News – Steve Lampier wins Totnes Vire


13 years after he first road the race, Steve Lampier of Raleigh GAC has won the Totnes Vire stage race

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News – Steve Lampier wins Totnes Vire

Raleigh-GAC rider Steve Lampier has won the Totnes-Vire two day after an awesome ride up Haytor to win against the odds.

Report from the organiser
On the final stage – one of attrition with rain that went from torrential to drizzle and back again coupled with gale force winds (30 minutes after the finish it dried up), Cornishman Steve Lampier saw off the best that former Devon based Yanto Barker’s One Pro team could offer.

After 3 x 23 mile laps with the 3 mile ascent of Doccombe each lap to contend with it all came down to the four miles. This quartet left Bovey Tracey at the foot of the climb to the iconic hill time finish wheel to wheel. In the first half mile, Lampier and Mould, in the race leader’s yellow jersey, saw off Barker and the winner of stage 2, Chris Opie. In another half mile Lampier was on his own.

At the finish the crowd strained their eyes to see the riders come into view with a good 3/4 mile to go over the most exposed section of climb Lampier can into view first and all realised that it was down to how much of a lead he had by the time he got to the top.

As each rider passed the cheering crowd urging them on to the finish, the faces showed the torture that Dartmoor could provide. All 36 finishers would have won any gurning competition as they battled the worst of the elements- 2 riders were blown off their bikes by the force of the wind – gladly both fell on to the soft moorland turf and got back up to finish.

Lampier passed the spectators and got to the finish line. Would his lead be enough for overall victory? How many seconds bonus had each accrued at the 5 primes and would that make the difference. In the end it proved enough and a win by some 15 seconds.

One Pro’s taking of the next 2 places and first team was scant consolation to them.


VeloUK’s Interview with Steve
In a break of four with three from One Pro, the Raleigh-GAC rider simply blew them away on the final climb to not only win the stage but also the race overall.

The race was going well for Raleigh after they took the yellow jersey on stage 1 with their new signing, the Polish rider Karol Domagalski who Steve explained not only has a big engine and knows how to select his efforts, but is also a nice guy off the bike as well.

Steve explained how on stage 1, Domagalski had taken three five second bonuses which helped him into the Yellow jersey only to lose the overall lead on stage 2 with some big time bonuses awarded on the crit stage for those first across the line with 30 seconds for the win.

So Domagalski went into the final stage in third place overall in touch for the overall win and was Raleigh’s choice for the overall. Steve though had his eye on the stage win and the way the stage panned out played into his hands even though it didn’t look like it when he was up against three riders from the same team.

Steve takes up the story. “One Pro attacked through the last time bonus sprint and I just sat on thinking they are going to one-two me and they didn’t. The weather conditions were foul, really grim being wet windy and cold. We got to the bottom of Haytor the same climb as the Tour of Britain used a few years ago for a finish, and Opie attacked which put Yanto out the back.”


Karol Domagalski from Poland, one of Raleigh’s new signings who is already making an impression.

“I rode past Opie thinking I can drop him on the climb and it will just be me and Mouldy (Jon Mould) left to fight out the stage. So I rode past Opie, looked round and Mouldy wasn’t on my wheel so I pressed on to get the stage, something I have had my eye on for a while and then learned later I had the GC which was a massive bonus so I’m really happy.”

“The wind on top of Haytor was so strong it was hard to keep the bike in a straight line.”

It was a massive turn around for the fortunes of the Raleigh team after the way the cards fell during the stage were against them. “We were in a good place at the start with Karol going for GC and me going for the stage but at one stage the race got away from us but we helped bring the race back together and it was game on again with the typical attack, attack attack, style of British racing before the break of four got away.”

Steve admits his form is good and he’s looking forward to the Chorley Grand Prix next Saturday adding that whilst there is a long climb in it, being so early in the race, he’s not sure it will see a race winning move go on it even though it will split the race. Steve is also keen to ride the Tour de Yorkshire which has so much climbing in it. “When we found out we had not got in, I was gutted but we kept quiet and never made a fuss and when we got the nod this week it was great and I’m looking forward to hopefully getting selected for it.”

“We have got some good racing coming up now with Chorley Tour of the Res CiCLE Classic and then Yorkshire before the Tour Series that’s a good block of racing”.


1 Steve Lampier Raleigh GAC 06:33:35
2 Jonathan Mould One Pro Cycling 06:33:50
3 Chris Opie One Pro Cycling 06:36:44
4 Yanto Barker One Pro Cycling 06:36:48
5 Edmund Bradbury NFTO 06:39:07
6 Karol Domagalski Raleigh GAC 06:41:29
7 Marcin Bialoblocki One Pro Cycling 06:41:38
8 Dale Appleby NFTO 06:42:16
9 Evan Oliphant Raleigh GAC 06:43:46
10 Adrià Moreno Sala Velosure Starley Primal 06:44:43
11 Stephen Williams Pedal Heaven RT 06:44:52
12 Lawrence Carpenter Catford CC Equipe/Banks 06:45:05
13 Alexander Murison Easton Ritte 06:45:23
14 Gruffudd Lewis Pedal Heaven RT 06:45:45
15 Thomas Baylis One Pro Cycling 06:45:47
16 Ian Wilkinson Raleigh GAC 06:45:47
17 Rhys Lloyd NFTO 06:45:59
18 Joshua Lawless Team Moda-Anon 06:46:14
19 Gary Hand SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team 06:46:15
20 Andrew Feather Bikeshed – Exeter Uni 06:46:38
21 Joseph Clark Team Envelopemaster/Bikeboxalan 06:46:50
22 William Bjergfelt SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team 06:47:03
23 George Pym Raleigh GAC 06:48:46
24 Edward Laverack JLT Condor 06:50:09
25 Ben Davis Wheelbase Altura MGD 06:50:48
26 George Harper One Pro Cycling 06:50:54
27 Thomas Bustard Giordana-Mitsubishi Electric RT 06:52:57
28 Joshua Burns Velosure Starley Primal 06:53:48
29 Richard Hepworth SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team 06:54:25
30 Russell Falder Team Envelopemaster/Bikeboxalan 06:56:18
31 Anthony Moye Easton Ritte 06:57:26
32 Cordier Marius Velosure Starley Primal 07:11:11
33 Kris Jasper Private member 07:13:15
34 Callum Grieve Wheelbase Altura MGD 07:35:35
35 Joseph Petrowski Velosure Starley Primal 07:38:32
36 Sam Birkinshaw Exeter Wheelers 07:43:37


1. Steve Lampier, Raleigh GAC
2. Jon Mould, One Pro
3. Yanto Barker, One Pro
4. Chris Opie, One Pro
5. Edmund Bradbury, NFTO
6. Marcin Bialoblocki, One Pro
7. Karol Domagalski, Raleigh GAC
8. Andrew Feather, Bikeshed Exeter Uni
9. Dale Appleby, NFTO
10. Evan Oliphant, Raleigh GAC
11. Thomas Baylis, One Pro
12. Ian Wilkinson, Raleigh GAC
13. Joseph Clarke Bikebox
14. Adri Moreno Sala, Starley Primal
15. Gruffudd Lewis, Pedal Heaven
16. Stephen Williams, Pedal Heaven
17. Alexander Murison, Easton Ritte
18. Joshua Lawless, Moda Anon
19. Lawrence Carpenter, Catford CC Banks
20. Joshua Burns, Starkey Primal



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