Reaction: Helen Wyman talks about Bronze Medal


Helen Wyman won the first medal for GB at the World Cyclo-Cross Champs since Louise Robinson won Silver. She spoke to Paul Burgoine

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Marianne Vos (Holland) successfully defended her Women’s UCI World Cyclo-cross title with her usual dominant performance, breaking clear on lap 1 and staying clear from Italian Eva Lechner with Helen Wyman (Great Britain) in third.

Paul Burgoine talks to Bronze medal winner Helen Wyman


All photos, Thomas van Bracht,

“I went so hard on the first lap that I actually blew my tits off and I just died and started to go back though the riders. Then I got my second wind at the end of the second lap and thought to myself, ‘you can do this, you can do this.”

“I could see Cant was struggling and thought, if I can stay with Sanne, then stay there and on the last lap she made a mistake behind me. I could tell she was struggling a bit because I’d accelerate and she’d come back but wouldn’t come past and normally when she’s good, she would come past.”

“So when she made a mistake, I thought, ‘lets hammer it’ and I sprinted out every corner on the last half lap thinking ‘don’t let her take it now'”.



On whether there are mind games going on when riders are passing you, Helen replied “there is and isn’t. You can only ride as fast as you can ride and I blew. Thankfully I recovered very quickly”.

“I try to not let them get too far ahead because then you can inspire yourself on corners if you are faster and get closer or more acceleration in different areas.”


Gabby Durrin. Photo:

“All season it has been close between me and Sanne, there is only two points between us in the world rankings. I just wanted a medal today and I know she wanted a medal too so I just tried as hard as I could.”

Marianne Vos: “The first win was great, I was only 18 and it was in the Netherlands too, in 2006, the second in 2009 was here also and now, this is my seventh. I can’t believe it there is that many. Today, I did not think about the six before.”


Asked how she keeps going after so many titles, Marianne replied “I just love the sport. I do my best to get myself at the level to reach my goal and each year it is getting more and more hard because everyone works hard to beat me so I have to keep challenging myself to get better.”

“Of course is is great to be the best and wear the rainbow jersey. I like the big pressure on the big races, that is why I do it especially in my home country where the pressure is very high.”


Nikki Harris. Photo:

1. Marianne Vos (Holland) 39:25
2. Eva Lechner (Italy) @1:07
3. Helen Wyman (Great Britain) @1:17

5. Nikki Harris (Great Britain) @2:33
26. Gabriella Durrin (Great Britain) @4:47
35. Hannah Payton (Great Britain) @6:56


1. Thijs Aerts (Belgium) 45:55
2. Yannick Peeters (Belgium) @ 10
3. Jelle Schuermans (Belgium) @ 12

18. Thomas Craig (Great Britain) @2.54
39. Jack Ravenscroft (Great Britain) @5:59
40. Sean Dunlea (Great Britain) @6:16


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