Results: CDNW Pimbo Road Races


Hamish Fletcher-Cooney, Jennifer Edwards & Graham Briggs winners at the first of the CDNW Pimbo Road Races

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

CDNW Pimbo Road Races

thanks to Anna Coates for the awesome job on the results and the other officials too of course ;-)


1 Graham Briggs Rapha Condor JLT
2 Jonathan Mould NFTO @ 2 secs
3 Simon Wilson Wheelbase Altura MGD s.t.
4 Richard Handley Rapha Condor JLT @ 5 secs
5 Hugh Carthy Rapha Condor JLT @21 secs
6 Harry Tanfield KTM Road & Trail @1’13”
7 Dillon Byrne Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear s.t.
8 Luke Grivell-Mellor Rapha Condor JLT s.t.
9 David McGowan NFTO s.t.
10 Richard Wilknson Audlem Cycling Club s.t.
11 Henry Hunter Teamwallis CHH Racing Team @1’18”
12 Tom Barras Wheelbase Altura MGD s.t.
13 Tom Bracegirdle Kuota – Spinergy – GSG s.t.
14 Michael Harrison Audlem Cycling Club s.t.
15 Brad Morgan Velosure Giordana s.t.
16 Jake Cowen Teamwallis CHH Racing Team s.t.
17 Ben Alan Hopper Rollers s.t.
18 Michael Ashurst Aspire Skinnerdale s.t.
19 Hamish Graham Green Jersey RT s.t.
20 Aidan Holgate North Lancashire RC s.t.
21 Joshua Hunt NFTO s.t.
22 Julian Pearson Team Hoppers Rollers @1’28”
23 James Claydon Bill Nickson Cycles RT s.t.
24 Joey Walker RST Racing Team s.t.
25 Struan McInnes RST Racing Team s.t.
26 Fabian Brennan Velocity WD-40 s.t.
27 Sam Boast Wheelbase Altura MGD s.t.
28 John Didsbury Lune RCC s.t.
29 Oliver Payton PH-MAS Cycling s.t.
30 Mark Hassall Dave Hinde Racing Team s.t.
31 Jordan Matthews Adept Precision RT/NE Healthcare s.t.
32 Stephen Smith Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear s.t.
33 Frank Pilkington Bill Nickson Cycles RT s.t.
34 Zack Williamson AllterrainRC s.t.
35 Ryan Pike High On Bikes s.t.
36 Richard Haughton Team Hoppers Rollers s.t.
37 Oscar Williamson s.t.
38 Mark Hammersley Team Wheelguru s.t.
39 Sean McGovern Teamwallis CHH Racing Team s.t.
40 Gavin Shuttleworth Speg – Project 51 s.t.
41 Benjamin Kellett Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear s.t.
42 Alex Harvey Marsh Tracks Race Team s.t.
43 Robert Shirley s.t.
44 Billy Sewart Team Leapfrog s.t.
45 Alex Jones Audlem Cycling Club s.t.
46 Jack Sadler Rapha Condor JLT s.t.
47 Mark McGavock Southport CC s.t.
48 James Eastbury Chester RC s.t.
49 Adam Britton Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear s.t.
50 Giles Bett Dave Hinde Racing Team s.t.
51 Charlie Tanfield Adept Precision RT/NE Healthcare s.t.
52 Mark Westwood s.t.
53 Martyn Gordon Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear s.t.
54 Ben Aldred Team Leapfrog s.t.
55 Philip Gray Kuota – Spinergy – GSG s.t.
56 David Allonby Racing Team s.t.
57 Andrew Martin Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear s.t.
58 Joseph Donohue Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club s.t.
59 Ryan McGillick Summit Cycling s.t.
60 Luke Beswick Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles s.t.
61 Aidan Quinn Speg – Project 51 s.t.
62 Karl Freeman Team Wheelguru s.t.
63 Alex Fold PH-MAS Cycling s.t.
64 Shaun Pearson Team Hoppers Rollers s.t.
65 Stephen Abbott Team Hoppers Rollers s.t.
66 Ashley Clitheroe Team Leapfrog s.t.
67 Chris Nicholson Teamwallis CHH Racing Team s.t.
68 David Crowley Bill Nickson Cycles RT s.t.
69 James Thompson Marsh Tracks Race Team s.t.
70 Hannah Walker Epic-Scott WRT @ 1 lap

