First Results – London Cyclo-Cross League


Alex Paton and Annie Simpson winners at round 12 of the London Cyclo-Cross League at Sidcup on December 28

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First Results – London Cyclo-Cross League

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1. Alex Paton Pedal Heaven
2. Michael Butler BowlPhish Bontrager
3. Jonathan Dennis Control CC
4. Paul Sheers Vicious Velo
5. Steve Gibson Gravesend CC
6. Rob Purcell Neon Velo

1. George Jary VC Londres
2. Chris Hyde Wigmore CC
3. Josh Otram Thanet RC

1. Annie Simpson Hope Factory Team
2. Abi Van Twist Cyclelab – Junior
2. Sophia Chastell Welwyn Whlrs – Junior

Veteran 40+
1. Kevin Knox Vicious Velo
2. Stuart McGhee Evans Cycles RT
3. Mark Amicucci Brown Evans Cycles RT

Veteran Men 50+
1. Doug Fox Crawley Whlrs
2. Richard Collins Imperial RT
3. Nic Welsh GS Invicta

1. Tom Easley Crawley Whlrs
2. Toby Martin 4t+Velo
3. George Finch PMR@Toachim House

Under 14
1. Noah Charlton VC Deal
2. Tom Kirby Sutton CC
3. Thomas Gloab VC Londres

Youth Girls
1. Emily Ashwood De Ver Sutton CC

Youth Under 14 Girls
1. Imogen Chastell Welwyn Whlrs

Under 12
1. Jo Blackmore Herne Hill Youth CC
2. Dan Kirby Sutton CC
3. Cameron Still Sutton CC

Under 12 Girls
1. Charlotte McGreevy Team Darenth
2. Emily Heasman VC Deal

Under 10 Boys
1. Gilbert Cordner Eastbourne Rovers
2. Billy Bancroft Herne Hill Youth CC
3 Shrish Bakrani Team Darenth

Under 10 Girls
1. Astrid Spragg Hillindon Slipstreamers
2. Carys Lloyd Lee Valley Youth CC
3. Esme Wiley Herne Hill Youth CC

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