Team News – PH-MAS VCUK


PH-MAS VCUK women’s team back in 2015 with new sponsor and new riders

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Team News – PH-MAS VCUK

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Team Press Release

PH-MAS VCUK women’s team was initially started in 2014 as PH-MAS Cycling women’s team. Created by team manager Neil Hendry, in order to compete in the growing number of women’s races in the UK, the team has gone from strength to strength this year.

After the successes of the 2014 season, the team is back for 2015 with a huge new sponsor, in the form of VCUK (Champion Systems). The women are now part of the structured development programme, which also includes exciting male teams in the youth, junior (PH-MAS) and professional sectors.

Thanks to their presence at races across 2014, the women’s team has attracted a number of new riders for next year, including some talented junior riders. These younger riders will form a development team who, alongside some of the older riders, aim to move through the ranks to try racing at a national level.

“The goal for 2015 is to race a few more nationals and enter a team for the Tour series, in addition to contesting 2/3/4 level races’, explains Hendry. “The ultimate goal is to have a national team for 2016 and the younger riders are the stars of the future.”

The team consists of Kirsty Boak Jnr (road & track), Rosa Martin Jnr (road & track), Sinead Burke (road & CX), Jenny Eastham (road), Alison Kinloch (road & CX), Natalie Hodson (road & CX), Clara Sandelind, (road), Amy O’Halloran (road & CX), Laura Morgan (road), Gemma Sargent (road), Leah Pheasey (road & CX), Madeleine Scott (road), Jess Taylor (road), Martha Gill Jnr (MTB, CX & road), Nicky Hartle (CX & MTB), Anna Maunder (Expert National MTB), Amber Southern (Elite National MTB). Watch out for them at races next year!

A joint sponsorship deal between VCUK (Champion Systems) and PH-MAS means that the women’s team will have a more professional image for the coming season. Winspace bikes and Jedi Cycle Sport have also come on board to support women’s cycling in Yorkshire, Thanks to these, alongside existing sponsorship from local businesses, the women will be well supported throughout 2015.

PH-MAS Cycling also aim to promote the sport through running women’s races. Thirty-eight women started the successful PH-MAS women’s road race in Selby this August. Hendry intends to build on that for next year, with plans in place to run three 2/3/4 women’s races – including a 2-day stage race.

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