Category 3/4
1 Hamish Fletcher-Cooney Lancaster University Cycling Club
2 Stephen Smith Stockport Clarion CC
3 Joseph Robinson Wills Wheels Cycling Club
4 Duncan McLaren Stockport Clarion CC
5 Barry James Frodsham Wheelers/Twelve50 Bikes
6 Michael Rothwell Manchester Whlrs Club
7 Ryan Ashcroft St Helens CRC/D.Sparrow P & H Services
8 Paul Beech Lancashire RC
9 Sam Mansfield Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles
10 Dylan Yates High On Bikes
11 Mark Nulty Manchester Whlrs Club
12 Paul Wilkinson North Cheshire Clarion
13 Paul Molyneux North Cheshire Clarion
14 Anthony Allan Macclesfield Wheelers
15 Jonathan Huck Chester RC
16 Declan Hudson Liverpool Century RC
17 Philip Faulder Chester RC
18 Carl Finney St Helens CRC/D.Sparrow P & H Services
19 Darran Acton Team Leapfrog
20 Carl Potter Lancashire RC
21 Luke Douglas Chorlton Velo
22 Michael Rumph High On Bikes
23 Scott Leverington Chorley Cycling Club
24 Trevor Sharde Chester RC
25 Kevin Taylor Bott Cycle Team
26 Anthony Booth Weaver Valley CC
27 Mike Morris Rhos On Sea Cycling Club
28 Martin Lefley Bella In Sella
29 Stewart Williamson Rhos On Sea Cycling Club
30 Marc Colclough Rhos On Sea Cycling Club
31 Aaron Tonks Ribble Valley CRC
32 John Guy High On Bikes
33 Daniel Wood Team Wheelguru
34 Cameron Jeffers Mid Lancs BMX
35 Sion Jones Rhos On Sea Cycling Club
36 John Young Chester RC
37 Richard Bassett Manchester Whlrs Club
38 Robert Palmer Kuota – Spinergy – GSG
39 Matthew Ryan Rhos On Sea Cycling Club
40 Lee Carter Ribble Valley CRC
41 James Chamberlain Audlem Cycling Club
42 Dan Holford Team Wheelguru
43 Jonathan Rooke Wills Wheels Cycling Club
44 Kieran Senior Team Wheelguru
45 David Reece Clay Cross Road Team
46 Karl Owen Manchester Whlrs Club
47 Gary Maoudis Chester RC
48 Paul Woodrow 4 Star Racing
49 Peter Hailwood Lancaster University Cycling Club
50 Andrew Wright Bott Cycle Team
51 Ian Roberts Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear
52 Joseph Earley Liverpool Century RC
53 Simon Higgins Liverpool Century RC
54 Richard Flynn GMP Racing/McAuley Financial
55 Gregory Carr Team De ver
56 Calogero Difalco Team Leapfrog
57 Austin Aldred Bella In Sella
58 Christopher Waters Ribble Valley Juniors
59 Mark Leyland St Helens CRC/D.Sparrow P & H Services
60 Ben Palentine Polocini Test Team
61 Chris Vaughan Team Hoppers Rollers
62 Anthony Weston Liverpool Century RC
63 Philip Gortn-Pope Liverpool Century RC
64 Peter Hollis Team Hoppers Rollers
65 Scott Edwards Manchester Whlrs Club
66 Matt Bithell Chester RC
67 David Rathbone Bella In Sella
68 Adam Sant St Helens CRC/D.Sparrow P & H Services
69 Simon Vazquez Chorlton Velo
70 Doug Arnold Liverpool Century RC
71 William Mansfield Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles
72 Jason Breakey Rhos On Sea Cycling Club
73 Campbell West Kent Valley RC
74 Alex Nurse Liverpool Century RC

