Report/Results: La Fleche Waltonne road races


Tim Smith, Trevor Mayne & Ken Corbett winners at the Fleche Waltonne road races (LVRC)

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Report/Results: La Fleche Waltonne road races

Thanks to Phil Rayner

A/B Race
There was a very pleasent day with warm temperatures and lots of sun which was well deserved after last years atrocious conditions. H

There was a strong wind blowing which selected the strongest riders at the front. Ian Holbrook was first to show going away with Jason Meyer, whilst behind riders were scrambling for wheels in the cross winds.

Eventually, a select group formed at the front including Giles Pidcock, Andrew Prince, Andy Parr, and Tim Smith from the promoting Welland Valley cc.

Tim Smith powered away up the finishing hill with a lap to go and this was the last the rest saw of him as he soloed to a two minute winning margin.

Giles inevitibly took the gallop for 2nd from the hard working Ian Holbrook. A mention to Jason Meyer, who instigated the race but was unlucky to suffer a puncture.

1. Tim Smith A
2. Giles Pidcock B
3. Ian Holbrook B
4. Andy Parr B
5. Andy Prince A
6. Tim Davies B
7. Nick Corbett B
8. Conor O Brian A
9. Nick Bosworth B
10. Richard Barnett A

C/D race
The wind played havoc in this race as well and after only 1 lap, the field was significantly strung out.
A break of five established itself quite early containing Paul Caton Trevor Mayne and Karl Moseley amongst others.

Mike Twelves attacked from the pack to try and bridge to the leaders and got to within 10 seconds of them before reinforcments from behind came up. These riders included strongmen, Andy Eagers and Jon Stephenson.

Eventually, a very strong group of six were well clear of the rest. In a move that was a copycat of the A/B race, Trevor Mayne attacked in Walton village with just over 1 lap to go.

Trevor, an expert timetrialist, pushed on alone to a fine victory by around a minute and a half. Mike Twelves , sprinted to 2nd place up the brutal finishing hill from Andy Eagers, Jon Stephenson James Stewart and Paul Caton.Steve Jolly was best of the D cats in 7th place.

1. Trevor Mayne C
2. MIke Twelves C
3. Andy Eagers C
4. Jon Stephenson C
5. James Stewart C
6. Paul Caton C
7. Steve Jolly D
8. Simon Bills C
9. Steve Johnson D
10. Jim Moffat D

Race Report and Results E/F/G Race
Thirty riders set off in the fantastic conditions and the race was soon spread far and wide in the strong north westerly wind.

Don Parry lead the main break of the day from Ken Corbett, Dick Naylor, Alistair Cameron, and Steve Bunn (Bunny) from the promoting Welland Valley Cycling Club.

These five forged ahead and were well clear going into the last lap. On the finish line, we all tried to predict the finish order, me personally going for Don from Ken and the rest.

However, Ken Corbett put in a storming last ascent of the hill to distance Don Parry and the rest before the finish.

Dick Naylor, a very welcome visitor from way down South, finished 1st in the F category , and from the opposite end of the country, Brian Sunter and John Ginley both rode strongly to finish 1st and 2nd in the G category race.

1. Ken Corbett E
2. Don Parry E
3. Dick Naylor F
4. Alistair Cameron E
5. Bunny E
6. Chris Gunter E
7. Joe Rowe E
8. Barrie Mitchel F
9. Kevin Wilson F
10. Dave Terry E
11. Brian Sunter G
12. John Ginley G


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