Feature – George Evans Q & A


The first Q & A for today is with Team Bottrill’s Junior rider George Evans who aims to do the boss proud!

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Feature – George Evans Q & A

George is a young rider (Junior) who’s really excited to be part of team Bottrill who says he gets a tremendous amount of support and advice and adds there’s a great atmosphere in the team! Here is his Q & A!


1. What will be your first time trial for 2016 and why that one to kick off the season?
George: My first major time trial of the year will be the first round of the CTT national series on the 20th of March. I’ll be doing it as I want to get off to a good start in the national series and do team Bottrill proud in the junior ranks!

2. What time trials will be your targets for 2016 and why?
George: the main targets for 2016 will be the national junior 25 mile championship and the junior national 10 mile championship. This is because I would like to get a few titles under my belt as a last year in junior time trials and these are obviously the most recognised time trials for juniors so I would like to make a name for myself.

3. What phase of the training schedule are you – base miles or intervals?
George: I have just started being coached by the master of time trialling himself (Matt Bottrill) and I’d say I’ve finished the base miles and am going into the tempo phase.

4. Do you train on a road bike or TT bike?
George: At the minute the weather is too bad for the time trial bike on the roads so I mainly train on the winter bike but with clip on TT bars to replicate the position. I train on my TT bike on the turbo when possible.

5. What is your favourite distance and why?
George: I think my favourite distance is a 25 as it doesn’t purely rely on power and is more about pacing and aerodynamics which I have been working on a lot with Matt in the short time he has been coaching me.


6. What is your favourite course in the country and why?
George: I couldn’t say off the top of my head what my favourite course is but I really like my local 10 held by Gibran Wrexham roads club where I was one second of the course record last year and hope to better that this year!

7. You’re doing a ’10’ – do you take a bidon on the bike and if so, what’s your drink of choice when racing?
George: If the distance is longer than 15 miles I usually take a bottle which I normally use sis electrolyte powder but this year I will be taking advantage of the zipvit sponsorship which comes with team Bottrill.

8. What is your weapon (bike) of choice for 2016?
George: My time trial bike for 2016 will be the same as last year as I couldn’t get hold of a Trinity as they had sold out. So I’ll be riding a Cervelo P2 with a Fast Forward wheelset and Shimano Ultegra group set. My road bike will be a Giant TXT Advanced Pro 2016 as they are another sponsor of team Bottrill.

9. What is the key to going fast for you?
George: I think the key to going fast for me is to have a strong mindset going into a race but also being controlled and focusing on keeping a solid position on the bike.

10. Finally, if you could change one thing about the way time trials are organised, what it would be (ie, closed roads, etc)
George: I think some of the major time trials should definitely be on closed roads as it is not only dangerous, there is also a good chance of being held up or even helped out by oncoming traffic.



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