1 Jennifer Edwards Team 22
2 Gina Riley Chester RC s.t.
3 Amy Gornall RST Racing Team s.t.
4 Ruth Taylor Manchester Whlrs Club s.t.
5 Eve Dixon Team 22 s.t.
6 Sarah Rose Team 22 s.t.
7 Lauren Brown Team Jadan s.t.
8 Sarah Griffiths Manchester Whlrs Club s.t.
9 Victoria Grimmer Paramount CRT s.t.
10 Joanne Blakeley GB s.t.
11 Hayley Kuter Wills Wheels Cycling Club s.t.
12 Victoria Hood Team Jadan s.t.
13 Lauren OBrien RST Racing Team s.t.
14 Annasley Park RST Racing Team s.t.
15 Alicia Thorbjorn s.t.
16 Flora Gillies Speg – Project 51 s.t.
17 Rachel Murray VC St Raphael s.t.
18 Claire Martin Team 22 s.t.
19 Lindsay Atkinson-Wright Albarosa Cycling Club s.t.
20 Jessica OBrien RST Racing Team s.t.
21 Rebecca Rimmington Merlin Cycles s.t.
22 Bethany Coupland Mid Shropshire Whls s.t.
23 Jess Atkinson Team 22 s.t.
24 Frances White Team Jadan s.t.
25 Nikola Butler VC St Raphael s.t.
26 Joanne Street Manchester Whlrs Club s.t.
27 Gemma Sargent s.t.
28 Claire Offley Chester RC s.t.
29 Vanessa Whitfield VC St Raphael s.t.
30 Melanie Potter Bromsgrove Olympique CC s.t.
31 Amy OHalloran PH-MAS Cycling s.t.
32 Louise Burnie Loughborough Students CC s.t.
33 Elisa McDonagh Team WNT s.t.
34 Rebecca Holland Chester RC s.t.
35 Penny Thorn Weaver Valley CC s.t.
36 Hannah (Nina) Benson Ilkley Cycling Club s.t.
37 Jane Nolan Green Jersey RT s.t.
38 Gabrielle Duckworth Salt Ayre Cog Set s.t.
39 Natalie Hodson PH-MAS Cycling s.t.
40 Kim Walravens Manchester Whlrs Club s.t.
41 Rosemary Homer Newport Shropshire CC s.t.
42 Olivia Tomlinson Team Jadan s.t.
43 Claire Rutherford Team Wheelguru s.t.
44 Laura Stafford Manchester Whlrs Club s.t.
45 Heather Bamforth Team Jadan s.t.
46 Alice leclercq Manchester Whlrs Club s.t.
47 Helen Davies Ilkley Cycling Club @1 lap
48 Eirwen Ann Williams Clwb Beicio Dwyfor Cycling Club s.t.
49 Madeleine Scott Southport CC s.t.
50 Amanda Buckley Chester RC s.t.
51 Aimee Campbell s.t.
52 Helen Duffell Chester RC s.t.
53 Emily Hallworth Ilkley Cycling Club s.t.
54 Rachel Mullard-Wilson Revolutions Racing s.t.
55 Clare Crabtree Pedalsport Cycling Club s.t.
56 Deirdre McCarthy s.t.
57 Alison Kinloch PH-MAS Cycling s.t.
58 Nicola Fox Manchester Whlrs Club s.t.
59 Christine Tallent Ilkley Cycling Club s.t.
60 Carley Brierley Cleveleys RC s.t.
61 Jess Taylor PH-MAS Cycling s.t.
62 Laura Ellis V.C. Melyd s.t.
63 Marie King Manchester Whlrs Club @2 laps
64 Cathy Murray Manchester Whlrs Club @3 laps



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