Report – World Masters Day 4


During fourteen hours at the Manchester Velodrome on Tuesday, twelve World titles were awarded to riders from around the World on Day 4 of the UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships.

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Report – World Masters Day 4


2014 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships – Day 4
October 4-11, 2014 | 430 riders from 33 countries

During fourteen hours at the Manchester Velodrome on Tuesday, twelve World titles were awarded to riders from around the World on Day 4 of the UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships.

The day belonged to the USA who won four Gold medals making them the most successful, just one ahead of Great Britain who had three title winners on the day. The rest of the Gold medals were shared between the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Spain and Italy showing just what a hard fought international competition it is.

Men 35 – 39 Years Points Race
One of the nights big success stories for the British camp was the win by James Notley in the Mens 35-39 Points race. Two victories in the mid race sprints, and scoring points in five other sprints saw Notley climb up the overall classification for the race to lead it for the final half and hold on to that lead.


There were plenty of challengers ready to have a go, especially in the latter stages where the distance of the race, 120 laps of the track, was taking its toll on a lot of legs. One rider who seemed to never tire was Scotland’s Martin Lonie who had an excellent second half.

A last lap attack saw him sprint clear and take the final five points lifting himself up into second, equal on points with Julien Muslet of France. By winning that final sprint, Lonie however was awarded the Silver medal on countback. Muslet was awarded the Bronze medal.

Women 35 – 39 Years Scratch Race
There were tears of joy after the Women’s 35 – 39 Years Scratch Race was won by Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen. The Dutch woman was fastest in the dash for the line after twenty laps of the track clinching the rainbow jersey with the Silver medal going to Christelle Ribault of France and Linsey Hamilton of the USA picking up the Bronze.



Women 40 – 49 Years Scratch Race
This 20 lap race with women from two age categories was won by Dana Walton of the USA who took the title for the 40-44 age category while the rider second in the race, Britain’s Janet Birkmyre was the best placed of the 45-49 riders and therefore won the world title for that age category.


Winner of the 40-49 Scratch race Dana Walton (centre) with Aussie Janelle Smith (left, 2nd) and Peggy Series of France who was third

Janelle Smith from Tasmania in Australia made that long trip worthwhile, finishing third which saw her get the Silver medal in the 40-44 age category whilst Peggy Series of France takes home the Bronze medal in the same category.

In the 45-49, British rider Julie Cooper found herself in the Silver medal position after 5th place in the race whilst Francine Haas, who was 8th, got the Bronze medal in the 45-49 category.

Women 50 Plus Years Scratch Race
The final of the Women’s Scratch races held on day 4 was the Over 50 with the riders battling for medals in two categories, 50 – 54 Years and 55 and over.

Held over a distance of 20 laps like the other scratch races for women, the winner of the race overall was Janni Bormann of Denmark whose victory sealed her the title in the 50-54 category. Silver went to Orla Hendron of Ireland who was second in the race overall whilst the bronze medal went to Myrtle Hagedorn of South Africa who was third.

The first of the 55 plus riders was Elizabeth Heller of the USA who had been fourth in the race with Petra Kluender of Germany getting the Silver and Britain’s Christine Higgs the Bronze.

Men 45 – 49 Years Scratch Race
In a fiery 40 lap race, this title was decided in a very fast sprint for the line with the winner being David Brinton of the USA ahead of German Cassani (Argentina) and a rider regularly in the results, Paul Whatmough of Great Britain. The big talking point after the race was an incident ten laps out where several riders clashed, with at least one almost taking the advertising board with him as his pedal scrapped the fence. No-one could ever say the titles are not won without a fight!

Day 4 also saw plenty of racing against the watch and in the Men’s Time Trial for 65 – 69 Years, there was a new World Best set by Gerard Louis Robert of France. With that outstanding time, he won himself another title in this year’s competition. Over a second back in second place was Stanley Gregg of the USA whilst a hundredth of a second or so adrift was another rider from the USA, Reid Schwartz.

In the Men’s Time Trial 70 – 74 Years, the winner of 29 Masters titles, Geoff Cooke, made it 30 with a win in the time trial over 500m (2 laps). Cooke was the only rider in the category to get under 40 seconds with the Silver going to fellow Brit David Rowe (40.041) who is getting back to his best after a serious accident a few years ago. Third was Trinidad’s Earl Henry.


