News: Training Continues for NFTO in Majorca


The NFTO Pro Cycling team continue their training in Majorca with mixed weather but lots of laughs

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It’s generally a place to go for warm weather training but for the NFTO 2014 Pro Cycling Team, Majorca has proved to be as cold to be as the UK! Last Saturday saw them do a cafe run, and end up staying! “We had a rest day which meant a ride to the cafe” explained High Wilson. “This was lovely but when we got to Cafe 1919, the heavens opened but thankfully Holmsey came along in the van so we all piled in and went home. All dnf on the cafe ride ha ha!!

For those worried it was all work and no play for this new pro team, no chance! On Saturday evening, they went for a meal in Old Pollenca complete with some red wine prior to a big day on the bikes on Sunday. “That was pretty horrible again to be honest” says Hugh.


The man responsible for keeping the riders refueled at the NFTO training camp… chef Mark.

“We got the capes on and managed 4.5 hours in a storm which was cool whilst Dean Downing was a DNS after a mechanical and ‘unfortunately’ had to miss the wet ride.

The team did have some luck though and woke up to sunny skies on Sunday and proceeded to get in 200 steady kilometres with sprints where Hugh says he didn’t manage to get around Russ (Downing) or (Adam) Blythe in any of them… back to the drawing board! Monday saw them follow that up with another 200k ride with one mountain, Randa.

“All in all, everybody is having a brilliant time out here on the ‘glandular fever training camp’ (with no glandular fever)” says Hugh, adding “just hard yards LoL”. “I think that there must be a few jealous individuals following this blog. Today we saw some Pedal Heavan riders as well as Connor Dunn out on his lonesome, again”.

Tomorrow, they have a nice easy day planned in the mountains taking in the sights. Sean Yates and Jon from Trainsharp have now gone home now but has left them all some wetsuits to train in for when the weather turns again. In the meantime, Hugh says its time for some Call of Duty before a day in the mountains on Tuesday!


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