Report/Results: Après Winter League 13


Simon Brooks of VC St Raphael wins round 13 and clinches the overall in the Après Winter League at Brighton

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Après Winter League 13

Firstly, another safe days racing here at Preston Park, congratulations to all for taking on board BC comms. instructions and looking out for each other.

King Brooks takes the crown!
A healthy looking field took advantage of clear skies and a hint of spring?! in the air to stretch their winter legs and see where their training has got them here at the final part of the Après Winter League at Preston Park Brighton. Don’t worry race fans we’re back again for the Wacky Races Spring Series starting on the 9th of March.

An exuberant start with plenty of early skirmishes was taken advantage of by Southdowns Bikes Stuart Bettis and Jason Edwards pinging off during a lull. Nice, hard work by the pair had them out for a good 10 mins before being reeled in by the group.

Another group of five countered and look like it could have stuck was again reeled in which was the signal for a hungry mr Bettis to go again. Ah, there he goes.. Simon Brooks pinging off whilst the pack had a breather….working together perfectly they lapped the field, whilst ineffectual ‘breaks’ were instigated by a fast ageing, bendy carrot legged Matthew Farren.

Some good work and digs from Twickenhams Graham Crow, ASL 360s Peter Morris, Jonny Blackman, all made for good aggressive racing and early season leg spinning for those wanting to get a good workout.

A timely break at the end saw Southdowns, Paul Barnard chip off with Jason Edwards with the latter taking the sprint for 3rd, followed by Paul for 4th, and Vc St Raphaels Liam Walsh 5th and Pete Morris 6th before the bunch came in.

Simon is a deserved winner overall, winning all but one of the races he entered, we enjoyed watching his aggressive style and have learnt a lot ourselves from his time with us.
In the womens race we was graced with a field of 17 with two strong teams from Twickenham cc and Les Filles. An early break of two stuck with Kingston Wheelers Jasmijn Muller and Les Filles Rts Helen Ralston stuck and they worked together for the duration. A tough final lap saw Jasmijn just hold on to the line from Helen with Les Filles RTs Coralie Glaunes taking the bunch sprint.
In the 3rds Local man Steve Kane slipped away and tt’d away whilst the packed watched on. Lapping the bunch is becoming a regular thing for the ASL360 rider, leaving the pack to sprint it out which Fareham Wheelers Harry Hailford took by a couple of lengths from Brighton Mitres Kiko Piai.
We ran two races here in the 4ths won by Twickenham CCs Steve Morgan and Sotonia CCs Will Weynberg respectively.
Jonny Blackman won the 3rds overall trophy for the series and Local PPYCC Isaac Wright lifting the under 16s. Well done all for making it a good, aggressive and safe series, thank you.

1 Simon Brooks VC St Raphael 1
2 Stuart Bettis Southdowns Bikes 2
3 Jason Edwards Private 2v
4 Paul Barnard Southdowns Bikes 2
5 Liam Walsh VC St Raphael 2
6 Peter Morris ASL 360 2
7 Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC 2
8 D Garellini RCCC 2
9 G Ryan London Dynamo 2
10 Livio Nannetti Rapha Condor 2
11 James Mickelburugh London Dynamo 2
12 Matt Kuwertz Southborough & District Wheelers 2
13 Matt Farren BMCC 2
14 Stephen Tribe Velosport RT 2
15 Jon Spiers Private 3
16 Jack Evans BMCC 3
17 Graham Crow Twickenham CC 2
18 Kieran Barber Redhill CC 3
19 C Judson Kingston Wheelers 3
20 B Smith Welwyn Wheelers 3
21 J Bradley Twickenham CC 2
22 Luke Farren BMCC 2
23 Phil Hoffman Abelio SFA 3
24 Paul Flynn PIVOT 2
25 Ross Hallard Pretorious 3
26 Juan P ? E ? 3
27 Mark Williams Kingston Wheelers 3
28 Pat Wright Kingston Wheelers 3
28 Andrew Carter PNECC 2
29 Andy Edwards Pretorious 3
30 Zak Corum-Haines VC Jubilee A
31 Keith Henderson Southborough & District 3
32 Viktor Kazinec Dulwich Paragon 3
DNF J Blackman 2

1 Jasmijn Muller Kingston Wheelers
2 Helen Raiston Les Filles RT
3 Coralie Glaunes Les Filles RT
4 Nikki Engelbach Les Filles RT
5 Clare Gillott Les Filles RT
6 Emma Towers Twickenham CC
7 Nicole Oh Les Filles RT
8 Vikki Filsell Les Filles RT
9 Anna Gibbney Twickenham CC
10 Christina Stephenson Twickenham CC
11 Clarice Chung Twickenham CC
12 Jess Rhodes-Jones Twickenham CC
13 Lucy Manning Dulwich Paragon CC
14 Elin Williamson BMCC
15 Helen Gravatt Twickenham CC
16 Marjo van Velzen Kingsnorth International Wheelers
17 Yvette Toms Ipswich
1 Steve Kane ASL 360
2 Harry Hailwood Fareham Wheelers CC
3 Francisco Piai BMCC
4 Joe McConnell Sorby Hinds CC
5 Jon Freeman Kingston Wheelers
6 Harvey Morcombe Fareham Wheelers CC
7 Martin Edmonds BMCC
8 Adam Keer Ipswich BC
9 Matt Kerr Ipswich BC
10 Morgan Lewis BMCC
11 Duncan Rimmer Morden CRC
12 Ross Bernard Kingston Wheelers
13 Joseph Andrews Fareham Wheelers CC
14 Stuart Famer On The Rivet
15 Rod Archibald Adalta CC
16 Chris Parker Ipswich BC
17 Ben Smith Welwyn Wheelers
18 Nile Jones VC Meudon
19 Matt Leary PBC
20 Elliot Lipski VC Elan
21 Ashley Russell London Dynamo
22 Joe Luckett Team GWB Activ
23 Benneth Le Brocq CCC
24 Daniel Fagg BMCC
25 Doug Tandy Fareham Wheelers CC
25 Tim Oravaki Twickenham
26 Khan Follina Sorby Hinds CC
27 Gary Mainwaring BMCC
28 Joel Draper BMCC
29 Jed Williamson BMCC
30 Mike Leonard BMCC
31 Konrad Siebrits Sorby Hinds CC
32 Andrew Costello Privat
33 Mario Manelfi Blazing Saddles
34 Lizzy Brama BMCC


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