World Masters title number 30 for ‘Cookie’ in Manchester

Two new Worlds Best times were set in the Mens Time Trial for 75 and over age category. The Gold was won by James Kloss of the USA in a new World Best of 39.284. Kloss was the only rider under 40 seconds with Britain’s Roland Crayford second and Alan Rowe, also from Britain, in third. The other World’s Best was set by the 4th placed rider Wally Fowler of Great Britain who set a new mark for the 80-84 age category (42.166).

Mens Pursuit 50 – 54 Years
Winner of the Mens Pursuit for the 50-54 age category over eight laps of the race was Peter Ettles of Great Britain. In the morning’s qualifying session, Roberto Dardi of Italy set the fastest time but it was only by a few hundredths of a second so in the final in the evening, it was a battle more against the man on the opposite side of the track than the clock.

It was in this type of battle that Ettles managed to break the Italian’s spirit and eventually win the race by over a second. The Silver went to the Italian Dardi whilst the Bronze went to the third fastest in the morning, Britain’s Mark Wiffen who saw off the challenge from Andreas Hartkopp of Denmark with a four second victory margin in his finals heat.

The Mens Sprint for 35 – 39 years old riders came to a conclusion on the second day of its competition with some close and exciting match sprinting in the semi finals and finals.

Winner in the final for Gold was Italian Dario Zampieri who simply had far too much horsepower for any of his rivals. Britain’s Adam Welch pushed him well in the final but the Italian was not going to be denied and got his wheel to the line first in two straight heats. The bronze went to Estevam Mancini of Brazil who also won two nil.


It was only a few years ago that Jose Escuredo (Spain, centre) was in Manchester for World Cups. Now in his second year of racing the Masters, he’s adding world titles to his collection. 

In the best sprinting seen in the event, Jose Escuredo (Spain) added another masters title to the Olympic and World titles he has won in the last ten years. The event was the 40 to 44 years Sprint and Escuredo beat another rider who was competing in World Cups and such only a few years ago, Ainars Kiksis of Latvia.

Not unexpectedly, the two of them met in the final for the Gold medal and whilst some fireworks were expected but sadly didn’t eventuate, the title was decided on pure horsepower which the Spanish champion had in abundance to defeat Kiksis in two straight rides. The Bronze medal went to three rides between eventual victor Aussie Michael Smith and Joseph Santaniello of Norway.
There was also a lot of sprinting in two other age categories and that will be concluded on day 5. Results of that and the other racing are below:


Women 40 – 49 Years Scratch Race
1st Dana Walton USA
2nd Janet Birkmyre GBR
3rd Janelle Smith AUS
4th Peggy Series FRA
5th Julie Cooper GBR
6th Erin Criglington NZL
7th Kellie Hards AUS
8th Francine Haas USA
9th Jayne Paine GBR
10th Edvige Pettinato ITA
11th Jeanette Baxter GBR
dnf Maria Herrera GUA
dnf Monica Nevitt USA


40 – 44 Years
Gold Dana Walton USA
Silver Janelle Smith AUS
Bronze Peggy Series FRA

45 – 49 Years
Gold Janet Birkmyre GBR
Silver Julie Cooper GBR
Bronze Francine Haas USA

Mens Sprint 40 – 44 Years

Semi Finals

S/F A Jose Escuredo ESP 2:0
Michael Smith AUS

S/F B Ainars Kiksis LAT 2:0
Joseph Santaniello NOR

For 1st & 2nd Place
1. Jose Escuredo ESP 2:0
2. Ainars Kiksis LAT

For 3rd & 4th Place
3. Michael Smith AUS
4. Joseph Santaniello NOR 2:1

Mens Sprint 35 – 39 Years
Semi Finals
S/F A Dario Zampieri ITA 2:0
Estevam Mancini BRA

S/F B Adam Welch GBR 2:1
Julien Muselet FRA


For 1st & 2nd Place
1. Dario Zampieri ITA 2:0
2. Adam Welch GBR

For 3rd & 4th Place
3. Estevam Mancini BRA 2:0
4. Julien Muselet FRA

Women 50 Plus Years Scratch Race
1st Janni Bormann DEN
2nd Orla Hendron IRL
3rd Myrtle Hagedorn RSA
4th Elizabeth Heller USA
5th Makiko Hamada JPN
6th Deborah Coulls AUS
7th Petra Kluender GER
8th Christine Higgs GBR
9th Alejandra Roca Satorres ESP
10th Meg Mautner USA
11th Arja Scarsbrook FIN
12th Julie Barnett AUS
13th Brenda Tate GBR


