girls
2 Alice Matravers Charlotteville B Girls
3 Bethany Audas Wyndymilla B Girls

1 Alex Cross Oakley Pedlars B Boys
2 James Kennett HSS B Boys
3 Ieuan Woods Charlotteville B Boys
4 Ben Bishop Charlotteville B Boys
5 Lewis Haller Charlotteville B Boys
6 Lewis Russell PM B Boys

1 David Barns Condor Cycles A Boys
2 Aidan Wodvan Sutton C C A Boys
3 Louis Suggett Prestige Velo Club A Boys
4 Connor Woodford Willesden CC A Boys
5 Kieran Woods Charlotteville A Boys
6 Joe Clark I-Team A Boys
7 Luke Andus Wyndymilla A Boys




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