Results: MKCA Corley Cycles Summer Series


On a night blighted by crashes, Liam Stones, Anthony Batt & Craig Nicholls avoided the carnage to stay upright and win their categories at the MKCA Corley Cycles Summer Series last Thursday

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The organisers would remind riders racing at the last round this Thursday, whilst they wish to encourage exciting and of course sporting events at the Milton Keynes Bowl, safety is of paramount importance to them. There was an incident last week involving dangerous riding, which resulted in a number of people heading to hospital.

Thankfully all of the people involved are on the mend but that doesn’t change the fact that whilst, racing people are taking far too many silly risks. Please take care when riding on any circuit. At the end of the day, the races at the Bowl and other closed circuits are training races, and the prize money is not at such a level that people can afford a few weeks off work…


1 Liam Stones MG Maxifuel
2 Chris Dredge Spirit RT
3 Jake Hales Team IG Sigma Sport
4 Jonny Shuster Team Corley Cycles
5 Doug Coleman CC Luton
6 Simon Cannings Twenty3c
7 Mark Baines Spirit RT
8 Mike Jackson CC Luton
9 Dan Pearson Zappis Pro Cycling
10 Adam Brittain High Wycombe CC
11 Cameron Foster Club Corley Cycles
12 Michael Mottram AW Cycles
13 Matt Exley Twenty3c
14 Steve Golla High Wycombe CC
15 Glenn McMenamin Twenty3c
16 Nick Jones Team Corley Cycles
17 Ed Clemens Spirit RT
18 Mike Wragg Arbis/Colberts Cycles
19 Richard Wood Arbis/Colberts Cycles
20 John Peters CC Luton
21 Paul Carr Club Corley Cycles

Category 3/4
1 Anthony Batt NBRC
2 Unidentified Rider
3 Anthony Morris CC Ashwell
4 Unidentified Rider
5 Paul McEntee NBRC
6 Andrew Minns Treads
7 James Balding Team MK
8 Luke Bennett RAF CC
9 Richard John Spirit RT
10 Russell Rowles Spirit RT
11 Barry Connolly Team MK
12 Paul Solerit
13 Pete Smith Jewson
14 Andrew Lowe Team MK
15 Andy Wright High Wycombe
16 Nigel Hobday Cambridge CC

Category 4
1 Craig Nicholls API Metrow
2 Adam Smith Beeston RC
3 Stephen Raffe
4 Colin Ingram Team MK
5 Felix Young Bath Uni
6 Ed Catford Twenty3c
7 Michael Berry 45 Road Club
8 Tom Bird Leicester RC
9 Elliot Patching Team MK
10 Andrew Martin LBRCC
11 Paul Ambrose iCycle
12 Paul Robinson iCycle
13 Ned Kingdom Zappi
14 Mark Bell Private Member
15 Elizabeth Pinsent iCycle


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