50 – 54 Years
Gold Janni Bormann DEN
Silver Orla Hendron IRL
Bronze Myrtle Hagedorn RSA

55 Plus Years
Gold Elizabeth Heller USA
Silver Petra Kluender GER
Bronze Christine Higgs GBR

Women 35 – 39 Years Scratch Race
1. Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen NED
2. Christelle Ribault FRA
3. Linsey Hamilton USA
4. Susie Mitchell IRL
5. Madeline Moore GBR
6. Niki Kovacs GBR
7. Joanna Wiersma CAN
8. Caroline Harding GBR
9. Ruth Taylor GBR
10. Jennifer Kalich USA
11. Roisin Kennedy IRL

Men’S 35 – 39 Years Points Race
1. James Notley GBR 25 pts
2. Martin Lonie GBR 21 pts
3. Julien Muselet FRA 21 pts
4. Jeromy Cottell USA 18 pts
5. Henrik Scharling DEN 13 pts
6. Rolando H Ahumada ARG 7 pts
7. Mathieu Charruau CAN 7 pts
8. Jonathan Harris GBR 5 pts
9. Mickael Dhinnin FRA 5 pts
10. Michael Oosthuysen RSA 4 pts
11. James Holland-Leader GBR 3 pts
12. Alex Arancibia AUS 1 pt
13. John Hollier GBR
14. Florin G Saveliu ROU

dnf Andy Stuart GBR
dnf Christophe Nicolle FRA
dnf Sam Alison AUS

Men’s Time Trial 70 – 74
1 Geoffrey Cooke GBR 37.86
2 David Rowe GBR 40.041
3 Earl Henry TRI 40.239
4th Peter Herbert GBR 40.376
5th Peter Smith GBR 40.697
6th John Mason GBR 42.144
7th Peter Robertson GBR 43.673
8th Roger Langlois FRA 44.214

Men’s Time Trial for 65 – 69 Years
1. Gerard Louis Robert FRA 36.956
2. Stanley Gregg USA 38.238
3. Reid Schwartz USA 38.315
4. Shigeru Ito JPN 39.638
5. Patrick Whelan USA 39.856
6. Tommy Roder DEN 40.556
7. Richard Kidd GBR 40.766
8. Colin Claxton NZL 40.978
9. Norman Kalmanovitch CAN 41.071
10. Michel Briat FRA 41.628
11. David Rutherford GBR 42.136
12. Chris Streather GBR 43.204
13. Gerald Agnew USA 43.65
14. Steven Lehman USA 43.883
15. Jan Brander NED 44.937
16. George Grant GBR 47.583
17. Douglas Conroy GBR 49.826
18. Jose Olaskoaga ESP 51.013

Mens Time Trial 75 Plus Years
1 James Kloss USA 39.284 ***
2 Roland Crayford GBR 40.899
3 Alan Rowe GBR 41.82
4. Wally Fowler ** GBR 42.166 ****
5. Jim Turner USA 44.162
6. Brian Dacey GBR 44.803
7. Brian Newton GBR 45.305
8. Gordon Johnston GBR 45.426
9. Raymond Pelle FRA 45.611
10. Laurence Rissbrook GBR 45.985
11. Rod Wagner AUS 46.272
12. Neil Orrell GBR 47.243
13. John King GBR 48.629
14. Brian Kennedy** AUS 50.692

*** New World Masters Beat Time 75 – 79 Years
**** New World Masters Best Time 80 – 84 Years

Men 45 – 49 Years Scratch Race

1. David Brinton USA
2. German Cassani ARG
3. Paul Whatmough GBR
4. Thomas Kapuste GER
5. Liam Curran IRL
6. Juan Carlos Bosmediano ECU
7. Takahiko Hatano JPN
8. Alun Owen GBR
9. Giuseppe Ravasio ITA
10. Jean Paul Benvenuto FRA
11. Christopher Pyatt GBR
12. Roberto Salvadeo ITA
13. Timothy Lawson GBR
14. Daniel Casper USA
15. Stephen Campbell GBR
16. Timothy Mulrooney USA
17. Brian Haas USA
18. Ian Whittell GBR
19. Kurt Begemann USA
20. Eric Bonneau FRA
21. David Klipper USA
22. Nick Abraham GBR
23. Glenn O’Brien GBR
dnf Brendan Whelan IRL
Race Time: 12:41


