Report/Results: East Region Track Championships


The Eastern Region Track Championships were held at Welwyn on Sunday 21st July with 60 riders taking part

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On a warm afternoon with a total of 60 riders across the various age categories, a four event Omnium format was used for this years event – 2 lap TimeTrial, Devil, S;print and scratch race

Seniors – Alex Minting won the opening 2 lap Time trial with Kristian Woolf second, the Devil went to John McClelland from Woolf and Martin Ruepp so after two events the line up for the Sprint was – McClelland, Woolf, Martin Ruepp and Alex Minting who crossed the line in that order.

As they lined up for the 20 lap scratch Woolf and Minting led with 7 pts, McClelland one point adrift and Ruepp three adrift. Henry Farrell attacked from the start and opened up a half lap gap – chased down by brother George, Josh Maynard and Wayne Crombie.

These four lapped the field while the main contenders watched each other as they were still up for overall victory. The scratch race was won by Wayne Crombie who were followed in by his breakaway partners. The crucial battle for 5th place was won by Kristian Woolf to win the omnium from John McClelland, Alex Minting and Martin Ruepp. Third place in the final event pushed Josh Maynard up to 5th overall

The youth events were a Welwyn Wheelers bonanza winning every category from Youth A to under 10’s
The closest battle was in the under 12’s. with one event remaining Lauren Higham led with 5 pts, Kristian Manzi 7, Sam Asker 10 Josie Griffin 10.

They watched each other for 5 laps and the race for top places was confined to the final 300m. As the top four approached the line Kristian Manzi won by two bike lengths and won the event by a single point from Lauren Higham who got sqeezed out in the final metres of the race but was rewarded with a well deserved second place.
Jack Plumley won the Youth A, Will Raymond Youth B and Joe Kiely Youth D

The Youth A and B Girls were combined and Welwyns Lucy Harper won Youth A and Kat Anderson Youth B

A well run event in ideal conditions – the omnium format (used for some years for the youth event) may need some minor ‘tweaking’ for the seniors for 2014 – suggestions welcomed

The surplus from last years rain cancelled event were used to bolster this years prizes

1 Kristian Woolf Prestige
2 Jon McClelland Prestige
3 Alex Minting Neon Velo
4 Martin Ruepp Iceni Velo
5 Josh Maynard Welwyn Wheelers
6 Wayne Crombi East London Velo
7 George Farrell Welwyn Wheelers
8 Henry Farrell Welwyn Wheelers
9 Rob Minting Neon Velo
10 Ken Roesner Wisbech
11 Andy Ballentyne Easterley
12 W McFarland East London Velo
13 Simon Best North Road
14 Tom Hinchliffe Welwyn Wheelers
15 Derek Cooper Private Member
16 Tim Chandler Welwyn Wheelers
17 Neil Irons CC Hackney

Under 16 Boys
1 Jack Plumley Welwyn Wheelers
2 Mitchell Powell Team Terminator
3 Dan Maynard Welwyn Wheelers
4 Glen Dossett Welwyn Wheelers
5 George Baker Kingscliffe Flyers
6 Bradley Clarke Green Arrow
7 Jack Callis Lea Valley

Under 14 Boys
1 Will Raymond Welwyn Wheelers
2 Theo Modell East London Velo
3 Toby Miles Welwyn Wheelers
4 Logan Irons CC Hackney
5 Laurence Lisher Green Arrow
6 Tom Durkin Welwyn Wheelers
7 Reece Pollen CC Hackney

Under 14/16 Girls
1 Lucy Harper Welwyn Wheelers
2 Sophia Chastell Welwyn Wheelers
3 Kat Anderson Welwyn Wheelers
4 Millie Gage Welwyn Wheelers
5 Isla Rush Windymilla
6 Rebecca Maynard Welwyn Wheelers

Under 12
1 Kristian Manzi Welwyn Wheelers
2 Lauren Higham Welwyn Wheelers
3 Josie Griffin Welwyn Wheelers
4 Sam Asker West Suffolk Wheelers
5 Fras Elsworth West Suffolk Wheelers
6 Joe Latham Welwyn Wheelers
7 Sophie Lewis CC Ashwell
8 Molly Lloyd CC Hackney
9 Imogen Chastell Welwyn Wheelers
10 Ollie Partner Colchester Rovers
11 Ellie Pledger Colchester Rovers

Under 10
1 Joe Kiely Welwyn Wheelers
2 James Fraser CC Ashwell
3 Sam Gage Welwyn Wheelers
4 Ben Hinchliffe Welwyn Wheelers
5 Ben Griffin Welwyn Wheelers
6 Jenna Miles Welwyn Wheelers
7 Stanley Boyd CC Hackney
8 Zoe Swainston Colchester Rovers
9 Harry Gregory CC Hackney



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