Result – B&DWCA Two Up 10


Judit Leszkovitch & Simon Healey (Andover Wheelers) won the Bournemouth & District Ladies 2-up 10

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Result – B&DWCA Two Up 10
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Judit Leszkovitch & Simon Healey (Andover Wheelers) won the Bournemouth & District Ladies 2-up 10 on a hot afternoon in Hampshire. The Andover pair clocked a hard working 23:40 on the P303 south of Ringwood, for a 15 second advantage of the VC ST Raphael team of Sophie Household & Simon Berogna.

The headwind leg down to the Woolpack Inn fractured a few teams, with gentle and not so gentle encouragement required on the return trip through the lanes. Organiser Claire Newman has been running the event for some 20 years, they say Claire always lays on good weather with all enjoying the warm sunshine at the “outdoor” HQ

1. Judit Leszkovich, Simon Healey (Andover Wheelers) 23.40
2. Sophie Household, Simon Berogna (Vc St Raphael/Waites Contracts) 23.55
3. Mandy Hibberd, Andy Hibberd (Rahha Cc) 24.20
4. Michelle Walter, Barry Watkinson (Bournemouth Arrow) 24.46
5. Tracy Cornell, Richard Bremner (North Hampshire Rc) 26.00
6. Charmaine Walby, Paddy Dunn (Cc Weymouth) 26.23
7. Sharon Harding, Nigel Pratt (Andover Wheelers) 26.39
8. Lizzy Yates, Graeme Lawes (Andover Wheelers) 27.30
9. Fiona Parker, Michael Harrison (North Hampshire Rc) 28.16
10. Susan Parker, Les Parker (North Hampshire Rc) 29.09
11. Elaine Hall, Simon Hall (Andover Wheelers) 29.18
12. Jeni Wareing, Russell Wareing (Andover Wheelers) 29.43
13. Kirsty Posthuma, Andre Posthuma (North Hampshire Rc) 30.06
14. Claire Wiggins, Darryl Markus-Hanks 32.47
15. Mary Corbett, Norman Harvey (Sotonia Cc) 33.01
16. Alison Hitchcock, Tony Parker (North Hampshire Rc) 34.11
17. Holly Beale, Martin Beale (Vc St Raphael/Waites Contracts) 37.19.

1. Charlotte Easton, Sam Humpheson (Look Mum No Hands) 23.53
2. Steve Walker, Chris Walker (Leamington C & Ac ) 27.03
3. Mark Hardwicke, Debra Hardwicke (Bournemouth Arrow

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