Result Heat 1
1. Kurt Begemann USA
2. Giuseppe Ravasio ITA
3. Eric Bonneau FRA
4. Timothy Mulrooney USA
5. Paul Whatmough GBR @1 Lap
6. David Klipper USA ”
7. Glenn O’Brien GBR ”
8. Nick Abraham GBR ”
9. David Brinton USA ”
10. Brian Haas USA ”
11. German Cassani ARG ”
12. Brendan Whelan IRL ”
13. Alan Davies GBR ”
14. Martin Spencer GBR ”
dnf Wayne Roberts RSA

Heat 2
1. Alun Owen GBR
2. Christopher Pyatt GBR @1 Lap
3. Takahiko Hatano JPN ”
4. Thomas Kapuste GER ”
5. Daniel Casper USA ”
6. Timothy Lawson GBR ”
7. Liam Curran IRL ”
8. Roberto Salvadeo ITA ”
9. Juan Carlos Bosmediano ECU ”
10. Jean Paul Benvenuto FRA ”
11. Ian Whittell GBR ”
12. Stephen Campbell GBR ”
13. Aidan Reade IRL ”
14. Jean-Philippe Meret FRA ”
15. Simon Best GBR ”
dnf Christian Dorle GER

Mens Pursuit 50 – 54 Years

Finals – 2000m (8 Laps)
1. Peter Ettles GBR 2.22.563
2. Roberto Dardi ITA 2.23.931
3. Mark Wiffen GBR 2.20.704
4. Andreas Hartkopp DEN 2.24.562

1. Roberto Dardi ITA 2.21.706
2. Peter Ettles GBR 2.21.797
3. Mark Wiffen GBR 2.23.143
4. Andreas Hartkopp DEN 2.23.619
5. Stephen Clayton GBR 2.24.339
6. Ian Greenstreet GBR 2.24.488
7. Miguel Droguett CHI 2.25.179
8. Peter Toth CAN 2.27.636
9. Barry Hughes USA 2.27.877
10. Geoffrey Baxter AUS 2.27.953
11. Michael Blasczyk GER 2.28.328
12. Colin Parkinson GBR 2.29.165
13. Geraldo Reis BRA 2.29.790
14. Nigel Stephens GBR 2.30.362
15. Alastair Taylor GBR 2.30.948
16. Dave Maminski USA 2.31.315
17. Francis Bruderer GUA 2.33.556
18. Andrew Nevitt USA 2.34.889
19. Shaun Callaghan GBR 2.51.515

Mens Sprint 55 – 59 Years

Gary Mandy AUS 11.076
Jay Wolkoff USA 11.459
Richard Voss USA 11.476
Steve Cronshaw GBR 11.564
Aron Seiken USA 11.582
Kurt Sato USA 11.829
Carlos Daniel Zicavo ARG 12.026
Keith Williams GBR 12.089
Michael Eastwood AUS 12.133
Steve Wilkinson GBR 12.244
David Smith GBR 12.309
Paul Sydenham GBR 12.356
James Thiele USA 12.415
Phil McWilliam GBR 12.447
Gary Hartles GBR 12.510
Glen Heuvel RSA 12.591
Lee Kane RSA 12.827
Gary Lawrence USA 12.879
George J Van Rooyen RSA 13.106
Anders Staack GER 14.240

Round 1
1st Gary Mandy AUS 13.625
2nd Anders Staack GER

1st Jay Wolkoff USA 11.923
2nd George J Van Rooyen RSA

Gary Lawrence USA
dns Richard Voss USA

1st Steve Cronshaw GBR 12.539
2nd Lee Kane RSA

1st Aron Seiken USA 12.354
2nd Paul Sydenham GBR
3rd Glen Heuvel RSA

1st Kurt Sato USA 12.562
2nd David Smith GBR
3rd Gary Hartles GBR

1st Carlos Daniel Zicavo ARG 12.333
2nd Phil McWilliam GBR
3rd Steve Wilkinson GBR

1st James Thiele USA 12.638
2nd Michael Eastwood AUS
3rd Keith Williams GBR

Round 1 Reps
1st Gary Hartles GBR 12.977
2nd Michael Eastwood AUS
3rd Anders Staack GER

1st Phil McWilliam GBR 13.233
2nd Glen Heuvel RSA
3rd George J Van Rooyen RSA

1st Steve Wilkinson GBR 12.2
2nd David Smith GBR

1st Paul Sydenham GBR 12.537
2nd Lee Kane RSA
3rd Keith Williams GBR (Rel)

Round 2
1st Gary Mandy AUS 11.874
2nd Phil McWilliam GBR

1st Jay Wolkoff USA 11.897
2nd Steve Wilkinson GBR

1st Paul Sydenham GBR 12.496
2nd Gary Lawrence USA

1st Steve Cronshaw GBR 12.767
2nd Gary Hartles GBR

1st Aron Seiken USA 12.597
2nd James Thiele USA

1st Kurt Sato USA 12.609
2nd Carlos Daniel Zicavo ARG

Round 2 Repechage Result
1st James Thiele USA 13.304
2nd Phil McWilliam GBR
3rd Gary Hartles GBR

1st Carlos Daniel Zicavo ARG 12.567
2nd Steve Wilkinson GBR
3rd Gary Lawrence USA

Quarter Finals
1st Gary Mandy AUS 12.339
2nd Carlos Daniel Zicavo ARG

1st Jay Wolkoff USA 12.012
2nd James Thiele USA

1st Kurt Sato USA 11.713
2nd Paul Sydenham GBR

1st Aron Seiken USA 12.346
2nd Steve Cronshaw GBR

Minor Final (5th to 8th Place)
1. Steve Cronshaw GBR 12.215
2. Carlos Daniel Zicavo ARG
3. Paul Sydenham GBR
4. James Thiele USA

Mens Sprint 60 – 64 Years

1st David Willmott AUS 11.584
2nd Robert Pelegrin USA 12.035
3rd John Zivanovic AUS 12.156
4th Jean Louis Duble FRA 12.24
5th Mark Altamirano USA 12.478
6th Marc Dangleterre FRA 12.637
7th Bernhard Kluender GER 12.711
8th John Tess USA 12.764
9th Christian Muselet FRA 12.791
10th Robert Cronin USA 12.816
11th Wendell Bole RSA 12.887
12th Rene Grignon FRA 12.946
13th Giuseppe Bortoliero ITA 13.485
14th Russ McGarry NZL 14.151
15th Brian Jones GBR 14.678
16th Jim Robertson GBR 16.504

Round 1
1st David Willmott AUS 13.763
2nd Robert Cronin USA
3rd Jim Robertson GBR

1st Robert Pelegrin USA 13.497
2nd Christian Muselet FRA
3rd Brian Jones GBR

1st John Zivanovic AUS 12.631
2nd Russ McGarry NZL
3rd John Tess USA

1st Jean Louis Duble FRA 12.641
2nd Bernhard Kluender GER
3rd Giuseppe Bortoliero ITA

1st Mark Altamirano USA 13.224
2nd Marc Dangleterre FRA
3rd Rene Grignon FRA
4th Wendell Bole RSA

Round 1 Reps
1st Robert Cronin USA 13.248
2nd Rene Grignon FRA
3rd Giuseppe Bortoliero ITA

1st John Tess USA 13.318
2nd Christian Muselet FRA
3rd Marc Dangleterre FRA
4th Jim Robertson GBR

1st Bernhard Kluender GER 13.201
2nd Wendell Bole RSA
3rd Russ McGarry NZL
4th Brian Jones GBR

Round 2

1st David Willmott AUS 13.494
2nd Bernhard Kluender GER

1st Robert Pelegrin USA 12.72
2nd John Tess USA

1st John Zivanovic AUS 12.581
2nd Robert Cronin USA

1st Jean Louis Duble FRA 12.682
2nd Mark Altamirano USA

Minor Final – 5th to 8th Place
1. Bernhard Kluender GER 13.623
2. John Tess USA
3. Robert Cronin USA
dns Mark Altamirano USA

UCI World Masters Track Championships at Manchester’s National Cycling Centre on October 4th and each day until Saturday October 11th. 430 riders are entered from 33 countries. Full information is at the championships web site

Tickets are on sale on the web site and will also be available at the velodrome.

World Masters Social Media:
Twitter: @masterstrack

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